Me, Me, Me.

“Robert Lovelle Rooks” on 3.

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself; didn’t we just read all about you, you, you! Sort of, but that was just me, from 2020. This short little blurp is just about me. Period. Here in my 40th year on earth, I decided to start out by listing a few fun facts about myself before I got along with what a few people and of course I believe are thought-provoking BLOG topics this year.

We’ll start with the easy stuff.

I was born in Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Tx. on 19SEP1981. I was a military brat, so I learned to love travel at an early age because it wasn’t an option. I went to a few different elementary schools. A couple middle schools, and one high school. General H.H. Arnold High School in Wiesbaden, Germany. Otherwise known as Wiesbaden High School.

I’ve been to over 25 countries, I’ve lived in over 10 U.S. states and I’ve been married and divorced once. I have five children. I’m an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Air Force and The Texas Army National Guard. I’m an Award-Winning Author of six novels and am an experienced Aviation Maintenance Professional. Toot-toot.

My Favorite…:

Song: This is kind of hard, so I will break it down

Music has always been a big deal to me. I enjoyed experiencing it and creating it. This was a picture of me at a middle school Jazz band performance.
  • HipHop – “Runnin'” by The Pharcyde
  • Rock/Alternative – “Hey” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Pop – “What is Love” by Haddaway (I don’t care who knows, DAMMIT!)
  • Gospel – “Sweet Spirit” by Kirk Franklin
  • Country – “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts (I don’t care if you don’t consider them country)
  • Non-English Song lol – “Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko” – Midnight Meetings version
  • Favorite Song – Norwegian Wood – Herbie Hancock version

Food: Also not so cut and dry

  • American – Big ole juicy, messy cheeseburger
  • German – Wiener Schnitzel mit bratkartoffeln
  • Mexican – fish tacos
  • Italian – Any type of noodle with alfredo sauce
  • Indian – Veggie paneer curry
  • Filipino – Pansit bihon
  • Korean – Bibimbap
  • Arab – Tabouleh with falafel
  • Favorite Food – An American breakfast surrounded by some type of egg dish. I will eat scrambled cheese eggs with jelly toast and some orange juice at any time of the day, any day in any country.


Purple. Why? I’m not sure. I just know that all my life, it’s been my favorite color. I don’t have a lot of purple clothes. I look terrible when I wear it, I’ve never painted a car purple. However, I rented a house with a purple door one time… and it was the main reason why I did it. It’s a royal color, and not typical of men to like. I think I’ve enjoyed both of those things as well.


“A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. Before I start, I will not say I whether I think the book was better than the movie. I was pleased my entire life that there was never a movie adaptation. Then some asshole decided it was needed and I avoided watching it for a year. Let’s just say I hate it when people feel the need to say a book was better than the movie. NO SHIT! A movie idea comes from the book, it would be a hard task to make it better than. I read this and many of Madeleine L’Engle’s other books as an elementary and middle schooler. Before I became somewhat of a cynic. Either way, this and all the books I read by her were phenomenal. I love how she carried some of the same characters through different stories even if the books weren’t technically related or continuations. She was my favorite author until I picked up Nora Roberts books, and then…


…I read a book by David Baldacci. He’s been my favorite author for a few years now. I absolutely hate it when the authors that I personally know list themselves as their favorite author. That’s… beyond cheesy. Mr. Baldacci’s books are well thought out with hard-hitting action and information that leads one to think he’s a CIA spook himself.


  • Adult: The Boondocks (Runners up: Archer, Big Mouth)
  • Childhood: Ren And Stimpy
When I wasn’t watching any of these movies, cartoons or shows, I always found myself pretty entertaining too.


  • Adult: Scrubs
  • Childhood: Air Wolf


The Breakfast Club (I know, why not Jerry Maguire???)


Tom Cruise (Runners Up: Matthew McConaughey and Denzel Washington

Sandra Bullock (Runners up: Megan Good and Scarlett Johansen)


Den Haag (The Haag) in The Netherlands. It was like the perfect combination of the place I grew up (Europe) and my home (Austin).


Texas. Duh.


Germany. GASP! I love America, and it’s my home. But… I grew up in Germany, and let’s face it… MOST things, Germany does better than America. Now, I never lived there as an adult, but as a child I had the freedom of an adult. My parents DID care about my safety, they just knew Germany was a tad bit safer than America. Probably even still is.

When I was a kid I…:

Someone didn’t comb their hair that day. But rest assured, my father told me to.
  • Was skinny as hell
  • Played the drums
  • Played the piano
  • Played trombone
  • Played Varsity Tennis
  • Lost my virginity at 15 to a 19 year old German girl
  • Wanted to be a fighter pilot when I grew up
  • Wanted to be a race car driver when I grew up
  • Wanted to be a writer when I grew up
  • Said I would never spank my kids
  • Read a lot
  • Had only 1 or less friend at a time
  • Listened to nothing but Jazz and Gospel music
  • Talked to myself more than any one person should.

Random Questions:

What are you afraid of?

  • Being forgotten.
  • My children being failures (yes, there is such a thing)
  • GOD not being as understanding as I believe GOD to be.

What is your favorite season?

Autumn. One, because I like to call it “autumn” instead of “fall. Two, because the weather is usually fine to do whatever outside… no matter where you are. Leaves changing color, bird migrations, overcast skies… there’s just so much good about it. Not sure why everyone’s favorite season isn’t Autumn.

What is your biggest dream for your future?

Doing that Single Parent thang for Christmas 2018

My children being successful, healthy and happy. Coming to visit me and my wife on my one acre of land where I have either the BEST manufactured home, or a decently priced single-unit house that’s big enough for all of us, and at least 5 paid off cars outside. Leaving it only when I chose to… to do things like travel, attend recitals and graduations, eat out, literary events and car shows.

What makes you happy?

Seeing the people I care bout smile. Namely my kids. Oh… and having an insanely fast motorcycle in my garage.

What makes you sad or unhappy?

How dumb people are, and the opposite of everything in the previous section. I don’t want to see my friends or family not happy. It breaks my heart when I see my children cry. And whenever I sell a motorcycle for WHATEVER reason… yea. Its a tough day. Those times when I’m… motorcycleless And I hear them screaming down the highway… you could fill a real bathtub with the invisible tears I cry.

What do you regret? Another list lol

It kills me when people say they have no regrets. Either you just don’t give a shit about the things you’ve done in your life, or you are a lying sack of shit. At the same time, regret can be a conundrum. Like when I say I regret marrying my ex wife, does that mean I regret my children? Because thats where they (at least three of them) come from. But I do. I regret not putting more thought into I married and had kids with . I regret letting myself gain so much weight. I regret some of the jobs I’ve quit, bridges I’ve burned by doing so. I regret the ONE time I’ve every physically harmed a woman… not because she wasn’t trying to kill me at the time and didn’t deserve it, but because my daughter saw it. Just because we live with our mistakes, and can move past them, doesn’t mean we don’t regret them.

So, there are a few things about me. While I finish this up at church, a place where I spent most of my time as a child; I hope you understand me a little bit more… learned something about me or at least were entertained somehow lol.

I’ll get back to blogging up stuff now.

Scream at me.

10 thoughts on “Me, Me, Me.

  1. Diana Jean says:

    Thanks for sharing more about you!! I like how you put it together. I do agree with what you said about you don’t agree when people say they have nothing to regret about. From time to time we should look at ourselves, make time to reflect about our lives, our actions either good or bad. Self-awareness is a great thing. It gives us chance to do better 😉. I would love to visit Netherland and visit your favorite City. Robert, You are a good Father. Remember that always! 💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      The Haag was great! I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I’d like but I loved everyminute of it. And that’s saying a lot because I can usually always find something to complain about. Hope you make it back out to The Netherlands!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Lia Rooks says:

    Good read. I learned some stuff, and I remembered some stuff. I forget sometimes that you’re a pretty interesting dude that people besides myself might actually like. I’m glad you’re my uncle!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Momma T says:

    I would say this is a drop the 🎤 read PERIOD!

    Food for thought. “You are an amazing father. Your love for your kids are unconditional and endless. You praise as well as discipline when necessary this is what all kids need”.

    Keep doing you they will truly appreciate it one day.

    Love you more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Fallon says:

        Awww, I miss my friend. Just wanted to make sure you and your family are doing okay during this winter weather. My prayers are with you all!

        Liked by 1 person

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