Why White People Can’t Say The ‘N-Word’


Being what people in America would call “Black”, for some reason I’ve been bestowed this right; a right to the word “nigger” and all it’s variations.  Nigga, nukka, nakka, nigra, niglet, mynig, nig, niggerette, nignog etc.

boondocksniggaFrom “The Boondocks”

Well thanks!  What ever to do with such a right?  Well, first, apparently I was given another right.  To allow or not allow people of other races to use the word.  That’s right!  Black people and black people alone have the right to tell you, the reader [of a different skin color than me] whether you can utilize this word or any of it’s variants.

Otherwise known as a ‘ghetto-pass’ I would be able to give you honorary rights that I was born into.  Wearing certain clothes.  Going to certain places in ‘the hood’ listening to certain music, even dating black women I’ve learned!  Yep… it’s good to be black!

:/ Nigga Please.

I believe there are four types of people when it comes to using this word:

1: Indifferent [pretty small group unfortunately]:

These people really don’t give a shit.  They have lives that are above or below this argument and honestly don’t care one way or the other.  I say this is a small group because I don’t know ONE PERSON who hasn’t been in this argument before.  But I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

2: Don’t say it at ALL!  Mostly made up of older black folks.

I ran across my first #2 at our family reunion in Atlantic City, New Jersey back in 1997 when I first learned Sommore, the comedian was my cousin.  I was listening to the new Busta Rhymes CD in SOMEONE’s car.  The owner of said car came over and told me, “Turn that shit off!  I don’t wanna hear all that ‘nigga’ shit!”

These people I HAVE to respect.  I don’t think grown ups should be told what to and to not say [granted I wasn’t grown then, which is why I complied, and it was their car] at least they don’t have a double standard.  They don’t want to hear it at all!  From anyone’s mouth, regardless of color.  Gotta respect that.

3: Only black people can say it:

This one here seems to be the majority and I couldn’t disagree more. As I stated before, I have these rights… that I really don’t fucking want!  Why am I an issuer of the ghetto pass?  There’s nothing ghetto about me!  At all!  Matter-of-fact, I’ve met several people from many differen’t races and colors who could out ghetto me on ANY occasion!  I just don’t do ghetto.  I have no reason to.  I wasn’t raised there, I try not to visit there, and I’m usually not welcome anyway.

Why is it these people actually believe that this word belongs to us?

It’s hard for me to answer that since I can’t wrap my head around the logic if there is any.  A lot of younger black people think that it’s all we have to ourselves, which is really sad.  They think it’s cool to say it as much as they want, then threaten to kick the ass of any non-black person who says it.  As if all black people can beat up anyone for saying the n-word.

I’m sorry… I’m not fighting ANYONE over a word.  Fuck that. But yeah, there are people of several races who feel this way. Maybe someone can shed more light on that for me.

4: Everyone should say it if they feel like it:

This is my personal favorite.  I was glad when Dave Chappelle came out with his show because it epitomised this standpoint.  Just say it!  Everybody!  It doesn’t really hurt.  It doesn’t.  Get over it.  Slavery is over.  Racism exists, but at no point is telling white people not to say nigger going to change the fact that people feel the way they feel.


This nigga says ‘nigga’ more than ANYONE

The only people that make a big deal out of this word, are black people.  Which is why WHEN white [or other non-black] people say it maliciously, it makes me laugh because I’m like… “Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?  Or make me mad?”  I honeslty don’t give a shit.

White people can go out and buy music from NAS, Z-Ro, Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Drake and not sing along with the lyrics without feeling wrong?  Fuck that!  If I were white, and I spent my hard earned money on Drakes album, every ‘Nigga’ that comes out of that niggas mouth is coming out of mine too!

Stop giving the word so much power.  Black people go around calling white people all kinds of shit!  And it’s supposed to be funny.  All the way from the time-honored “white-boy” all the way to “cracker”

Side note: Cracker is not a slur relating white people to saltine crackers.  I’m not even sure if they were even invinted back then… The overseer who watched field slaves work and forcefully maintained work flow for unglodly amounts of hours did so with a whip.  When the overseer was administering his unjustly motivation, there was a crack of the whip.  The overseer was then a ‘whip cracker’ or ‘cracker’ for short.

I don’t call white people ‘crackers’.  If ANYONE strikes me with a whip, they’re going to die.  Period.

But anyway, I just don’t agree with a lot of black people when it comes to these rights.  The right to say the “N-Word” [or even making everyone call it “n-word”] and all the other ghetto shit that apparently is supposed to be owned by black people.


I saw a young black girl comment on a twerk video the other day: nigga2“Why white people always gotta take our stuff?”  The video was an all white girl twerk team.  And apparently black people are supposed to be mad when white girls twerk.

I can’t explain how ashamed that makes me.  You won’t try to excel in school, or have a career or just be an upstanding citizen, or simply carry yourself with respect and dignity, but you’ll become up-in-arms about twerking.  As if that is a staple of black culture. Too many people have bled and died for us to have such an insipid mentality.

Niggas need to get their shit together.

Now on the flip side, I’ve tried this “ghetto pass” out, and extended it to my coworkers.  Letting them know that I didn’t care what they said.  I suggested they don’t hold their tongues around me, because I’d rather they let me know what they really feel instead of waiting til I leave the room.

You wouldn’t believe the things people have been waiting to say to and or in front of a black person!  I was shocked!  And I’ve heard a LOT of messed up junk!  It just comes falling out of their mouths like vomit!  Some of it was pretty funny, but after a while, you realize these guys have years of pinned up realness that they wanted to get out simply because they felt that black people couldnt handle it.  And because a lot of it is really fucked up, immature and stereotypical.

But hey, maybe they’re right.  I know a number of black people who are very sensitive about this issue and would become irate to the point of violence had they heard what I heard.  Which… is wrong.  That feeds into MORE negative stereotypes that I’d also love to extinguish.

As long as you don’t touch my kids, my girl, my food, or my cars, we’re good.

nigga3This is what I’m talking about… it’s not just a scene from a movie. Scene from “Guess Who” Starring: Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac

In summation, I think everyone should say it.  It doesnt bother me one bit.  And I don’t feel I have the right to tell anyone of any race what they can and can’t say.  And I’m tired of people thinking that we all feel the same way about it.

So, why can’t white people say the “n-word”?  I should be asking white people that.

Scream at me


p.s. you know who says ‘nigga’ the most these days?  Vietnamese kids aged 14-25. LoL…. I’ll put money on it.


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