I Am My Brothers Keeper

How did we go from marching on Washington, arms linked, seeking civil rights, to shooting each other at rap concerts and pool halls?


The Trip. The Night. The ‘Fair’.

Not a single Filipino took a book selfie for #100DaysofFILIPINA or bought this book from me at the Manila International Book Fair without asking me “Why/What did you write about Filipina’s”.  Not a single one.  They wanted to know why.  They wanted to know from what angle I was coming from.  Was I yet another ignorant westerner, writing a “How-to” book…

How I Feel About: Tattoo’s

I support tattoo artistry. Which may seem a little contradictive. I’ve seen tattoo artist and designers create some amazing things! The detail they can put into their artwork is often times unbelievable. Notably I’ve seen a tattoo artist actually tattoo a gold plated aftermarket car stereo. It was pretty dope. So, my problem isn’t with the art. And yes, I do believe it’s art.