The Trip. The Night. The ‘Fair’.

Not a single Filipino took a book selfie for #100DaysofFILIPINA or bought this book from me at the Manila International Book Fair without asking me “Why/What did you write about Filipina’s”.  Not a single one.  They wanted to know why.  They wanted to know from what angle I was coming from.  Was I yet another ignorant westerner, writing a “How-to” book…


How I Feel About: Tattoo’s

I support tattoo artistry. Which may seem a little contradictive. I’ve seen tattoo artist and designers create some amazing things! The detail they can put into their artwork is often times unbelievable. Notably I’ve seen a tattoo artist actually tattoo a gold plated aftermarket car stereo. It was pretty dope. So, my problem isn’t with the art. And yes, I do believe it’s art.