SARS-CoV-2, a Novel Idea

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Coronavirus 2, COViD-19, Or as our fearless leader, D.J. Trump calls it, “The Chinese Virus” is by far one of the biggest disturbances of our lives, seeing as how it has been branded and marketed as a widespread pandemic.  You know… even though, just like influenza, it’s an infectious disease caused by a virus which can have mild to severe symptoms.


There was 9-11.  There was the EBOLA virus.  There’s El Nino, global warming and all that.  But as far as this non-impressive “pandemic” goes… it’s the first thing I have seen to affect every single country on earth.  Some catastrophes affect only one region or country. They’re localized problems.  Like hurricane Katrina for the gulf coast of America, Boko Haram kidnapping 200 school girls, Super Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines, The Gorkha Earthquake of Nepal… These catastrophes, either manmade or natural affect large amounts of people, and were terrible, but never did they shake the entire world like this.  This issue has made different and conflicting governments get on the same page.  About what though?


20200321_091029As I continue to go through my life as usual for the past three weeks or so:  Taking flights, going to work.  Blowing my nose constantly.  I’ve noticed, we as a human race have more or less come together about: Cleanliness.  Personal space. Personal hygiene.  At work, there’s a sign, teaching us how to fight off this pandemic… and it’s just things we were all (or at least all of us should have been) taught as elementary schoolers!

So what is the big deal with this particular virus that isn’t anywhere near as scary as Swine Flu or EBOLA?

Let’s take a high road:  The world leaders really do want to stop this from becoming an ACTUAL pandemic, and are taking measures to do just that.  Well, dammit!  Kudos! It’s great that you kept the kids safe from the germ factories they visit every day (schools) and closed down some of the local watering holes and eatery spots.  Or at least limited their operations.  I’ve noticed because of this, some organizations and businesses are showing a little compassion by letting people defer payments for bills, giving away food and masks and whatnot.  It’s good to see, people pulling together even though you have a select few who come to selfishly hoard and stockpile things they don’t need, in fear of being without?  So to people like that it’s SCREW everyone else… I need 28 pounds of ground beef and 122 rolls of double ply! People…



On the low road, there’s the chance that none of this was real. The coronavirus was and is a control device put in place to institute a state of mass hysteria, desperation and dependence. Whether the end goal would be to indoctrinate us further or to put us in FEMA camps, or just to have us under some sort of martial law, you gotta admit… they’ve picked a great way to do it and it’s already started.  Curfews?  Like, why do we need COVID-19 curfews?  Does the virus only spread at night?

There are even those of us who question whether any of this is real.  I mean… how many of you know anyone who contracted the virus?  How about know someone WHO KNOWS someone?  Anybody?

So with all that being said, on one hand I’m skeptical because who knows the validity of all this?  I mean… I’m not saying that our governments would LIE to all of us now would they?  Of course they would lol, but at the same time it is definitely interesting to see the human behaviors this thing has triggered.  There are a LOT of paranoid motherfuckers out there.  Also, there are a lot of caring people. There are some who are indifferent and there are some who think it’s a joke.

We see with this event how quickly things can escalate.  I’m honestly surprised people haven’t started looting yet. As I end this short rant, I would like to go on record saying I 34978_86902_479_feed_my_people_food_bank_Volunteers_at_Longfellowthink this whole thing is bullshit.  However, if it isn’t the government has done the right thing.  Actually, maybe they didn’t do enough of the right thing.  Maybe they should’ve just locked EVERYTHING down til they got a hold of this. But we are Americans… I think we need to be guided slowly into situations like that.  Could you imagine, life as it normally is then one day we turn around and we are LOCKED DOWN IN OUR HOMES?  There would be chaos. But either way, it’s nice to see people’s true colors, even if the cause of all this isn’t as true as it seems.


Scream at me




As I stated in a live video that NO ONE watched a few days ago, (o.k. 4 people watched, but still) it will be nice to see if people take their freedoms and their lives more seriously after having so much taken away.

3 thoughts on “SARS-CoV-2, a Novel Idea

  1. Brandi says:

    Robert..great blog this month!! I have wondered myself a few things like the weird alignment of these “incidents” and “pandemics” right around election time. I have also wondered if I’m not feeding into the hysteria like everyone else enough, since I haven’t been paying too much attention to it all. It all boils down to basic hygiene that we were (or should have been) taught in kindergarten..STAY OUT OF PEOPLES FACES AND WASH YOUR HANDS!!


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      There’s ALWAYS something like this on election year! That’s true! And yes… basic hygiene and awareness. You have no idea how many times I’ve seen adults just coughing and sneezing into open air like no one else has to breath the shit! LoL

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Brandi!


  2. Farrah says:

    Hey boy hey!

    Who knows if all this is bs? Only time will tell. Since people started creating memes and freaking out, I’ve said there are far more significant underlying events taking place. The governments are using this to see just how much power they do hold over the vast majority. Clearly, they hold a lot. They’re using this “new” virus which has actually been around for a while as a scare tactic! It’s been around long enough for our cleaning supplies to have it listed on the bottles…ummm helllllur IDIOTS!!!! Yeah, so what? It’s a new strain…

    On the contrary, biblical prophecies are seemingly being fulfilled during this dramatic time. This includes but is not limited to: a peace treaty being drafted between the two of the most known feuding powers in the Middle East (Israel and Palestine), people being confined to their homes afraid to leave, and the mark of the beast is being created in more tactively lucrative ways.

    It’s overwhelming to think about all this at times. However, if the end of the world as we know it is near, I’ll gladly go on to be with our girl!!!! Maybe we could celebrate her 3rd birthday in Heaven!! 🧡💜👼🦋

    Take care of yourself.


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