Six Hours of “White Supremacy”

This is our house…

Ever seen a child have a temper tantrum? Maybe they were denied some ice cream, a toy or some other treat the child wanted but either didn’t deserve or otherwise just couldn’t have. They whine. They cry. They yell. They fall out on the floor, kicking and screaming. They act a complete ass until they either get their way, they get tired or until they get their asses whipped.

Seriously, this is what they looked like to me.

As we grow older, at some point we are supposed to learn that you don’t always get your way. You don’t always get what you want. And life isn’t only sometimes unfair, but it’s usually unfair. When you haven’t grown up and realized this, January 6th 2021 in our nations capital is what you get. A bunch of overgrown babies, throwing a world-class temper tantrum. And when we see that child rolling around, kicking and screaming on the floor, what do we do? Shake our heads and wish someone would beat the shit out of them.

Since we’re being children; “HE STARTED IT!”

Although he’s trying his best to deny it, and not take credit for this absolutely atrocious chain of events… Donald Trump caused it. He decided to hold a rally preaching to his mindless followers that this election was stolen from him and his Vice President, Mike Pence had the power to overturn it so his tempter tantrum could end, and him and his band of closet racist followers could continue showing their true colors for another four years.

And honestly… I don’t like throwing around the word “racist”. At home I joke about racism all the time. But when I’m being serious I try my best to hold that word for absolute times. Well, the terrorist faction which stormed our nations capital that day showed in major part that they were mostly, not only terrorists, criminals and anti-America, but also without question, racists. There were also a small minority who were just there to be part of history. Idiots in my opinion, but at least they weren’t there beating up on police officers.

Your average white supremacist is nothing new. Since colonial times, they saw it fit to harm, con and ostracize anyone who wasn’t like them or who they felt were weak. That day, even though several them held Blue Line flags, and furthermore, some were actual law enforcement officers; it was the police who were the weak ones. They saw a situation to where they outnumbered local law enforcement and had the upper hand for the time being; and took advantage of it.

Officer Harry Dunn says it all on an interview with Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas

I hope you watched that video. I sat my kids down in front of a documentary which aired on HULU back in January called “24 Hours: Assault on the Capitol”. It was detailed, it was informative and it was extremely eye-opening. To see the contrast between the police presence when theres knowledge of a BLM or otherwise Black-driven protest versus this group. Plenty of us knew there was going to be an uprising. Hell, it was on the news about how businesses were boarding up due to the threats and the posts about what would happen if Trump didn’t win!

The NOOSE outside of the capitol. Looks like a certain group of people haven’t changed.

These people felt like they had the right to do what they did. Just listen to the things they say to reporters. The things they say to the cameras, the things they posted on their social media while inside and the things they said to our People in Blue and the politicians inside. The things they chanted, “Stop the Steal” implying that no matter what the polls said about the election, the presidency belonged to them. “Hang Mike Pence!”. Implying that they felt like judge, jury and executioner for those who they felt kept their precious president from getting elected again. There were people there who even stated they were looking for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. No matter how you view her politics, feel about her as a person, or even think about her appearance should have no bearing on what you feel like you have the right to do to her if given the chance.

Everyone has the right to protest their cause in America. But we all know what happened. For six hours, this mob of thug-like terrorists carried out a planned attack on our nations capitol, our democracy, our laws and law enforcement and our way of life. Screaming to the top of their lungs their illusion of their supremacy. Their ownership and their birthrights. They came geared up for a fight, and fight they did while they had the upper hand. But when the smoke cleared and charges started getting filed for the very real laws they had all broken; they, just like their leader showed that they were basically all just cowards. Running, lying and making excuses for what they did.

This guy is not someone to pattern yourselves after. And like I said over five years ago in Trump: The Average American (a blog where I played devils advocate on the issue of him becoming president) He may not be someone who is suited to be president, but he isn’t too dissimilar to your average (white) American… aside from the money. And it shows, with his followership. Anyone who feigns to be the leader of the free world, but goes on TV calling a beauty pageant winner who gained weight “Miss Piggy” or Native American women “Pocahontas” or Stormy Daniels “Horseface” should have their head checked. That is not someone who needs to be in an esteemed office. Our highest office! A supposed role model for our children. Our kids would be put in detention for behaving this way in grade school but his supporters laugh and applaud when he, the Commander in Chief does it. The guy who has control of our entire military… come on.

During the attack, people pleaded with Trump to put a word out to this mob he started; to ask them to stand down and condemn their behavior. Since… you know, they didn’t start until he told them to; perhaps they’d stop. Among these people were his advisors and family. He finally decided to put something out over twitter. Which of course didn’t help, then a while later he put out a video address. Which also did nothing. This car had no brakes at this point. But it was funny during his speech everything was “we” this and “we” that. But his punk ass wasn’t out there storming the capitol. Just a bunch of his idiots. If he really felt like this was the right thing to do, he would’ve been out there front and center. Or.. at least at the back of the pack. But no, he was back at the white house, chillin. For years we have had our disagreements (we military folks) on whether you lead from the front or lead from the rear. This dude was trying to lead from a chair. Three miles away lol.

I really hope they lock up every one of those idiots and charge them for criminal trespassing, disturbing the peace, felony destruction of government property, and assaulting officers of the law… to start. Years in prison. Make an example of these assholes. Like it’s been said many times before now… if they were black, they’d be dead. I tend to agree. So jail really would be, them getting off light.

Scream at me

If you defend this nonsense, you and I are NOT cool.

4 thoughts on “Six Hours of “White Supremacy”

  1. Diana Jean says:

    I just wonder how people in the rest of the world see us now, watching this. January 6, 2021 will go down to history and it’s very disappointing. That day was not just a rally. That was a postelection venting that will achieve no more than stoking a lame duck’s ego at a terrible cost to many. Forgetting that we are still in this COVID-19 Pandemic. And I wonder how many of those many Black Lives Matter participants felt after seeing what happened that day in the Capitol? After they faced brutal pushbacks from law enforcement. The irony? The huge difference? Yes life isn’t fair. And it will never be. Those idiots who stormed the Capitol, acted like a toddler, who didn’t get what he wanted.
    And this is type of behavior and entitlement starts from home. What would you do when your inside a store and your child starts crying because he wanted a toy and you told him NO!?

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