Can I Still Listen to R. Kelly?: How I Feel About Cancel Culture

Don’t fool yourselves, the outrage is orchestrated.

“Papa John’s Founder and Frontman, John Schnatter used the N-Word during a conference call.” And? As you know, I’m the last one to fall in line just because someone, or even The Majority says we as a collective should feel a certain way about someone or something. This isn’t like the ChickFilA issue I had when The Gays decided to attack them for their rules and or values (or the opinion of it’s CEO… whatever they were actually mad at). I love Chickfila, so I had a dog in that fight. I do NOT like Papa Johns. Papa Johns gets none of my money. Well that was at least until I watched a live interview about John Schnatter; and his plight after he was cancelled for saying “Nigger”. I’m not sure if you guys remember my Paula Deen rant but if I can find it I’ll link it.

It’s such bullshit that white folks of today have to tread so lightly that they can’t even utter a certain word

This nigga, Mr. Schnatter founded Papa Johns and built it up into the power house it is. They became the OFFICIAL Pizza chain for the NFL! That is HUGE! So… during a conference call, he said “Nigger”. During a discussion, he said “it’s not like I said ‘nigger'”. He didn’t call anyone a nigger. He didn’t support the use of the word as a derogatory word… he said that he was being attacked as if he DID use that word towards something. The people on that phone call WANTED smoke. They leaked the call and didn’t add any context. They just said what is said in this fake headline picture that I made. And then, he was cancelled. He lost his seat at the table, and was all but ousted from the company he built with his own hands.

It’s shit like this that pisses me off! Chickfila, Snapple, The Cracker Barrel, Papa Johns, are all victims of someone saying something out of pocket about something that may or may not be true, and the result is, public outrage, boycotts and lives ruined.

Now… R. Kelly. Different story. I haven’t indulged in his tape involving him doing things with a 14 year old girl. He was prosecuted. And he’s in jail if everything is everything. Good. That’s where he belongs. HOWEVER, I have to stop listening to R. Kelly just because that niggas a pedophile? As if ya’ll didn’t know this since the early 90’s?


Let’s be clear, R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was like…. 15. He came out with a song called “Age Aint Nothin But a Number”. Dubbed himself the Pied Piper of R&B! The Pied Piper!!!!!!

People supported the marriage between Kelly and Aaliyah, because they were a “Cute couple” and Aaliyahs parents signed off on it ($$$). But SHE WAS STILL 15!!!! People were jamming the fuck out of “Age Aint Nothin But a Number”, a song where Aaliyah tries to convince the world that what her and Kelly was doing was okay, R. Kelly and Aaliyah were married in 1994. Surviving R. Kelly came out January 2019. TWENTY FOUR YEARS after all this shit, Lifetime comes out with a documentary and now ya’ll want to not only cancel R. Kelly but erase his catalog of music and ridiculous “in the closet” series from the internet and our minds! Not to mention half of the world is pretending that they NEVER listened to him in the first place!

I have a dog in this fight. Big time. Me and my boys used to bump R. Kelly jams on the way to the club. I have no idea why, but it just got us amped up to go legally convince and or seduce of-age women into going home with us. I had the “R.” album on repeat during my junior and senior years. My dad even listened to it! And I got a LOT of punani listening to R. Kelly. A LOT.

There aren’t too many people my age, and the generation before me who didn’t enjoy his music. And I’m pretty sure that whatever he did do to those underage women was horrific for them I guess…

Hearing R. Kellys music may bring about some sort of PTSD of their interactions. Because whether they were consenting… they were minors. So that’s wrong and illegal. Period. However, I bought these CD’s like… over 20 years ago. Me jamming to them now isn’t going to get R. Kelly any money. It’s not going to boost his Commissary balance. He won’t get any royalties from it. So I’m not monatarily supporting him in any way. I am however doing shit I wanna do. Which is – last I checked, my damn right.

I enjoyed R. Kellys music! Still do.

There, I said it. Though he was convicted of doing something utterly despicable, I still do. He’s in jail, where he belongs… but it doesn’t change the fact that I like the song “Hump Bounce”. It doesn’t change that a MILLION people have sang “Bump n Grind” karaoke, night after night, all over the world. That song he did with Cassidy? “Hotel” That is my SHIT! I’m not supporting pedophiles by singing a song about giving of-age women my room key so I can bone. Sorry… I’m not buying that.

Cancel Culture supports the idea of YOU, not enjoying things you enjoy because someone, somewhere has a problem with a certain person, or entity, their actions or beliefs. Stop drinking Snapple because they had a picture of a slave ship on their bottle label. They’re racists… they support the KKK. That’s what I heard, when that was going on. All bullshit. Even if it wasn’t I LOVE SNAPPLE! Fuck you! Fuck the KKK! Chickfila is anti-gay. So? In actuality, their CHRISTIAN CEO, donated money to an organization who is “anti-gay”. The Salvation Army, and a Christian athletic group. Well… they’re Christians… I wouldn’t imagine they were pro-gay, but whatever lol. Fact is, it was a lie. Yes, the CEO GAVE HIS MONEY to these charities. There was a certain group of people didn’t like which CHARITY he DONATED HIS MONEY to… so they claim Chickfila was anti-gay. Really? I have to miss out on the spicy chicken sandwich with cheese, that mac n cheese and lemonade? The waffle fries? Because ya’ll… PLEASE! NO! Stop trying to tell me what I get to consume! I’m going to START going to Papa John’s now just because of what they did to John! LoL. Maybe…

Fact is, I don’t support cancel culture. I believe in people getting their just-do. For things they actually do. And if I feel like not supporting or indulging in whatever they had to offer the world, that’s my choice. We don’t know if T.D. Jakes isn’t snorting cocaine between sermons. Or if George Clooney likes to touch little boys, or if Matthew McConaughey really feels the way his character did in Dazed and Confused”:

If any of those things came out to be true in 10 years does that mean I can’t enjoy watching Ocean’s 11 – 13? I love those movies! Or that TD Jakes didn’t change peoples lives with his ministry? Or the fact that I’ve had a legit man-crush on a pedophile for 20 years now should haunt me forever? Nah man lol. Nope!

Everything we do, support, and buy… Every church we go to, our places of employment, and our customers… They’re made up of all kinds. Your favorite drink,. The CEO of that company might be a rapist. The guy who stocked the coca-cola machine might hate Muslims. The server who is bringing you your food at The Olive Garden might sexually abuse their children. Now, of course once you find out about these things you obviously want to change your patronage. But I promise you, if we knew everything about everyone and their dirt… we would be hiding inside of our homes, curled up in a ball, scared to spend money on anything. Scared to associate with anyone or support anything. Just hiding in your home…. then you could find out the person who owns the company who built your home is the head of a human trafficking ring.

I don’t support any of this shit… the mistreating of people, underage or otherwise. But I hope you get my point.

Scream at me

4 thoughts on “Can I Still Listen to R. Kelly?: How I Feel About Cancel Culture

  1. Diana Jean says:

    I do get your point. I would never give up Chick Fil A. I eat Papa Johns and I listen to R Kelly, I didn’t get ALOT of punani though but that’s a different story lol. Anyyywayy, it boils down to your own prespectives and beliefs to certain things. We all go through stuff, mistakes and shortcomings, who are we to judge these people who are being ostracized because they made mistakes. Don’t they deserve a chance like we all do in certain level? Personally, I don’t support what these celebrities do in their personal lives. I stronly not support phedophilia. I like R Kelly’s music. I don’t support how they condem Harry Potter Author for making anti-trans comments. I still like her books. Like I mentioned to you earlier, Society punished people for behaving outside of perceived social norms. People cancel other people, shows, moviee for the things that they consider to be offensive, problematic remarks or ideologies. Some people view that collectively canceling someone creates a sense of solidarity and shows that they don’t tolerate a certain behavior. But for me, there’s a difference between canceling a type of behavior that is collectively agreed on as “bad”,”wrong” and canceling a particular person without discourse.

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  2. Shana says:

    Basically let me live my best life ffs! Lol I’m with you on this. Doesn’t make any sense to lie to yourself and be like, “nope I suddenly hate the Remix to Ignition” That’s my jam. Period.
    Everyone’s got a story some of them got really terrible shit they do and we walk passed them with no clue. Creepy but true.


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