Robert Lovelle Rooks
Dallas, Tx

Bio: Robert Lovelle Rooks (1981-) is an Award-Winning Author and father of five, who was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. He grew up all over as a military brat; places like Athens, Greece, Ramstein, and Wiesbaden, Germany, and several places stateside. He was active outside of school for most of his life, mostly in the arts. He played trombone, Jazz piano, and percussion in church, school and sometimes in clubs. He started writing at a young age as well; poetry, music and short stories. He published a blog on Myspace and Facebook during each websites respective popularity peaks and decided to self-publish his first novel "Truth's at Distance" the first book of a three part series called "One Life Stand" in the summer of 2012. He went on to publish the last of the series "Best Broken Promise" in December of 2012. Last to publish was "The Guidon Bearer" in the summer of 2014. He went on to publish his fifth novel "Invasion of the Most Sacred" in the Winter of 2015 and also his sixth, "FILIPINA" in the fall of 2017. Robert plans to publish his seventh novel "The Discipline of Takes Jin", his first YA Fiction novel in 2019.

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