I Am My Brothers Keeper

How did we go from marching on Washington, arms linked, seeking civil rights, to shooting each other at rap concerts and pool halls?


Are You ‘Acting Black’?

Aight, so check this shit out, B. Imma let ya’ll muffuckers in on a lil’ secret in this bitch, ya digg? Feel me? And when I’m done, put some respeck on it. I ain’t gon’ say it no mo’.

The Willie Lynch Letter: An Evil, Genius Plan for Self-Sustaining Degredation of Black People

I honestly don’t feel any group of people should get a month especially for them. I feel everyone’s history should be equally divided into our history lessons accordingly. Year ’round. I feel everyone’s history dealing with this country and even the world should be celebrated or at least recognized year-’round. It apparently doesn’t do us any good, black folks still act stupid in February, but want to get into a frenzy any time a white person says the word “nigger”!