The End is Nigh

…Our World is Fucked… You See it, Right?

For the most part, at least in my eyes, pedophilia is and always has been a terrible, and despicable thing. From the concept, the thought of it and of course the actions and behavior. When mentioned in the same breath as homosexuality, and bestiality it is always called an extreme. I tend to agree, however there was a time homosexuality itself was an extreme and an outlandish idea, even though… homosexuality has just been a major thing for many, MANY people just kept under wraps. From what I understand it still is… don’t know why, from what I see it’s a pretty good time to be gay. Or at least better than it used to be. Anyway, I mentioned that to say that since #LoveWins and other trending notions and movements have gained their ground and made their point, every weirdo who thinks what they do is okay is coming out of the word work because… obviously life is a fucking free-for-all now. But I bet, nine times out of ten, at least publicly any LGBTQ supporter or fanatic would say they think these movements should be geared towards… consenting adults. However, as of late, sexuality has been looked at as a thing which should have no age limit.

Children as young as 5 (and probably younger) have been lauded and otherwise encouraged to delve into their own sexuality.. Not only that, but to determine what their sexual makeup is and their gender, and hell… go ahead and START fucking as well! Why not? You’re gonna do it someday, right? You’re gonna learn someday! Why wait?

After this guy “killed himself” the shit hit the fan

Now, here we are, the year that changed everything for everyone: 2020 pedophilia is finally being brought to the forefront. And it’s sickening to see how many people are wanting it… who have been WAITING for it. Been waiting to have a big and bold and powerful enough support base to be able to face the world with such a disgusting standpoint. Laws are being proposed to lesson the penalties… or otherwise eradicate long-lasting legal penalties for what we once knew as statutory rape/sex offenders with a minor.

Senate Bill 145 (SB145) was signed by California Gov. G. Newsom this month to basically do this:

If you’re 14 years of age, and you have sex with anyone up to the age of 24 and IF convicted of sex (statutory rape) with said 14 year old minor, the discretion is left up to the judge to mandate the accused to register as a sex offender. Now, this is very technical and a seemingly minor amendment. However… this is just the beginning. Who would’ve thought that if a 26 year old were convicted of statutory rape because of sex with a little 16 year old that he or she wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender! This may not be the nail in the coffin of the ending of all decency on earth, but its definitely a huge step in that direction, and I believe its only the beginning.

I must admit, I was one of the many who saw this poster and went on a rant without watching the movie.

Then you have movies like Cuties. People like me have always taken issue with shit like this. You can go on to Youtube, or even to your cousins facebook page and see them posting videos of their young daughters doing and saying things that would most likely be deemed risque by an otherwise responsible adult; yet its being played off as cute. But when Netflix does it… people kinda see it for what it is. I HATE speaking on things that I haven’t experienced or are not completely read in on so… GULP, I’m gonna go watch it right now. smh… be back .

OK… as I suspected, myself and what I would think are at least hundreds of thousands of other people saw a poster, saw a trailer and saw some other opinions then decided to denounce this movie. Is it hard to watch? Eh, at some parts, yes. Does it have some inappropriate shit? Hell yes, it does. Is it a film which encourages pedophilia and… you know, shit like that? In my opinion, no. First of all… I can’t put myself in the mind of a pedophile. But just like I said about rape, I can’t put myself in their shoes or thoughts either but from what I’ve seen, rapists don’t need reasons to be rapists. Theyre not sexual vigilantes that go and take womens vaginas because the women were dressed… “improperly” or “out too late” or doing anything that society loves to tell women they shouldn’t do in order to keep from being raped. No… rapist just rape. They don’t require you to do anything special, or wrong or right. Same with pedophiles I imagine. You think pedophiles were just waiting for this movie to come out in order to sexualize little girls? You think they needed tight pants, twerking and lip-licking? No… they’re just sick fucks who would try to touch a little girl even if she was wearing bell-bottoms and a turtleneck! Stop.

If you think your daughter isn’t somewhere trying on makeup, trying to act/dance cute, sassy and mimicking shit she sees all these tramps on TV do, you’re high. Not being able to watch a movie depicting it says more about YOU than it does Netflix

Cuties was an art-imitating-life eye-opener. Well… it wasn’t all eye-opening. I’m 39 years old, I know girls are stupid. I know girls are mean. I know they take after the WORST influences in most cases. They want to be like the girls they see on TV and social media. They want to grow up too fast. They’re ignorant and looking for acceptance in all the wrong places. And the little Muslim girl? LoL. Come on, we all know the religious ones with the most restrictions turn out to be the worst ones. Sorry, not sorry. But what parts of that movie did we NOT get enraged at? Not the VERY real practices of Muslim girls (or girls from other traditional cultures) being considered WOMEN when they have their period, and then being taught after that their sole purpose is to get married have babies and serve their husbands! To accept additional wives whenever their husband sees fit. Babies, food marriage. That’s it.

If all we were mad at was girls dancing provocatively, people would’ve banned French Montana and all the videos of these little Ugandan kids dancing and having fun.

Oh my GOD, or THIS song/video from my childhood? Who remembers The Puppies?

Why wasn’t anyone mad about the depiction of the so-called men in the film? All these girls had a lack of male attention in their lives. ANYWAY, we got people out there boycotting netflix and it’s quite simple: either people have questions about their own sexuality, and common decency or they simply didn’t watch the film. Plus, its French, you gotta consider the source! Anyway…

As of June 2020 (considering they started in May 2020) the Great State of Texas alone has seen over 41 protests. And the ones in Austin, Houston and Dallas often turned into riots in my opinion. Many people think they all started because of George FLoyd. Which leads me to believe, those who think this are either fucking retarded or have had their eyes closed… hmm, I’ll say all their lives! If you’re American and you don’t know or worse, deny that black folks are treated in a substandard manner relative to their white counterparts then I don’t know what to say… Kill yourself? I know it’s harsh, but you’re sleep-walking through life anyway, why not just end it now?

One thing I do like to see is the mixture of people
out at these pro-riots (thats my new word).
That in itself says a lot.

But seriously, as the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “a riot is the language of the unheard.” I’m certain, just like myself, Dr. King didn’t really condone rioting, but he understood! He understood the causality. He knew why they were doing it and understood their frustration.

The fact that our country has to be divided on so many things really kills me. I’m disappointed in a lot of white folks for trying to act like the shit doesn’t exist. I’m very disappointed in black folks for putting us all in a position to be laughed at and not taken seriously, like this Breonna issue. I don’t wish death on anyone (except pedophiles and rapists and mass murders, sorry). Cops, people who engage in… some criminal activity. I mean, everyone is supposed to have their day in court in this country, right? But as soon as America finds out that a nigga who got shot by the cops either resisted, had a criminal record, or slapped his momma in the face when he was 5 years old, they automatically dismiss everything and rejoice at having “a reason” for him or her to be dead! It’s ridiculous, you want to know who the real racists are in this country? Go visit Ben Shapiro’s Facebook page, and just look at any of his casual, racially-themed posts and read the comments and the memes. Unapologetic racism in black and white.

I respect this guy; the annoyiong one taking the video. I feel that.

At the same time, you can’t take niggas nowhere. And since I happen to share a skin tone with niggas, I get lumped in with all of them so everyone is fighting everyone! We have some decent white people who are out there protesting along side us, and you got niggas out there shooting up businesses, and killing business owners in the process. Not sure how that screams “stop killing us”.

Not sure how people have come so desensitized to these things… at the same time, what can we do about: People killing their helpless and defenseless kids!?!? I just wanna throw up my lunch every time I hear about someone shooting their babymomma, and their kids then themselves in the head. I’m like… JUST kill yourself! Fuck did that baby do to you? And this is happening WAY too often! What is wrong with people?

In our country, our politics are a complete joke. We treat the presidential election like it’s THE most important thing out there, when really we need to focus on our local and state government, PLUS our senators and congressmen/women. Democrats and Republicans are like gang members, forgetting that they are supposed to be two sides of the same coin…. not two completely different coins.. of different currency! They’ve all forgotten that we’re all Americans. And since they’ve forgotten, people have forgotten, or otherwise lost their way. I see people who absolutely can’t even be friends due to political affiliation. As if being a republican is going to make your utility bill any higher or lower than being a democrat. THESE are the everyday persons problems. Not an embargo with Iran. Or a gas pipeline in a foreign country. No one seems concerned with problems and concerns for real Americans. The things the middle and lower class go through every day. We have forgotten how to make our government work for us, like they’re supposed to be. They are all up there, making decisions that are going to set them and their families up for lifetimes to come, while we are down here bickering about far right and far left values, who shouldn’t want to vote for whom etc. Not sure when people will realize none of them really give a damn about us. Mike Jackson tried to tell ya’ll that back in the 90s! Hell, so did Tom Petty about ten years ago. Anyway!

I think in this year alone, I have seen more things come out of nowhere that are supposed to kill everyone on earth its not even funny. Of course, COVID19 won, overall. And even though most people do doubt its seriousness, there are still enough easily-led hypochondriacs to keep the feeding frenzy alive. The government and media couldn’t do it alone. There was still a public outcry. Enough to spark yet another division between us all. Mask vs. No-mask.

I had one guy that I’ve known since high school straight up question my intelligence simply because I didn’t fall in line with the mask bullshit. Just imagine how strangers go at it. I have already beat this COVID crap to death in SARS-COV-2, A Novel Idea and Death and Taxes so I won’t go into it. But I think it’s pretty obvious. The world as a whole is getting a bit shittier every day. And though we still may be living our lives rather okay, for the most part… look at what has happened to us just this year. They’ve shown how easy it is to just take all our liberties away. With little to no proof or a reason why it’s being done.

They took our right to leave the country away. Some people couldn’t even leave their homes. In some countries they instituted a legit curfew. That wouldn’t fly too well in a lot of places in The U.S. We see more killing than anyone should see… ever, it’s like our country is a fucking warzone.

Human trafficking… I would say its at an all time high but that’s a lie. Now that there is seemingly more eyes on it, I would be forced to think that we’ve already passed by the higher numbers, now human traffickers have to be a lot more careful than they used to be. It’s really sick out there. Look at all the people involved. Every color, BOTH genders… young, old… Our world is fucked. And if the end isn’t nigh, how bad does it have to get? The average person thinks there’s nothing they can do to help make things better so… What’s the name of the game? Just survive in a shitty world til we die?

Scream at me

8 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. Cami says:

    Wow!! I totally thought we weren’t going to see eye to eye but i have to say that you hit the nail on the head with the pedophile/Curties issue. I’m like y’all DO KNOW that pedophiles have the entire internet to go find what they want to see right, this one movie on Netflix isn’t going to suddenly make more pedophiles nor will it drive them over the edge more than what they are already capable of obtaining.
    I am also in agreement about non POC saying that POC aren’t treated differently or that there is no such thing as racism in today’s world. It’s infuriating, especially when it’s family. Good job on this one as always Rooks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Thanks for the addition. I really had no idea there were states that had the legal age THAT fucking low! It’s sick. Instead of protesting against netflix, people need to be kicking their lawmakers asses! Thanks for reading and commenting, Cindy!


  2. aubrasmithson says:

    Unfortunately this culture we’re creating for the future generations is only one that will pain and suffering. Why can’t we just go back to teaching kids right from wrong, whoop those little booties when they need it, and teach them respect, morals, and values? This world has lost all respect for human life…from the womb on up. Decency. Law and order. Lord knows the list goes on and on.
    Sure little girls are sneaking around playing in makeup and dancing in their bedrooms to crazy music, as they always have. The problem today is…there are no limits. They haven’t been taught to respect themselves enough to not show their asses in public (and this goes for boys as well) and act with dignity. This behavior is encouraged. Its laughed at. Its recorded. Its posted…where the encouragement continues.
    Nobody cares about others or if the feelings of others are hurt by their actions. (I’m not talking about the “offended” type of snowflake hurt) In general this next generation is being taught that basic decency is no longer a standard. What you want is the standard, no matter the consequences. When you have a world full of people looking out for themselves only…what else but chaos would ensue? The “greater good” is lost to this generation. Sadly the laws will continue to be stretched…just a little further than the last one…until there isn’t even a shred of life as we know it left. Cuties, and as you know, I have not seen it, in my eyes is just another way to push those limits. I dont have the stomach to watch it, and you know my reasons, but it doesn’t matter what is in it, its open, public, sexualization of children. I dont care who you are or what you believe…children need to be left out of it all! They have zero business being pushed into roles where they are scantily clad and playing parts of sexual characters. Leave the babies alone and find different content. There are plenty of way to gain shock value, but when you utilize children for it, its a no go in my book. 🤷‍♀️ Sorry that was long. Lol


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Though you and I disagree on this movie (even though you havent watched it lol) we don’t disagree on the current state of the world, and what’s appropriate and not. I wish more people would get together around the things they DO agree on and work on plans to fix real issues going on.
      As always, thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. Ashlee Storey says:

    Mr Rooks, I have been a long time silent subscriber. Since THE END IS NIGH, I shall be silent NO MORE.
    I love this blog… I live for this blog..ok maybe not live but it’s the shit. Despite a 10 year age difference I agree with most of your viewpoints. So much I went so far to quote you from the” No body likes you/ You’re just too honest ” post to some of the haters in my life.
    Also used some key points on your views about Race to check my mom ( I use the word check VERY loosely). Im a 30 year old biracial woman and got the shock of my life when I realized my white mother is pretty much an undercover racist despite having 2 biracial children, 2 different baby daddies each of 2 different races ..tha fuck ??!! Anyway Lets not get into that today ! Smh
    So in conclusion I just want to put some Respekt on your name cuz You’re awesone and I appreciate the space you made here for all of us “ASS HOLES” —-Ashlee


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      I would be lying if I said I DIDN’T take a screen shot of this comment and share it on my Whatsapp story when I woke up this morning.
      I really appreciate your kind words and you generally enjoying my writing and ranting. This is off topic, but I feel I need to say to you, I’ve thought about quitting this several times this year. We all know life beats us down, we get discouraged and uninspired but… your comment was everything. Isn’t it something to know your words and thoughts can affect someone, somewhere without even knowing it? I’m honored that something I’ve written has helped you; and even on more than one occasion! And thanks for finally breaking that silence! LoL, sometimes a boy wants to know he’s reaching/helping someone. So, GOD bless you and thanks for reading and commenting!

      -I’ll get back to being an asshole now lol


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