Rooks’ 2015 [Year End Blog]


Hello again!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve bored you people to death with a real, long-for-no-reason Year End Blog!  Actually, it was 2012, the last I wrote one.  2013, I skipped it altogether and I recall only a small handful of people asking me “what gives?”.  Last year, I simply posted a year end rant as a posting on my facebook page. Truth is, I started doing this oh, so many years ago on MySpace… for ME.  Not for you.  Had I been doing it for you, the reader, I would’ve stopped writing them long before 2013.  I like to be figuratively naked for you and anyone else who cares enough to read. Plus, I believe there’s no better way to track your progress [or regress] than seeing it in black and white!  Sometimes even in living color.  Along the way, I picked up some followers who liked to see me insult and praise myself in earnest all at once.

Well, here goes again.  And in true form, I’ve changed my mind about how I’m doing it again.  Plus, I’ve tried to make this blog more interesting with plenty of color pictures and videos [all mine or dealing with me from this year] for all those who have a hard time staying focused on words alone lol.

There are a few simple parts of my life:

  1. My kids/family
  2. Travel
  3. Work
  4. People I know and associate with
  5. My books/writing
  6. FOOD!

Only 4 out of 6 of those will I be sharing with you today.  Travel:  My trips for work, and vacation and a few pictures of myself on location. Food: Pictures and confessions of my not-so-secret love for burgers and other edible treats. “Me With”: Exactly that, pictures and stories of me with people I know. Don’t trip if you’re not there… its only because we didn’t get a chance to take a photo together in 2015.  I love you no less. Unless you’ve fucked me over.  And in that case, I don’t like you.  You know who you are. 🙂 And of course, my books.  My writing.  My passion.  My reason for being in your face right now.  It’s what I love more than anything inanimate. So, without further adieu, I give you Rooks’ 2015.

If you can finish this in less than 25 minutes, I need to congratulate you publicly.


I did a year in the U.A.E. starting August of 2014. Definitely not my first time in the Gulf, but my first time living here. A place filled with Western Expats looking to escape child support, taxes and responsibility in general. Eastern Asians looking for fair job opportunities (yet rarely finding them) and also a new place to call home, even though they’ll never really be welcomed as equals. And finally, the locals… who would rather hire people from all over the world to make their country work instead of doing that work themselves. It’s like America…. on steroids.

I did as much as time and money would allow.  When in the United Arab Emirates [you know, the country which has the two city/states [Emirates] which everyone thinks are countries: Abu Dhabi and Dubai are?] it’s so easy to spend money.  I mean granted, if you have money, it’s easy to spend ANYWHERE, but here, the consensus is; enjoy life, at any cost.  Those who don’t have a good handle on their self-control with money, women or…. anything else for that matter will have a hard time successfully leaving this place. Beautiful exotic women are everywhere.  And they’re the FIRST ones to get caught up in the lifestyle because of the glamour.  Expensive luxury and sports cars zip through the streets from the late morning to the extremely late night.  Money is everywhere, and nothing is free.  However, for the most frugal [cheap] of us, we can still find ways to get in some fun.
There was my visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It was a treat.  In the picture above, I happen to be in traditional Arab attire.  The Kandorah, sofra, and agala, are basically the business and sometimes everyday attire for this area of the world.  It’s extremely comfortable, and 12333074_10156278499500511_807979173_oI’ve worn it several times since I’ve been home. There was, on one of my many trips to Dubai, a visit to the Burj Khalifa.  This wasn’t exactly cheap.  Unlike my free visit to the Grand Mosque, the “At The Top” [we were nowhere near the top] tour of the stratosphere-poking construction cost me and a guest AED 1200. Thats $328! Three Hundred and twenty-eight fucking dollars! For an elevator ride and some cool selfies! That thing should’ve came with a blow job or something!

Then there was my trip to Jabel Hafeet, another free attraction other than what one would spend on gas; which even after the August 1st fuel price12343052_10156278440080511_391890613_o (1) hike is never that big of a deal here.  Jabel Hafeet is  basically the UAE’s mountain range. It’s a good drive outside of Abu Dhabi… well, actually it isn’t.  It’s really outside of a city called Al Ain which is part of Abu Dhabi. Yes, this always makes it hard to explain exactly what an “Emirate” really is.  Either way, it’s a very clean road on the way up to this mountain’s top.  There are plenty of places to stop and take pictures and have picnics.  I of course decided to wisely use my time by harassing the locals and acting an ass.  It’s what I do.

11949779_10156283150385511_2039158001_nI also made my rounds at Kite Beach in Dubai and many other places.  As many people know, no trip to Dubai is complete without seeing the Burj Al Arab, or the “Sailboat Hotel”.  This is supposedly the worlds only 6 star hotel.  It was either 6 or 7… something utterly ridiculous.  Way too expensive for my taste and budget.  Of course I’ve never been inside.  The pictures from the outside suited me nicely.  It’s cool to see, but I’m not at all pressed to spend thousands of dollars just to go to sleep.

12343008_10156283056800511_580205642_oNext was My Trip to The Philippines!  12309131_10156278397525511_1109274583_n (1)

I’ve already written a blog (F*ck Sinulog, F*ck Cebu, F*ck The Philippines) about my experience there at Sinulog in Cebu and my unfortunate experiences both there and in Manila. Overall, I have to say it was a pleasure to finally visit the country.  I’ve heard so much about it from the people I’ve come across in the Gulf.  I’ve always called the GCC “Little Philippines” because the Arabs there hire so many Filipinos you cant go ANYWHERE without seeing 100 of them.  I’ve grown to like the people, their languages, food and their general fun-loving ways.  If I hadn’t had such MAJOR negative experiences with a few of them and that shitty trip, I’d be inclined to go back.  I may sit it out though.  For life.  Who knows?

Of course there’s Nepal.  Beautiful Nepal.  It was a shame what happened there this year.  12334448_10156278491510511_489246161_oSo many were affected by the massive earthquakes, and their economy was already not the best.  They’re really in need of any type of assistance possible.  They still seem to maintain a very positive 12318087_10156278500980511_1551691716_oattitude overall [at least in Kathmandu], and are very welcoming of tourists.  As I said in my blog From Nepal With Love 12314828_10156278494945511_186797109_othe thing I liked the most [other than the graceful women there] was the fact that in Kathmandu, there were three main religious factions.  Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  The Mosque was less then 5 miles away from a hill where a Buddhist AND Hindu Temple set, 12334335_10156278497190511_202902210_oand people there get along JUST FINE!

12334132_10156278498265511_1903595545_o                          Think about it.

12334358_10156278502045511_261765331_o (1)




OKAY, so one thing I’ve just come to terms with about myself is I’m a big fat, food-loving foodie.  I try to stay in shape, because I love when girls ogle me, but honestly, whats going to make me more happy? Women?  Or food?  Screw ya’ll.  Look at that plate of beautifully scrambled eggs, bacon-wrapped sausage, pesto mushrooms and roasted tomato’s from Jones The Grocer!

Pesto Mushroom and Cheese Omelette from Jones The Grocer

There is my love, RIGHT THERE.  #EvenIfSheGoAway this food will still make me happy!




Burgers, Burgers, BURGERS!  [yes, I’m that douche in the restaurants taking pictures of his BURGERS before he eats them. sue me] Ask me what at any given moment I love more than anything?  Burgers.  I am the man to talk to when you want to know where, when and how to get the best burger wherever you are.  The UAE was no different.  I had my fair share while I was there.  SALT wins major points for their special sauce, but lost points when I realized they were more sliders than burgers.  I had to eat 4 to get full.  They were really good though.  Five Guys was Five Guys.  Can’t really go wrong there. Shake Shack was a close second to my personal [overseas] favorite, Johnny Rockets.  And of course, The Cheesecake Factory does NO wrong. I’ve never eaten anything bad from TCF.

I had a standard Irish breakfast made for me by Noelle.  Other than the 12333238_10156278495200511_989519452_oblood sausage I thought it was fantastic and well-put together.  I was really surprised at how similar their breakfast’s can be to ours.  Of course minus the beans.  I’ll be sure to stop off in Ireland next year and order this very same thing, and report back to her for a comparison.

I had myself some pretty good Korean food as well.12325123_10156283151240511_1299775999_n  There was a place across the street from my flat called “Manna Land” which employed REAL KOREANS [Wow!] and I couldn’t tell the difference from the real thing… and by ‘real thing’, I mean Korean food cooked IN KOREA, by Koreans.

And of course, yours truly got down in the kitchen a little bit.  It sucked because in my “apartment” I only had a two burner stove, a microwave and no oven.12333632_10156278490855511_952817292_oNot much baking-boy got to do with that.  But I made myself breakfast often and was able to make some Filipino food sometimes. Of course, taco nights were off the chain.



Me With:

12343019_10156278489840511_705452273_oAnsley. The estranged wife and faithful co-parent of my awesome five kids.  There is absolutely no harder job than being at home with 5 kids day after day.  Maybe other than doing so with 6+ kids.  It’s draining.  It’s redundant, it’s tedious.  Even though it is redundant there’s also rarely a dull moment. And when there IS a dull moment, you think there’s something wrong.  I’d like to congratulate this woman for completing her course of study for X-Ray tech. It may not be the highest level of degree, however a major accomplishment for someone who only had the weekends to get it done.  She’s been talking about getting a toehold into the medical field and she now has it. As she systematically develops characteristics and habits which disassociate herself from me in light of things to come, for this I must say; I’m proud of her.  We are still going through our battle with Essure and I really don’t see much progress being made. So, if you are a praying-type, I’m sure she’d appreciate that.  I wouldn’t wish the side-effects of this shitty product on anyone.

We’re still in an unorthodox situation, but now it’s a little more ‘normal’ because we have an understanding that we can’t go on like this forever.  No matter how it goes… or whatever, she’ll always be in my life one way or another. And we don’t hate each other.  I see that as a good thing! lolwp-1449407051429.jpeg

Side note: I received so much flack over this picture from candidates and wannabes… I’m like: GET A GRIP! It’s just a picture. If you think I’m lying about my situation [or anything for that matter] you can kick rocks with no shoes and socks. I’m no longer dealing with overly jealous-types. I’ll take a picture with this woman every day if I fucking want to lol! FOH!

12318378_10156278411870511_2134121852_oChristine F.  The sweetest Pinay I’ve ever met.  She’s working a shitty job that hopefully will be over soon and she’ll be back at home with her two wonderful children soon.  She’s been an example of what a good friend should be.  And honestly, if things were different I’m sure she’d be the perfect woman for me or ANYONE who is looking for a quality woman.  Respectful, capable, supportive and mild-tempered.  I was the same person to her as I am everyone else and we really never had a terrible falling out.  No matter what happens she’s there when I call, and for that I’m grateful.  Oh, and she can cook her ass off! Glad I met you. We did a lot of stuff together.  She attended the Abu Dhabi book festival with me in a TEENY TINY black dress which I really appreciated and pictured here we’re probably on our way to SALT or something. She’s taking selfie’s while we ride.  I can’t tell if that’s an Eastern Asian girl thing, or just a girl thing.  Will hopefully see you again on my trip to The Philippines next year! BTW, she was also the first person I was able to convince to do my “Bitch Ass Nigga” video!  Hilarious!

Poleng O. This crazy little pop-tart I met when I was in Manila.  You’ll recognize her by the picture from my blog about the trip, she’s the cutie-pie holding the 12334033_10156283056115511_488538266_osign.  She’s a member of the Iglesias-Cristo church in the Philippines.  Anyone who ISN’T Iglesias-Cristo will tell you, they’re all crazy, cult-ish type people.  I can’t disagree.  BTW, just because you see a picture of me and a woman in a hotel room does NOT mean I was having sex with her or anything else inappropriate or… lewd or… awesome.  She came back that day to take care of me because I had food coming out of me in several different ways and she felt bad for me. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind.  I’m pretty sure hers too. She totally didn’t even want to take the picture.  She was afraid that if people saw it they’d get the wrong idea. lol.

12333840_10156278408880511_254854197_oRaneya E.  We went to High school together in Wiesbaden Germany.  This was the first time I’ve seen her since 11th grade.  We were on the tennis team and I had a thing for her.  We used to call her “Jibblies” on the account that she had massive breasts.  They’re nowhere to be found now.  She’s the coolest Muslim gal you’ll ever meet.  But she is very, VERY mean.  I thought I was an asshole until I said something she didn’t particularly like.  And of course, this has nothing to do with her being Muslim, it’s on the account that shes way too smart for her own good, spoiled, well-traveled and… I honestly don’t think she likes men very much.  And if that’s the case she has good reason.  Either way, she knows she can always talk to me and we’re still cool… I think.  She came to Dubai with her daughter and mother and we went for drinks [non-alcoholic… for me] and hung out.  It was a chill time.

Suzanka. Here’s yet another person who actually didn’t want to take this particular selfie with me, which is why I chose this one to post.  She’s the Etihad ex-12334444_10156278486600511_467528931_ocabin crew gal I stole the Etihad cap from to let everyone know I was seeing an Etihad girl!  LoL.  So petty.  She’s Czeck, and she has a terrible attitude.  Fantastic body though. I hope she see’s this, she’s really funny when she’s angry.

Fernando F. Snootchi-Bootchies!  This handsome, Puerto-Rican playa-pimp [whom my wife is in love with] came up to visit from Kuwait. We’ve been cool since we met in Afghanistan back in 2012.  12336316_10156283155690511_295705712_nHe is a real character, and his behavior makes mine look tame.  Just let that sink in.  He came up because he was tired of Kuwait’s boring atmosphere and wanted to do GOD KNOWS WHAT while using my apartment.  ‘Til this day, I have no idea what happened in my place while he was there, and I don’t wanna know.  He left several items there which I won’t name however, the watch you left on my nightstand, you will NEVER get back as recompense. Love ya dog!  See you in a few months.

Ashley G. We met online SOMEWHERE a few years back.  Seeing as how I 12305768_10156278437185511_691943758_ndon’t remember where is a testament to how this relationship has actually
kinda budded into a real friendship.  Ashley has opened up her home to me, supported my books and just been an all-around regular character in my life movie.  She’s nuts. And I love her for it.

12318496_10156278438905511_760325487_oSis. B. I had to post this picture to let Ansley know that SHE LIKES ME MORE!  One of the few faces I hope to see when I return to visit the church where we first met. Miss ya!

Ricky S.  We went to tech school together in Pensacola Florida.  Very serious brother.  I saw him 12318047_10156278501515511_48175344_osquare up to take on about 3 or 4 Marines by himself one day and nothing EVER came of it. He has a hard time doing burnouts and is very docile when it comes to domestic matters lol. He showed up to show me some love and support at the SABF this year in April.  Talk to you later, homie!

12318169_10156278494035511_710982489_oRene M. A complicated and cool young gal I was seeing this summer. Great dancer, cook and graphic artist. An even better lover. During our short time together, she helped design the book cover to IMS, and give me some pretty solid draft designs for the cover of my next novel.  She designed some of my blog pictures, also got me back into Vlogging and produced the videos. I, in turn, encouraged her to embrace her looks, go after what she wanted and stand up for herself. Though it was over quickly because she decided to cheat on me after I went home to start working on her VISA like we agreed; and I allowed my abnormally strong ambition for us to do a lot of things I don’t normally do, it’s nice to periodically look back and see what I feel a perfect relationship [minus the lying and cheating of course] looks like. I can only hope, wish and pray I’ll have the ability to feel this way about a woman again.

12318528_10156278500560511_2139605204_oDon.  Closest thing to a friend I’ve had all year in the UAE.  He’s extremely truculent, especially with social media.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure out of everyone I’m putting pictures of on here today, he’ll probably be the one to curse me out.  We did a lot of exploring this year.  We went to Nepal together, and hit Dubai a few times for things like The Burj Khalifa and Jazz Fest.

12290424_10156278487495511_1188339829_oGrace.  She’s the first person I met off Instagram!  God that makes me feel like such a child.  She’s a funny person, but supports the books so, she’s ok in mine!

Latoya W.  The brown bombshell I went to High School12314911_10156278488070511_1682157981_o with in Germany!  Haven’t seen her since then until I made a short trip out to South Carolina. We went to Fazoli’s and had a few laughs.  Unfortunately she doesn’t take me seriously enough to let me rub on her booty. 😦 :p Talk to you later sis!

12333828_10156283067495511_1364466124_oArminda.  I’ve known this chick for like… over 4 years.  Started talking to her on tagged while I was in Kuwait, and never met her until a couple months ago.  She is extremely beautiful and a complete FREAK; also possibly one of THE MOST dishonest people I’ve met in my life.  Hey, they can’t all be winners, right?  But we had fun I guess.  It was cool to meet someone after talking to them online for so long.  One of the first Pinay’s I’ve met who claim they CAN’T cook. What a waste.

Trinaye G.  I don’t think a year goes by where I don’t accidentally bump into this12312200_10156283016465511_586267296_n woman.  I’ve known her since I was a young lad just going into the Air Force and we’ve never lost touch since.  If I go back to Zion Rest, I’m mostly likely going to see and spontaneously chill with her, whether we both had prior plans or not. You’ve never heard someone sing this beautifully.

12312447_10156283150770511_1423861279_n LaShonda N.  My little sister.  I’ll see her every time I go down to Austin as well. She’s a little songbird too.  But just so corny!  I love it, this girl can turn a funny joke dull with ease. I can say that, she’s my lil sis.

Rodney Lamonte Rooks.  I’ll put this niggas full name out there.  He’s my12348381_10156283018720511_404279952_n big brother.  He actually acted like it this year too.  The little bastard snuck $100 into my truck before I left because he thought I needed it.  That was pretty black of you dog.  Here, we’re pictured at a Doener Kebab restaurant in North Austin.  He was like, my idol when I was a kid.  Isn’t that basically how all brotherly relationships go?  He’s taught me a lot, and I wish we could see more of each other.  But… alas, my family just isn’t one of those super-tight-knit families.  OR… maybe I’m just the one who isn’t tight with them.  Who knows. lol

lauraandrooksLaura T.!!!! This girl is the most adorable woman I know.  We met a long time ago when I was still working security at night clubs.  She was a young, wild and free single gal doing what young, wild and free, single gals do.  Since then, she’s grown up [whereas, I haven’t] and had two children.  She cares for them pretty much on her own and I must say, barring a few idiosyncrasy’s she’s doing a DAMN GOOD JOB! Nobody’s perfect of course, so I have to say… kudos to her. Such a large improvement in so many ways, and most of all, we’ve been able to stay friends through it all.  She’s put up with a lot of shit from me, and always been there when I needed her.  One of the few people that I’d do anything for had I anything to offer lol. She’s so sweet, I don’t really know anyone who dislikes her.  She’s one of THOSE people.  So, I’m really grateful to have her around. Oh, and she also came by to the Book festival with a copy of my book that she bought.  It’s people like her who make me despise those who act like they want to be my friends or are in my corner but can’t do the least to support my endeavors.  This woman is raising two kids alone… and still TOOK OFF FROM WORK to come to the book fest. Yea… She is 1 of my 7 friends. And always will be. Love ya girl!

Debbie J. We were in Basic Training together.  Out of us two, she made it in the Air Force, whereas I did not lol.  She’s a senior NCO and if she’s 12334259_10156278488290511_1627299342_oanywhere near as scary on duty as she is off duty, I’d hate to be one of her subordinate Airmen.  She means business, and really reminds me of my mother. I was hoping they’d get to meet this Thanksgiving because I invited her for the big dinner my mother and her sisters throw, but surprisingly my MOM DIDN’T SHOW UP! So, I’ll work on that. I think it’d be like watching the same person at two different times in their lives.  She was nice enough to come hang out and buy me some tacos, and ponder the meaning of life, discuss books, reading, and relationships.  Mainly why men lie so fucking much.  And I maintain my dear, I don’t know.  I really don’t know. lol

Noelle M. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who’s grown to love me so 12319283_10156283015160511_2065277598_n (1)much. She annoys the hell out of me, let me start by saying.  But other than that, she’s everything I’ve ever personally wished for in a woman.
It’s a little weird.  We met on Tinder.  Yes.  I said it.  What, you think I’d be the one to hide it?  SideNote: Why do people lie about meeting on The Internet? Get a grip, its 2015… you shop on The Internet, entertain yourself on the internet. Do your taxes, do your banking, check your pay stubs, apply for jobs even do interviews, and go to college on The Internet!  Why wouldn’t you meet people there as well? Phew!  Anyway. I think I might make that a facebook posting… Back to Noelle.  She’s a school teacher from Ireland.  Yes.. a real Irish person.  Not just some white person from America who has “Mc” in their lastname, or simply just doesn’t want to be called “white” but “Irish” instead. No.. she’s really from Ireland.  She’s there right now actually.  She made me take her on a proper date.  In which we spent the entire day together. From breakfast at Nolu’s, a trip to the racetrack, milkshakes at Johnny Rockets, a movie at VOX GOLD, and a walk along the beach after sunset.  God… how gay.  And I’m certain people would say, “awww, that’s a nice date.”  All I see is Nolu’s AED 385. Johnny Rocketswp-1449244993939.jpeg AED 60. VOX GOLD AED 300, and no pussy. :/  That’s $204.00!!! She believes she’s some dignified woman type who deserves to be treated with respect.  And, she’s right.  Worth every bit of time and or money and effort a man could spend on her.

This girl can also cook her ass off. She cleans better than the cleaning lady. Puts pride into her work at the school and saves money.  She has a slight case of wanderlust and uses her own money to travel.  No credit cards.  No loans.  Just her money.  She tries to do everything properly, and legal.  It’s so annoying.  Noelle and I had a lot of fun together.  Did some traveling, lots of eating out, but also had our fair share of arguments.  I’m an asshole who always thinks he’s right.  And just because I am, OR I am quick to concede defeat or being wrong right away, doesn’t mean that I need to speak to people the way I do. But hey, we all have our faults.  Don’t like it, eat a dick. See?  My mom would be so… not-proud of me for this lol. But all in all, it could be worse. I could’ve screwed up my chance to wp-1449406783856.jpeghave a woman, and or a life-long friend in Noelle but instead I allowed a relationship that apparently wasn’t for me ruin possibly both of those things. That was a mistake.

Noelle helped edit my book as well.  Her notes span from the front cover, to the glossary.  And THAT is the kind of woman Noelle is.  If she says she’s going to do it, she does it.  And that’s really all I ask.  Don’t feed me bullshit, don’t quit or give up if you say you want to make things work just… do what you said you’d do.  She always has.  But she’s sick of my shit lol. I would be too. But we still talk.  I think I just confuse her though. No one likes to be confused.  All in all, Noelle is a good girl.  Hell, even Ansley would like to see us together.  Isn’t THAT weird? lol I wish her nothing but the best.


Alas… I’ve learned a lot from my associates this year.  I’ve learned a few things about myself.  Like, when I’m in love and hopeful, I do some pretty stupid shit.  On the flip-side, when I’m being disrespected, I can be pretty cruel.  I’ve also learned that people pretty much view me the same across the board.  There are some things I’ve improved on over the year, but for the most part, I think I’ll pretty much be rubbing people the wrong way for the rest of my life.

I also may never trust anything another woman says for as long as I live.  I may never date a woman under 40 again.  I may never give ANYONE the address to my house again.  The list goes on and on.  All these experiences will be a complete waste if I don’t learn anything.  Like… the next time I spend hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars on international travel for R&R… go alone. And more and more I’m learning that I don’t like to spend time and money on women who are just going to be around for a season… however, if you’re going to spend anything, spend the money… you can always get that back.  But the time?  It’s gone forever.

Books / Writing:

I didn’t publish any books this year. I figured in 2014, I was finished with Invasion of the Most Sacred.  I sent out about 20-30 query letters and have yet to receive back all the denial letters.  Some came right away, and I just received another in October.  An entire year later!  Either way… to even receive a rejection letter from a Literary Agent isn’t so bad.  At least they read my query lol.  However, I was reading over the story and figured it wasn’t finished.  So, I did something I hate to do.  I rewrote the book. Yup… me.  I did it. So, my manuscript actually wasn’t even finished until May.  Then I sent it to my ex-editor (he didn’t do too well this last time, so we won’t be working together anymore) and he returned it to me “edited”  3 weeks later than he said he would and I got back with Xlibris (someone else’s services I probably won’t be using anymore) to begin their editing process. Which was a sham, and really I ended up, as you know, going through it again myself, and Noelle, the teacher as well.  She was a lot more meticulous than I thought she’d be.
Work for the cover was just terrible.  Xlibris sent me four of the SHITTIEST cover concepts I’ve seen in my life.  Outskirts Press never, ever sent me anything that poor.  They’re so bad, I’m not even going to share them here. Screw it… yes I am.




I mean, SERIOUSLY.  It’s like they didn’t even TRY! So, the aforementioned design genius, took my ideas and the photos I gave her from the photo-shoot I performed when I went home for SABF and came up with not 1, not 2, but 4 awesome cover concepts. In just a FEW DAYS!  There wasn’t one that didn’t catch someone’s vote in the contest I had to pick the cover on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.


Yup, Rene designed them all.  I’d like to thank her, Ashlynn – the model and all the people who voted for their favorite cover. This book, really was a lot of hard work.  And I really believe in it.12308939_10156278494170511_1162669421_n  Not only the fact that it looks nice, and should be a good read for anyone… but I believe in the end of terrorism and Human Rights violations.  Of course, it will take a lot of work, and a lot of togetherness from people who currently hate each other, but it IS POSSIBLE.  No one wants to lose people they love… so no one should be killing.  It’s very simple.





The San Antonio Book Fair! SABF, was fantastic.  It was my first time showing my stuff at a real book fair/fest.  The point isn’t to sell books, but to market and NETWORK.  Networking is so important, and I’m hoping to attend all the book fests I can next year. I also made stops at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, and the Texas Book Festival, in Austin, Tx.

Again, thanks for all the people who came out.  People I do know, and a bit more notably people I don’t know.  It’s weird to actually have a few FANS.  I don’t ever see the point of success where I won’t at the very least take the time to genuinely acknowledge and thank them for everything they’ve done.  Because they don’t have to be interested.  Hell, I have friends and family who aren’t interested in my literature.  So, for a perfect stranger to un-ass themselves from their home or work to come see and or support me at an event… WOW.  It’s a great feeling.  Whether it’s just 1, or 100,000… it’s a great feeling.

My next book, The Disciple of Takeda Jin is in work now.  This is me, furthering my attempt to publish works in different genres and


reading levels.  I have adult, romance and comedy novels [The One Life Stand Series].  My closest attempt at Non-Fiction [The Guidon Bearer].  Military, espionage and warfare [Invasion of the Most Sacred]. Fantasy and Youth Fiction [The Disciple of Takeda Jin]. This book is what I feel would’ve happened if the producers of Samurai Champloo were to make a second season like so many of us Anime-Heads were BEGGING them to do. So, for anyone who likes my writing style, or anyone who is in love with Mugen, Jin and Fuu, come check me out in 2017. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.  And more will come after that.  Just wait.  This is what I do.  Bestseller or not.  Another thing I’ve come to terms with.

I’ve written and posted a few blogs this year.  As a writer, I can’t deny this side of myself.  This is where it all started.  Myspace, BLOGS.  After I started getting a little serious about what I posted, and wasn’t just simply ranting about nonsense, people followed, and people commented, interacted and suggested I should do BLOGS and publish books.  So, I did! LoL.

In January I wrote F*uck Sinulog, F*ck Cebu, F*ck The Philippines . Just in case you were wondering, I don’t hate The Philippines.  In May, I published American Women Suck . No matter how you take the title… just read it. It’s my most popular blog from 2015! In June, it was Why White People Can’t Say the N-Word . In case you’re too lazy to go read it… you can!  Come on white people!  Say it… say it right now!  Ha!  You said it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Next was From Nepal with Love, about my awesome trip to Nepal. Can Long Distance Relationships [Today] Really Work? in October.  Go check that out, ASAP. Then finally, in November, Fixing Him a Plate [She’s a Keeper, Pt. 1]. I should publish at the very least 6 blogs a year.  There’s always something I can enlighten you nimrods on. 😉 J/P

When I look at all my analytics from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WordPress, Google+ and Facebook I learn a few things. One thing is, people really pay attention to different things, on different websites and at different times.  It’s amazing to see the trends of what the masses are doing online.

SideNote: Often times I get people private messaging me, asking if it’s ok they share my posts and rants on their pages.  YES! YES! CLICK SHARE!  PLEASE! YOU DON’T HAVE TO ASK!




And also, I’ve learned that even though I’m not at the peak I’d like to be, follower-ship is growing! The stats don’t lie.  I’ve always wondered why there just isn’t as much interaction as there was before and compared to my peers in this race for popularity, I’m in dead last.  Why is it a post about “what color is this dress” or, some idiot changing his gender, or other things which should never be discussed even if we had all the time in the world because it’s so useless; I can broach subjects which are relevant to everyone and I get many views but not so many likes or comments. One person told me, it’s because I actively TELL PEOPLE what not to say in their comments.  LoL.  I’m guilty of this.  If I write a blog or rant about how women lie, or women cheat, or whatever, the first thing some woman is going to say: MEN DO IT TO!  I don’t wanna hear that shit!  Of course men do, but we’re talking about YOU right now! LoL.  Shit like that, yes, I’m guilty.

Another person noted that many of my BLOGS and rants aren’t one-sided.  I tend to cover all aspects of some subjects, and don’t leave much room for retorts.  Well, I take that as a compliment, but I still want to hear from people. I’ll try to work on this, this year.

And then, there are my VLOGS, another thing inspired by the ex. Ugh… it’s just so disappointing.  I tried my hand at VLOGS again, and at the very least I can say that they don’t LOOK bad.




You can check out these rants and book reviews and more on My Youtube Channel.



Me n’ Stuff:


It’s been a year full of rejection. That’s how I sum it up.  And if you don’t know much about me, know that I’m fair when I evaluate things.  It’s been a year full of rejection. And even though a LARGE percentage of my downfalls are caused by yours truly, it doesn’t make them suck any less. There’s so much that happens every year, that makes me wonder if I’m the only one who sabotage’s themselves so much? I mean, my own father has told me that I’m one of his biggest disappointments as a child of his.  Even though people are under the impression I have no feelings, that kinda hurts. But in a way, he’s right.  He usually is.  He had some high expectations for me.  Hell, I had them myself!  I can’t say I wouldn’t be disappointed if looking at myself now through a magic glass as a younger boy.  If I could take just THIS blog, and send it to an 18 year-old Robert Lovelle Rooks, he’d probably inflict upon us some physical wounds. [Related Blog:  What Would the Younger You, Think of You Now?]

Is it uncommon?  For one to look at themselves and feel slighted, by the way they’ve decided to live?  I’ve heard people say they have no regrets… That’s is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard.  There isn’t a person in this world who wouldn’t go back and change something if they could. People who have children out of shitty marriages always counter: “I don’t regret my marriage/relationship because it gave me you” in reference to the child.  That, is the biggest cop out.  Of course we appreciate our children.  But we know damn-well, if we could’ve chosen a better person, a different person to have them with, we would have!  THAT is the regret, not the child.  Stop fucking lying to yourself. I have many, many regrets.  I make more mistakes than I make good-decisions.  I hate being forced with decisions sometimes.  Because more often than not, it turns out being the wrong decision.  Then I have no one else to blame.  Then again… I don’t want to blame anyone else. Successful, or loser, married or divorced, broke or rich, fit or overweight, liked or disliked… I’m glad that all my mistakes and achievements are my own.  And I own them all.  Just because I’m honest and open about my mistakes and my flaws doesn’t mean I’m not ashamed of them or am not aware that they’re wrong. I’m also not trying to get anyone to pat me on the back and tell me that my flaws, mistakes and bad decisions are okay.  Because they’re not.

We live in a “do whatever you want” world.  “Do whatever makes you feel happy.”  “Don’t let anyone judge you.” This shit is DANGEROUS.  I’m a whore.  I’m a complete slut. Well, I used to be.  I’ve pretty much put the brakes on that this year.  However, that was me. But I KNEW IT WAS WRONG.  I knew it could have negative consequences, I knew it wasn’t the way to live.  I know hopping from one woman to another [especially while legally married] isn’t right.  Morally or legally I don’t think… Anyway, I’m not out there crusading to get laws, minds and doctrines to change because of my wrong-doings.  I doubt very much that I’d want my children to do some of the things I do. And I’m so VERY afraid for my children because we’re living in a world where people don’t CARE about what their children are accustomed to!  People don’t even bother being ashamed of their poor choices! Criminals take pride in their crimes.  Bad parents share their young children’s twerk videos.  Parents are encouraging their children to “identify with” different genders!  I mean… Really? I saw a woman in the barber shop last month [i wanted to record it so badly] who was just cussing her son up and down.  “Nigga you need to sit yo ass down!” “Get up again and imma fuck yo ass up.”On and on and on. And I couldn’t help but to just stare at her… thinking,this 6 year old could possibly be going to school with my kids… and this is the parenting he has to deal with?  This is the main example in life he has? It makes me look at myself.  Even though I know I’m nowhere near being as shitty a parent as she most likely was, I could stand improvement.  And once again, that’s what I’m all about.

I know I’m in need of improvement.  I’d like for others to help improve me.  But our society is bringing standards down.  Down to a point that no one feels the need to improve.  Just… do whatever you want… DON’T feel bad about it. Don’t feel like obesity is bad for you.  Don’t think that boys should want to be boys, and girls should want to be girls. Don’t teach our children to respect others.  Don’t respect our leaders.  Just… do, and say, whatever you want.  With no remorse.


Sorry, I’m ranting. Basically, I consider myself a pretty decent person.  I help people when I can, I try to be completely honest with people, and generally treat people like I want to be treated.  I’m just rolling with the punches.  Realizing that what you get out of life isn’t always what you put into it. If that’s the case, a lot of people wouldn’t experience lay-offs… or cancer for that matter.  Sometimes, shit just happens.  No matter how good or bad of a person you are.



Let’s see… what was last years resolution?

“…My resolution for this year is to make my 5 years happen, now. I’ve had enough time….” – 2014 Year End RANT

I believe everyone should have a plan.  Or plans. One of those I strongly encourage is a 5-year plan.  Five years is not short enough to need to kill yourself in order to accomplish the goals, and not long enough for you to procrastinate because you figure 5 years is such a long time. There are some goals I wanted accomplished by the time I was 35, and I think I’m almost there.  So, there’s a positive!


This year, I’d like to learn how to expect my victory. More often than not, I’m preparing myself for the worst and simply hoping for the best. I’ve been let down so many times in my life, that not getting what I expect won’t hurt me too much at all.  But screw that, I expect to win anyway. And if I don’t, NO ONE will be able to say I didn’t try.  And it’s as simple as that.


So, here I am sitting at the airport headed back to work. My flight was delayed and I’m starving.

Without going into too much further detail, I’d like to say that these last few weeks of 2015 have been a serious contrast to the other 48 or so. At this very moment I can honestly say all I care about is my kids and getting money. I register most women as dishonest creatures who fast track you to STD’s and bankruptcy. I’m in a constant battle with myself to NOT give up on humanity and reason, and I have so much work to do. So, 2016…. a little help?

6 thoughts on “Rooks’ 2015 [Year End Blog]

  1. Jodiann says:

    Wow thank you for your candor. I was reading your blog I feel guilty about not being more supportive, and will try to do better in the future. There are a few positive things that take away from your blog one of them was making a five year plan which I will start doing, thanks to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cliff says:

    Your self-ranting sounds almost identical to what my self-ranting would be. I still remember August 2014 when we were at Sikorsky and it was my first contracting gig.

    You got your phone call to your dream job and, despite my hating to see ya leave, was glad you got it.

    I’m sure you’ve heard and know this but, regardless of errors self-inflicted, you’ve been to and seen many things most people won’t. Be well in 2016 big pimpin!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brittney says:

    You’re missing an important section of your blog! Just saying. 😉 I hope 2016 is just as amazing for you… With the exception of the pessimistic viewpoint of women. We’re not all awful/dishonest. Lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Farrah says:

    “There’s so much that happens every year, that makes me wonder if I’m the only one who sabotages themselves so much?” To answer your question, no, you aren’t the only one. We are our own worst enemies and I haven’t been able to figure out why. You mentioned how your father is disappointed in you…is that a big reason why you feel like such a failure? Are you letting other people’s opinions influence how you feel about yourself? If so, that’s not necessarily a bad thing to let those opinions trigger your own thoughts about how you can become a better person and make better decisions in life. However, it can be a bad thing if you let those opinions bring you down to the point where you feel ashamed of the decisions you made/make. As you stated, you have many regrets in life, but you cannot go back and change those not so good decisions. However, you can take what you have and make the best of it. You can also use past experiences to make better decisions in the future. I encourage you to take those opinions from people with a grain o’ salt (no pun intended, really) 😉 USE those opinions to better yourself NOT keep you down or discouraged and feeling like a complete failure. Because, you, Robert Lovelle Rooks, are a shining symbol of a man with good intentions in this dog eat dog world. YOU are making a difference in your children’s lives, your family’s lives, your friend’s lives, your colleague’s lives, people you don’t even know lives, and my life. All the aforementioned people may not ever admit that, but you are. Here’s one last quote from a poem you wrote a few years ago, “Wipe it all off, hurt, disappointment, failure, and pain, let the rest go down the drain. No one can get you down, like you.” My challenge to you is let that shit go down the drain!!!! Incorporate that not only into your 5 year plan, but a daily plan. Rooks, I’ve told you countless times, you’re amazing in every damn way. Those who fail to see and/or acknowledge that are missing out on one of the coolest cats out there. I love and cherish every part of you. ❤ ❤

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