Is Your Relationship ‘Facebook Official’?

…for you people who DO utilize social media. ¬†For whatever reason it may be. Be it networking, spying on your children, job-searching, spying on family, dating, spying on your coworkers, generally being social, spying on your husband or wife, gaming, spying on ex-lovers, researching, spying on your current lover, standard public-figure stalking, or just passing the time…


Perceive a, Las Vegas

Since I started working in North Las Vegas I’ve been asked several times how fun it is, how many fun nights I’ve participated in. I’ve explained over and over that I’m not into partying, don’t drink, don’t pay for pussy and I dont want to see washed up singers performing all the old hits. What many people like me didn’t know about Vegas was the other side. Here it is.