American Women Suck

If travel were expressed by the origin of the partners you’ve had in life, I’ve been to many, many countries.

With that short statement which should tell the mature reader so much, I’d like to tell why I feel the American women aren’t really looked at as much of a commodity.

Hear me out.

When was the last time you’ve heard anyone say anything specifically positive about American women?  You know, other than in cheesy old songs.  But really heard a man craving an American woman.  Over all else.  Yea, we date them, screw them, and marry them all the time; but when was the last time you knew of anyone having a fetish or a serious preference to them, especially if they had a choice? When was the last time you heard of someone trying to mail order an American bride lol? But seriously…

What are their outstanding traits? [keep in mind, of course these are stereotypes]

“Independent” [whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean]





While some men look at those traits as affable qualities, I certainly don’t.  Those are just some of the things I and other American men will say about our women.  Do you happen to know what foreign men think about American women typically?

Slutty/overly flirtatious





Now, I don’t neccessarily agree with women being controlled, but I do think women in America put a certain emphasis or over-depency on the need to be ‘hard-to-handle’.  It’s a bragging right of many women in America that I’ve never quite understood.  So much so that whenever I see women saying that as if it’s a selling point, I have to ask, why do you feel like being difficult is something we’re looking for?  I mean honestly, if you want a man, why do you want to make his life miserable from the get-go?  At least wait til you’re married!  [just joking]

In dating foreign women, I’ve noticed they have formulated opinions about American woman as well.  The foreign women have had many questions about our women, and often express relief that they don’t share traits with them. When it comes to matters of love and marriage that is. Women in other countries see attracting a man with qualities including but also other than their looks.

Being a good wife and mother are still things women look forward to in life in places other than America.  This is just sick, but I'll get to that in another blog.This is just sick, but I’ll get to that in another blog.

They are finding comfort and inspiration in being educated and also being career women, but ultimately want to also fulfill a higher purpose in life [as they see it] being a wife to a good man and bearing their children.

That, is a total package I think.

I’ve noticed more and more American women all but shunning the idea of being married and having kids. Now, with the state of marriage and parenting in our country, I can’t say I blame them.  But how much damage could we claim to a new generation of women who don’t want to… be women!?

Normally, I’d say this type of thing is merited seeing as how Men have been systematically fucking women over in our country for decades.  But… men have been doing women shitty in every country!  From what I read, Saudi men treat women… really really poorly and they still aspire to be good wives, as well as be educated and work.  From what I’ve heard, experienced and seen [and done], men have been doing women from the Philippines wrong since forever! They still want nothing more than to have a good man, take care of him, love him and have his children.

I’ve often said it’s unfair to compare women of other nationalities to women from the Philippines because it’s either something in the water, or the way they’re raised, but they have a whole different outlook on love and relaitonships than anyone.  This is so widespread it’s almost not even a stereotype.  And people can preach that “it’s not a race thing’ all they want, because I get that to a certain extent… but they are different.

A posting I wrote on tagged inspired this blog; the response I received from American women was dare-I-say, predictable.  But hey, I see women bashing men in all types of ways and I don’t get offended.  There’s apparently a reason that person felt that way.  Whether it’s “I’m not dating black men anymore”, “All men are dogs”, “Military men are whores” I can’t argue that.  Apparently there was something that made these women say these things.

And though it’s only my opinion, [no matter how well researched or thought out] I know from all the times I’ve heard men drool over the eyes of Persian and Arab women, the bodies of Brasilian and Venezuealan women, the simple kindness and dependability of Filipinas, or the somehow attractive short-temperament of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Colombian woman, I feel ok with saying in comparison, “American Women Suck”.

I still love ya’ll though!

Scream at me


6 thoughts on “American Women Suck

  1. Brittney M. says:

    Ok.. Women get treated so fucked up in a lot of countries… And because we are not submissive to a man miss treating us.. And not just sitting there and take it like other women do in other countries.. We suck?… instead of judging us get to the root of the problem.. Here’s my story (short Version).. Age 2 my father left my mother.. Age 3 he divorced my mother and married our next door neighbor.. And was never apart of my life.. Age 11 I was raped by a high schooler.. Age 17 I was in an abusive relationship (physically, emotionally, and verbally).. Age 21 I got pregnant by a man that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.. Turns out he wasn’t who he said he was.. He told me he was 25 but he was really 31 (now 35).. Told me he never been to jail.. He’s a registered sex offender and served three years in prison.. Told me he didn’t have any children.. My son is his fourth child.. And I’m the fourth woman to bear his child.. He bailed on me and I haven’t seen him in almost 2 years (my son is 3).. Age 24-26 I found myself in the worst relationship you could think of.. Another physical, verbal and emotional abuse relationship.. And this one was worst then the first one.. He stomped my head and I had a concussion and had to be rushed to the hospital (and that’s just one of many incidents)… Everything thing wrong that’s happened to me was at the hands of a man.. So why are we not cooperative with a man.. Because of our pass experiences.. Even though it’s wrong to make the next man pay for what the last man did… Not doing that, is easier said than done.. I want to have a family… I wanted to have a man that I can take care of and treat like my king… But if I’m not being treated like a queen then there’s no way that a relationship can prosper!

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    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Brittney, thanks for your comment! It seems you’ve been through some unfortunate events in your lifetime and I couldn’t imagine… honestly. It’s nice to see you among the rest of us living, working and succeeding in spite of it all.

      As you said, women are treated poorly everywhere. There are women in Afghanistan with no running water, no means of education, and are subject to being married off to men 3 times their age as early as 9 years old! And that’s common practice! They have ZERO rights and can still make it to a point to where they’re more cooperative and affable than our women [stereotypically]. In the Philippines women are routinely fit to go overseas to work to support their children, their grandparents and sometimes siblings and husbands! But they still find their way to be gentle women. There isn’t a country in the world who can attest to having life as a woman better than American women… yet our women find themselves being shitty to men more than anyone!

      It’s terrible what happened to you. And believe me, I don’t wish it on anyone. And even though it isn’t a contest, there’s a woman out there who can make your past trials seem like a walk in the park [I know it’s hard to believe] but does that necessarily mean that woman has to forget herself and grow into someone who isn’t fit or is basically hard to deal with for the next man?

      Like you said, it’s easier said than done… but from what I’ve experienced, American women just seem like they’d rather not do it. And blame it on the men. Let’s keep in mind, the average American woman hasn’t gone through all that you have. What’s their excuse? If any?


    2. john doe says:

      Oh, shut up. Because just like most feminist nazis scum you don’t understand the true meaning of being submissive. Hell you picked the bad boys and over looked the good men. Now the good men had have enough and we don’t care what you think. My asian wife and I been married for 10+ years and we have two great kids. I know the kids are mine kids and she don’t have any bastard kids from other men.


  2. VeryTrue says:

    Especially the ones that have their Careers today since they’re very Greedy And Selfish all the time which makes them very Pathetic too.


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