Rooks’ 2019

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This year, just like every other year, I started with such optimism. I will spare you all the details of what precisely  I was doing when the clock struck midnight but I will say… 2019 started with a bang. I didn’t start 2019 in a foreign country like I did several of the years leading up to this one, but I did start this year somewhere strange. LoL

OK, I’m done. But seriously, it’s just such a major contrast to see the mindset and disposition I had back in January to now. At times I want to look back and say: Fuck. This. Year. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Especially after the crap I went through in 2018… 2019 was a fantastic year!

As per usual, (Rooks’ 2018 [Year End Blog] , Rooks’ 2017 [Year End Blog] , etc.) I will be telling you, the reader, about my year in the following sections:

-Travel: Places I’ve traveled to this year.

-Food: Things I’ve cooked and or eaten this year.

-Me With: People I have been captured in pictures with this year.

-Writing: Stuff I’ve written this year/made plans to write/literary accomplishments

-Resolution/Rant: What I plan to do, and general reflections from this year.

And since I have nothing left to say other than to the few people who have actually been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t been blogging; I’m sorry. I honestly don’t have a good excuse. But with this Y.E.B. and the few blogs that I have planned for next month and on, I’m certain you’ll wonder why or how you ever missed me in the first place lol! Here we go.



One of five million Uber rides to work this year.

Soon after the year started, I found myself in Toronto, Ont. Canada. Canada, a country I’ve never been to; beckoned in the form of a well sought-after job opportunity. After several weeks of training, and locale familiarization, I managed to get myself placed on 3rd shift and virtually left alone to do my thing. Just how I like it. I’d go in for my eleven to seven shift and seeing as how I was the only person there who actually chose the shift, I was more often than not, the only person there at those times to do what I did. After going in and asserting myself, a respectful work relationship, uncommon to contractors was established and I enjoyed my time there at work.

I did not however enjoy the weather. From the moment I stepped off the plane and went


through an extremely humiliating and tedious immigration process, I walked outside to -10° C. This is not the type of life I’m trying to live. I’m from Texas, where we are no stranger to Christmas’ wearing shorts due to 70° F weather.

Once I had talked myself out of turning back around and catching the next plane home, I realized that if cold was all I had to deal with, I might as well deal with it. Besides, the bastards never stamped my passport, so I needed to experience Canada some sort of way.

Kids at the theatre for Avengers: Endgam

After I was there for a couple months, I flew home to get my kids for one of my weekends. The trip was pretty much centered around the new Avengers movie coming out. It was sort of a big deal for us. I bought the tickets for the movie weeks before I bought my plane tickets lol!

We didn’t just go to see the movie, we came as part of the movie. It was a fantastic visit, and great distraction from the fact that I hadn’t seen them much the past 3 months. I was set to return just over a month later to pick them up for the summer. For the past 3 years, the summer is my favorite time of the year. Forty-two consecutive days with just me and my babies.

This year, I managed to find a loophole in border laws between The U.S. and Canada. On one of my many trips across the Niagara Falls

border. I generally inquired about bringing my under-aged, non-passported children into Canada for a visit. Upon the good news, I rejoiced all the way into Niagara Fally, New York and began making plans for our summer! I’m sure those close to me remember my excitement.

Our Summer Video. Feel lucky I´m sharing this with you.

The best part of my time in Canada started when I got up there with the kids. We didn’t do anything major every day we were up there, but the kids had a great time. So much so, that even now in December I still hear about Canada daily. The CN Tower, and poutine among the top topics. Olivia loves her some poutine. Ordered it everywhere we went.

Wilson and Dubray ave., Downsview, Ontario, Canada

Also while I was up there I was diagnosed with a very serious condition. It’s called I’m-Tired-of-Everyone-Riding-their-Motorcycles-but-Me… syndrome. It causes one to have great anxiety and jealousy and sadness simultaneously whenever the sound of passing motorcycles are heard. The cause is having owned and rode motorcycles in the past, then abruptly being forced to get rid of them. The only cure for this very serious condition is to buy a motorcycle. Preferably a very fast and loud one. So I did. And I’m cured. I’m cured, ya’ll! And 1. I’ve finally hit 300 kph. btw. 2. I can guarantee you I was in a controlled environment and 3. I had on all my safety gear. One of those three statements is not true. You can figure that one out for yourself.

I only experienced a small portion of Canada. Ontario is the only state/province I’ve been to, and I only saw; Toronto, everything along the drive to Niagara Falls and on the way out, everything west of Toronto on the way to Michigan.

Even though Canada is obviously a completely different country, it was very similar to being home. So much so, the little differences seemed like the biggest deals. Like… the usage of the metric system. We are, the only people on earth who still use imperial to my knowledge. And as a card-carrying American, I can’t say I don’t like that fact. We aren’t

At work {The one time I had to wear a t-shirt to work… laundry day}

everyone else, so why behave like them? No matter how much more sense it makes!!!!! MERICA!

One thing I didn’t like AT ALL, again, no matter how smart it was; plastic bags were a commodity. You go to Metro (a grocery store) or to Wal-Mart (yes, there’s wal-mart there) or anywhere to shop, you most likely were going to have to add how many plastic bags you consumed with your new belongings to your total because they were going to charge you for them. Five cents a bag. Don’t bother asking me how much that is, because that’s not the point. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR PLASTIC BAGS! Every time I went shopping, I either took my ‘earth friendly’ tote bags or my back pack. I gotdamn refuse to pay for plastic bags. Which… is the point. They want to cut down on usage of plastic. That is a GREAT way to go about it. Because it’s a ‘no’ for me dawg.

Canada was VERY vegetarian friendly. There weren’t too many places one could go eat without seeing vegetarian and even vegan options. So, when everyone was impressed with Burger King coming out with the “Impossible Whopper”, I find it a whopping disappointment that this wasn’t made possible before now. Every fast food joint up there either had the impossible patty, the “Beyond Meat” patty, etc. Yes, this includes McDonalds, Burger King and A&W.

Toronto was a huge melting pot. Actually, I would say it’s a cultural mosaic. Someone corrected me on this phrase years ago and I get it. Other than getting together to rejoice about the Raptors winning the big game, the cultures really don’t mix into one. Honestly… even though Canada has this stigma for being accepting of everyone and overall just a ‘nice’ culture… they’re quite racist, and in Toronto at least, SUPER classist. I mean… it’s whatever, but I was surprised. Though, as an American, I’m always looked at as the biggest asshole around in any country I go to, it was nice to know I was in like company whilst in Canada.

Overall, I liked it up there and I will return. Because: The Burgers Priest. My GOD…

The Philippines

Yes… I know, I’ve been here before. Several times actually. And as it stands now, I’ll be

in Magdalena, sweating my ASS off, drinking Buko under saba banana [banana tree] in my BTS shirt lol
going there many more times GOD willing. This particular time I stayed at a hotel in Manila called the Savoy. Real nice place behind the airport. Even though that was my hub during this visit, I ventured further into The Philippines than I ever have in any of my trips. (Ref: “F*ck Sinulog, F*ck Cebu, F*ck the Philippines” , The Trip. The Night. The ‘Fair’. ) I drove a rental for the first time and ventured into a beautiful, warm and humid, green and extremely rural province of Luzon called Laguna. More specifically a Municipality called Magdalena. National highway, stretches and bends its way all the way from Manila around the huge Laguna Lake. A 350+ square mile freshwater bay just east of Metro Manila.

Along the way to my destination, stopped on the side of the road somewhere near Pila, was a group of turo-turo style carts selling pineapples. These pineapples JUST came from the trees. They were possibly the best pieces of fruit I’ve ever had. Best pineapple ever. Full stop.

About to hop on a jeepney

This was a pretty awesome trip, aside from a couple major details, it was pretty run-of-the-mill. I really like coming to this country even though some things still get on my nerves. But the fact that I can come here, get some of the best food on earth, and do karaoke publicly, anywhere, and any time day or night will always make it one of my favorite destinations.

No… I didn’t make it out to Anvil Publishing in Makati to kick that one guys ass. It’ll happen soon though.

Orlando, Fl.

My sisters were talking about a trip to Orlando back in August. I jumped on it because I knew I’d have the kids and Disney sounded like a pretty cool adventure for us! I’ve been to Euro Disney in Paris, France, but I’ve never been to any of their establishments stateside, and I didn’t think my kids had either.

Ya’ll enjoy this video… be glad I’m nice enough to share this with ya’ll

After some quick research, and knowing my kids I figured they’d appreciate universal studios more than Disney, so I priced it, winced and decided that’d be the place to go. I wasn’t working at the time we first started talking about this, but I figured I would be able to swing it by the time we were talking about going. The closer I got I realized that my budget would not allow admittance to that particular park (or any of them really) and us be able to eat good or get any souviners at all.  So I had to improvise with some of the other things around town.  Wouldn’t be the first time I had to improvise on the fly.  But over all, it was a pretty memorable trip, that I wouldn’t advise any middle-class working person (with more than three children) take. I’m dead serious. Go somewhere else.  Or save for years lol.


El Acueducto de Queretaro. Santiago de Queretaro, QRO.

This Trip was a long time coming. And it couldn’t happen at a better time. I needed a second country that I’ve never been to, and it’s only right since I hit Canada for the first time this year, Mexico might as well be the next destination. Cover the two countries we share borders with. It’s honestly somewhere that I’ve never been before. But, now that’s done. I really enjoyed my time in Mexico. First of all, it’s dead in the middle of December and it’s 80 degrees during the day and 50 at night. I couldn’t ask for better weather. It’s fantastic.

My first week here, I spent working all day, on into the first Saturday. Oh… before I forget, here in Mexico, the vest is still okay to wear. Yea… suck on that, America! I saw men wearing vests every day. I felt like I was born in the wrong place. So… kudos, Mexico. Keep rocking those vests! Anyway… I didn’t get to do anything but work eat and sleep for my first 6 days there. But oh on that first Sunday, I hit the ground running and tried my best to see as much of Queretaro as I could.

Oh yea… I was in Queretaro. Santiago de Queretaro to be exact. The captial of the state of Queretaro and the fastest growing city in Mexico. They had a population of 600,000 in 2010, now they’re over 1.3 million! So, that first Sunday, I threw on some cargo shorts [no vest yet] and took an uber to the most interesting place I could find.

As pictured above, el acueducto de Queretaro was my first venture that morning. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’ll most likely be posting a travel blog about it some time soon, but that day just spilled over into a bunch of other sights and activities that

Alameda Hidalgo, Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

were not planned. I saw a beautiful city park called Alameda Hidalgo, I saw a huge landmark of a chruch called Iglesia de Santa Rosa de Viterbo [don’t bother asking me what that means].

All the service I received whilst in Mexico was top notch. No young people calling me ‘bro’ or saying ‘whats up’ when I go to make my order at Subway, or hop into an uber. The people were polite and mannerable… except for that one guy who addressed me as ‘El negrito’. But he was just a passerby. I was also invited to a dinner party at a the home of a new acquaintance.  I told her I really didn’t want to go, because I wasn’t going to understand anythign anyone was saying.  It would be awkward.  No matter the strides in my first month I made to familiarize myself with as much Espanol as I could.  She assured me it would be okay, and she would stay close to make sure I felt part of the evening.  It turned out her and her friends were not only super fun, warm, welcoming and a pretty accomplished group of people, but a good third of them spoke English. Quite well!  So if I ever did look ‘lost in translation’ one of them would stop to break a few things down to me.  It seemed though, that they were appreciative that I responded in Spanish whenever I could and I actually sparked an interesting debate on a few topics of the language that had confused me already.

One thing I noticed while I was there was how… “huggy” everyone is.  Perhaps this part of latin culture, I don’t know.  But whenever seeing someone when it’s been longer than say… a day, depending on the occasion or the person a hug and a peck on the cheek is in order.  I was pecked many times at this party.  Growing up in Europe, I’m quite familiar with this, and it was just nice to see again I guess.  And maybe I don’t hang out with many Mexicans in America, I just don’t see it up there. The occasion was filled with laughs and smiles and I really enjoyed true Mexcian hospitality.20191221_232944.jpg

She even tried to hide the roll of Donald Trump toilet paper they had in their bathroom! LoL.  I found that hilarious.  

I also learned a little about the cuisine while I was there.  Whenever I hear someone yapping about the differences about Mexican food and Tex-Mex I roll my eyes because I just hate it when people feel the need to complain about the authenticity of a certain food.  Especially when Tex-Mex blatantly is not Mexican food, I learned that I didn{t know to what extent.  The most surprising thing to me was… cheese in tacos… not really a thing.  Tacos are usually a very simple dish.  With one or two VERY tasty ingredients topped with either cilantro, or lime juice… maybe some guacamole. But cheese… its widely unavailable or only available on request.  As someone who puts cheese on EVERYTHING, I found it a shock.  But the tacos here… they really don’t need it.  

God… I never thought I would say that.

Either way, at the very least, THIS PART of Mexico was awesome. And I’m glad I came.


Menos, for breakfast tacos after church. It’s a new ritual.

This, even though it’s not my most sought-after, is my personal favorite part of my Y.E.B. Even though I’m not nearly as chunky as I was this time last year, I don’t think I ate any less than I ever do lol. With me venturing out to Canada, I got a chance to FINALLY try poutine. I first heard of poutine in the movie “Super Troopers” when the young guy who

Poutine at The Pickle Barrel

was pulled over explained to the state trooper he was heading across the border to get some French fries and gravy. Which… is essentially all poutine is. French fries and gravy. Normally, you will see it also with cheese curds, but the base dish from what I understand is those two ingredients. It sounded so stupid to me… GRAVY IS NOT FOR FRIES!

Long story short, I probably ate about 79 pounds of poutine this year. Some places make it better than others and as you could probably imagine, the toppings to poutine are endless. You can get anything from steak to chorizo topped on your poutine. But I really don’t know how I’ve gone back to eating fries with ketchup after that.

BoodleFight, courtesy of The Samparada Family

On my trip out to The Philippines I actually got to participate in a real Boodle Fight! I’ve had boodle fight before, but I was in Abu Dhabi, and essentially was eating it by myself. The psycho I was seeing at the time was not the company I’d prefer for this experience. This was a true boodle fight. First of all, I was in The Philippines. Second, it was the whole family in the backyard, with karaoke playing and everything. And of course… all the food was served on a large ass banana tree leaf [not a platter] fresh from the back yard! I really don’t think it gets any more authentic than that!

Down in Mexico on my first day out I went to a place called “Comalli”. I am not a fan of fish tacos… never have been. But I’m still trying to keep my diet mostly plant-based or otherwise meatless. However, I have been doing more of a pescatarian thing. Because… I do consider fish, meat lol. Anyway, I ordered a fish meal with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes. First of all.. for some reason THESE WERE THE BEST MASHED POTATOS I’VE EVER HAD. EVER. But aside from that, guacamole and corn tortillas were delivered for the table. And obviously this is the case no matter what you ordered. So… I made fish tacos. I put my knife and fork down and I made fish tacos. I don’t know why I was

This is how it came out lol

surprised this shit was off the chain. Why I was so

Made its way into a tortilla

surprised these were some of the best tortillas I’ve tasted [and they were corn… I DON’T LIKE CORN TORTILLAS], the guacamole. DIOS MIO, the guacamole! This thing was a wrap… I’m telling you. Mexican food, is actually different and better in Mexico. Which… I don’t understand because… it’s not like all the Mexicans in Texas are Mexican-Americans… there are some real-deal Mexicans in Texas… they just happen to be on this side of the line. It’s not like they forgot how to cook when they come over here. I suppose to taste what abuelas home cooking tastes like in Texas… but in a restaurant, you gotta go to Mexico. That’s the only sense I could make of it. But damn… it was good.

There you have it! I’ve eaten poutine in Canada. I had lumpia and chicken adobo in The Philippines.  I ate shrimp/fish tacos in Mexico. Think about that while you enjoy some pictures of the rest of the food I ate, yes… I’m still taking food pics. Get over it.

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Me With:


The following picture obviously wasn’t taken this year, which breaks a rule of the blog. This is easily an exception. I definitely wasn’t going to be in there taking pictures with my brother on his death bed, especially solely for the purpose of putting it in this blog. But I did feel like talking about him since I haven’t much before. Back before there were Maury Povich and Jerry Springer, people used to just look at peoples’ faces to see whom they belonged. Sometimes it’s not easy, because not everyone resembles their parents. As you can see, it would be a hard sell to make someone believe that any three of us, ESPECIALLY my oldest brother Barry came from my father. All four of us look alike, but I think Barry got it the most.

That’s Barry, standing wearing white.

All four of us have similar traits even though, throughout my life, I can’t think of too many times all four of us spent that much time together. Barry is from my fathers first {and second} wife/marriage. Long story, fact is… Barry didn’t always live with us. But whenever he did, to me it didn’t seem like we skipped a beat. Our core family and him. And even as adults, Daddy was ‘daddy’ and Mommy was ‘momma’. I never heard him refer to my mother as a step-mother, or to any of us as half brothers or sisters. I liked that.

As an adult, Barry and I had very few run-ins. He was off living his life and I was… you know, everywhere. There was a short period that I lived with him while I did a short

Dropping Aubrey, (Barry’s youngest daughter) off at her first day of school with a whole bunch of family

contract near his home, so, needless to say, he could always be counted on to do brotherly shit.

You know, out of all the friendly family arguments Barry, Rodney and I would find ourselves in, and playfighting and baseball/basketball games, I think the most memorable would be the fact that every time Barry came to visit us, his first order of business would be to lick my sister Constance on the whole entire side of her fucking face. Kinda like ‘Rick James’ did on that Dave Chappelle skit. Yea… either Dave got that from Barry, or Barry got it from Rick, or Barry was just a sick motherfucker. But it was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Without fail… Constance´s face would be covered in Barry saliva LoL. As much as she hated when it happened, I can’t help but think that now that Barry is gone, Constance misses it just as much or more than I do. William Barrett Rooks; the father, the husband, the son, the veteran… the brother. Miss you


Constance and I, hanging out Mom and Dads

I recall writing about Constance last year. Since I spent much more time in the states this year than I have in the past 12 {aside from 2018}, I saw a lot more of her. Towards the beginning of the year, she spent most of her time up in Dallas supporting my brother and his family. She’s like that. SUPER into family, and is easily the natural caretaker of our tribe.

She kicks into action when someone needs something. Anything. It’s so wierd because she is inherently such a disturbingly mean person. She could’ve possibly gotten that from my mother, I don’t know but she is. People are scared of my sister the same way they were of Mommy… and its kinda funny, when either of them are pissed off they try to be the sensible one for

Mommy, Aniyah and Constance… SOMEWHERE

the other in each instance. She definitely is a unique figure and she loves doing hair. For me, having three black girls Constance obviously comes in clutch. Thanks for being here for everyone and helping me teach my daughters to care about their appearance. It’s extremely important, in a world where the simplest values are being looked at as … well, nothing. Love you, sis.


Messing with my dad.

I’ve enjoyed having my father nearby to continue to go to for counseling, a nice long talk about the things he remembers from his childhood or early adulthood; to get his opinions on things or to just torment him. It’s hard to think about my dad, and not think about how heavy his heart must be since Barry passed. Most of us {Good parents} are prepared to go before our children. It´s natural… and I know people aren’t supposed to say this phrase anymore but… THAT’S THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE! Most people don’t want to die, but to those of us who have faced the fact that our time on this earth is limited, combined with being a parent; we don’t want to bury any of our children! I’ve filled out forms for my life insurance. My parents have sometimes sat us down to talk about their wills and last wishes. And though even those things are hard enough to do, who the hell wants to insure their child? I know its a thing, and just as normal as insuring anything or anyone else…. but it’s the worst thing to even think about preparing for! Isn’t it?

When people die, sometimes individuals close to that person try their best to make that passing more about themselves than they do the person who passed. I make certain to never do this because… I just think its messed up. At the funeral, all I could do is think about my dad. I watched him staring blankly towards the front of the small chapel. Filled with people who were connected to my brother in one way or another. But no one, and I mean no one could have possibly been hurting more than our dad and Barry’s Mom. Not that its a contest but… that kind of loss is unimaginable. But I tried to [imagine it] and I immediately regretted it. How hard it must be to live with that….

My father has seen his fair share of death. He’s 79 years old for goodness sakes, he’s probably seen his fair share of everything lol! My dad was born when Franklin Roosevelt was the president. Yea…. exactly. Try finding a bunch of color pictures of that guy. And lately, with that age, comes the systematic death of friends, siblings, cousins of the same age bracket. Etc. Mortality is something that stays on ones mind at that point I’d imagine. Hell… I’m 38 and I think about it all the time!

But when I talk to my father, I don’t see a figure lost in sadness and pain. Although he could be. I’ve seen people fall into depression over much less. But my father is extremely cognizant of whats going on. His life, his health, his love for his kids, his wife. This Thanksgiving I heard my father speak some of the most heartfelt words I’ve ever heard him speak towards my mother. And I’m glad. I know he drives my mother crazy. (Sorry, ladies… that’s just what we [men and Rooks men especially] do!) Though, with some of the things you say and do it seems as though you’ve lost your entire mind, I respect you, and I love you so, so much.

The kids

You already know pretty much about some of the fun things we did this year. I wrote about them in-depth last year and I generally don’t feel the need to really put them out there a whole lot. So, aside from: the fact that I’m at that point where I have to deal with a ”boyfriend” with the oldest girl, and my oldest son is making up rap songs with the “woe is me, my dad is the worst” Drake-style lyrics [but looks like he’s getting better at sports… but developing quite the potty-mouth], my middle daughter is… definitely going through some changes. She used to be the one who loved going to school, and was mostly positive [aside from her dark evil spirit moments and slight obsession with Japanime] she’s showing all types of signs of a teenager finding out who they are and what they want to be. My youngest son is still a little ball of nearly uncontrollable anger, looking up to a big brother who DEFINITELY isn’t looking up to me. Still the cutest thing though. And my youngest daughter, still the prettiest little girl, who tells me she wishes she could live with me every time I see her… all I’m gonna do is show ya’ll a few more pics of us.

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Parenting… right?

Mikka Ella

Mikka at her Nurses week ball, wearing her first Filipiniana, holding my book

I wrote about Mikka last year. I wrote that she was at a time my girlfriend, but we had since broken up and there were no hard feelings. That would be because, she´s virtually perfect for me. Virtually is the perfect word to use as well because our relationship was just that mostly. Out of the small handful of women I’ve had actual monogamous relationships with I’ve always wished for one thing. One thing over everything else. And even though everything else is important;being attractive (to me), kidless, tattoo-less, never-married, thoughtful, faithful, trustworth, able-to-cook, accomplished, passport-holding, knowing a different language and or having an accent never hurts either. Yes, I had a long ‘wish-list’ as I called it… as I believe everyone either does or has. Whether I or you chose to deviate or make exceptions to that list is perfectly fine. Your life is yours, and sometimes our lists are fucking ridiculous to be honest! Side-note, being kidless and with no prior marriages is not me saying I´ve had an issue with dating single mothers or women who have been married.  I’ve just found that dating single moms is stereotypically harder than dating women who don’t have children.  And contrary to popular belief, women who have children do not necessarily have more respect for single fathers and their relationship with their kids.  I’ve proven that. Sorry… back to the important thing. Resolve.

She got a new phone, this picture was flattering. 🤗

Mikka Ella and I started talking in August of 2017. By December we had discussed the possibility of being together. Getting married and whatnot. Now, to be fair, it’s not like I didn’t have talks like this with other women. Of course I have! I’m old! I just want to be in an actual, real relationship with  a woman who isn’t married, and or a lying, cheating hobag! Asking too much? And I’ve done enough… field playing. I’ve played a LOT of field. A lot. As a matter of fact, 21 Savage called me and he was thinking about pressing a remix, based solely on my sex life. A Lot Pt. 2. LoL. J/P But seriously, out of all of those women, she’s the only one that I crossed the earth to see.

I’m cheating a little again… I took this picture of her last year when I visited her in Hong Kong. It’s just one of my favorites.

After the issues that cause long distance relationships to end, I broke. And I broke up with her. But she hadn’t done anything wrong. Nothing. She still hasn’t. So after fooling myself with some randoms. And even fooling myself with some girls who were not-so-random, and also possibly good candidates for the next Mrs. Rooks… I made a decision to be with the woman with resolve. You know… everything else I want… AND resolve. Mikka, after over 2 years of me pulling her towards me, then pushing her away then going and doing other shit, she never gave up on me. You can’t dress that up. You can’t tear that down. Someone who will always look at you and know that if you ever got your shit together, they’d be there for you. That’s her. And I knew she was tired of it. I had upset her, and humiliated her when we had made plans and I’d break them because being with someone from a different country {with less harsh immigration requirements}, or my country would be easier. But they weren’t her. And there for damn sure haven’t been any others with everything she has… and that resolve. I’ve had to learn to take a trait like this seriously. And…. I like it, so I put a ring on it.

Making the decision to marry someone can be an easy one,

and it can be a heavy one. Either way, its not like I can just grab Mikka’s hand and take her to the alter, or to the Justice of the Peace [like my dumb ass did the first time], pay $42 and make a foolish mistake. No, the way we are forced to go about this is how I’ve felt [since my divorce] all marriages should be. Make people pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to be married… make divorces $50. If you pay $10,000 for an official marriage license [and however much on your actual wedding], need to fill out more paperwork than you do for a Secret Security Clearance, and wait 6-8 months… you’ll think about it. You’ll have to! It’s not something you could drive to Vegas and do at 3 a.m. while drunk off Jaegerbombs! You have all the time leading up to the paperwork, the paperwork, the money, the fees, plus the 6-8 months to really think about it still. We have it backwards! I’m sure I want to be with this girl. And though I’m not perfect, I know I’ll be a completely different husband this time around. Actually… I can just say I’ll be a husband this time. Because I wasn’t before, just like I really never had a wife. Because a peice of paper doesn’t really make you a husband or a wife. That’s a decision you have to make every day. Just like anything else. Just like being a parent, or a pastor, or anything else. Perfection definitely isn’t the key… resolve is the main ingredient to the trust that I have for this woman. And trust is the main ingredient to any successful relationship. A relationship of any kind. She’s earned mine, I’ll have the next 3 months to continue to earn hers if I haven’t already and continue from that point on.

Being in love. Having fun. Being starry-eyed. All great parts of this entire process. But what I like most about this woman, is that I feel I can write 5 more of these blogs, and she’ll still be right here.

She always has to make those funny faces when she sends me vids and pics.  She’s so silly, but I love it

So, I went to The Philippines this year. The trip was as unplanned as me deciding to propose to her. The whole plan I made at THAT point was pretty awesome… just like all my plans. Just, shit happens. Shit definitely happened. When I got bumped up to Business Class on my non-stop PAL [Philippine Airlines] flight I felt ‘lady-luck’ was on my side for once. I went to work that day, but didn’t do a full 12 hour shift because my flight left around 2000 hrs. I figured I’d get enough sleep on the 16.5 hour flight. The plan was to surprise Mikka in Manila, at the airport. With a ring. Maybe even a friendly worker holding a camera for a few hundred Peso’s. I knew exactly when Mikka’s flight came in so I bought my flight to coordinate with beating hers there. My flight arrived at like 0400 hrs, and hers at around noon. Perfect. That gave me enough time to get some shut-eye and enough time to get to Mall of Asia in Pasay to get her a ring.

So, my dumb ass calls myself being hardcore [and saving money] by walking to my hotel. My hotel is literally behind the airport. But I got dropped off on the other side of the airport so I literally had to walk around the entire airport property to get to my hotel. I got there at about maybe 0515. I’m quite sure I got my step goal in that day. I get checked in, and drop my bags and body [after a much-needed shower] into a pleasant room overlooking Barangay 183. Which I have claimed as my own personal Barangay. I woke up 3.5 hours later, threw my shoes on and caught a taxi to the mall.

Mall didn’t open til 10… should’ve known that. So I sat outside sweating my ass off til a jewelry store opened. In weeks leading up to this day I had generally inquired about Mikka’s ring size. So I already knew she was a 16-Singapore. I got a ring, a nice box, nice bag and caught a taxi back to the airport. I sat down in my room feeling confident about my plan and accomplished because everything had worked out so well. I blinked my eyes and woke up to find IT WAS FUCKING THREE P.M.! I HAD FALLEN ASLEEP AND OVERSHOT THE ALARM I HAD ON MY PHONE SOMEHOW.

You have never heard someone say “Fuck” so many times consecutively. I said “Fuck” over and over and over again, while wiping saliva from my cheek and sleep out of my eyes. I called myself all kinds of names. Down the hallway, to the elevator, down the elevator I was an idiot, a stupid idiot, a stupid fucking idiot over and over and over! I got outside and as uncharacteristic as it is of me, I was frantic. I caught a taxi to the airport to get the rental I’d arranged to pick up. Just.. late. While they meddled around with how much money they were going to screw me out of for whatever no-name piece of shit car they were going to rent me, I went outside to ask the bus drivers which bus went to Magdalena. Like an idiot. Magdalena doesn’t really have a bus. Magdalena is small as shit. Hell, two of the five bus drivers looked at me and said “Magdalena?”

So, I was off. With my GPS set to “Magdalena”, because I sure as shit didn’t have any other coordinates, I figured if I set off now, there’s no way she could beat me to her house on a BUS.

Fun fact. Metro Manila has a population of over 13 million. That’s more than New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana combined!!!! So, I left The airport with this car at around four, didn’t get out of Manila until around 2130. By that time I was nearing an area called San Pedro. I got a call from Mikka [whom I really was still trying to surprise]. She said she was just then getting to some WiFi and she decided to stay at her cousins apartment in Manila for the night because the traffic was too bad leaving the city.

I turned around, and it took about half the time of my 1.5 hour drive back for her to actually believe that I was in The Philippines looking for her. She gave me directions to the condominium she was in, and greeted me outside with one of the biggest hugs I’ve received in my life. She was nervous about my meeting her mother, who was inside waiting for her and this person she was SUPPOSED to meet an entire year prior.


Well, I guess the rest is pretty much already out there. I proposed there, in front of her mother, and family. We spent a few days together afterwards. She took me to her home to meet her family. I immediately fell in love with all her nieces and nephews who latched themselves to me as soon as we were introduced. I met her father, and we had a boodle fight, sang karaoke, and I myself sweat my ass off all day, it was great! On the way to the car, Mikka’s mother cornered me. Imagine, this woman who can’t be any taller than 4’8” stands in front of me like she is going to knock me down [I honestly felt like that was my fate for that day]

Me and Mikka in her hometown.

and asked “What are your plans for Mikka?” I had no idea what to say, number one I was flabbergasted because that was the most English I’d heard he speak the entire day. I told her what Mikka and I both had planned… I’m not quite sure she was pleased with the answer or not, but she did in fact allow me to leave without knocking me down so, I do appreciate that.

Mikka and I [really just “I”] have broken up so many times within the past two years… hell, even after my visit there. I’ve never really questioned whether Mikka

would be a good wife. It’s obvious she would be. She’s been a better partner to me than any girlfriend or wife I’ve had in the past. And she’s not even here! I’ve just been in need of the ability to make a decision and stick with it. Because this entire process depends on me. She’s done everything she can do. And… after living a life like I have, and seeing the things I’ve seen, I know I can’t for sure say what will or won’t happen tomorrow. Hell, I can’t even say there even WILL be a tomorrow. All I can say is if GOD happens to bless us with another one [tomorrow], I hope she’s in it.

At the airport.

Tenley and Amelyah {And Brandi}

Tenley and Amelyah at the Ft. Worth main library holding my 4th and 5th novels.

These two sweet little girls belong to a friend of mine named Brandi. Soon after we met in 2018, Brandi introduced me to her daughters Tenley and Amelyah and they didn’t hesitate much to being friends of mine. I told Brandi early on in our relationship that soon and very soon that they would like me more than they liked her. And here we are…

Me and Tenley watching Netflix

Now, I know we aren’t supposed to say which kids are our favorites, but to hell with that… these aren’t technically MY kids, so I can have a favorite all I want! Tenley is my baby!!!!!! It has a lot to do with her telling me she loved me a very long time ago, but at the same time, she just seems to take to me the most. While her sister is usually trying to see how much shit she can get into. Theyr’e a fun group of kids. Now, Amelyah did however take a particular liking to my oldest daughterAniyah. I think she’d push both me AND her mother off a cliff to help Aniyah. It’s pretty sad.

A while back, whilst discussing my year end blog, Brandi told me she didn’t want to be in my Y.E.B. So, I moped around for a while about it and decided, I don’t give a shit what she wants. I’m gonna do it anyway. We didn’t even get a picture together which is really weird because I’ve spent so much time with her this year it’s not even funny. We’ve taken pictures of food together, taken pictures with eachothers kids, but not together.

The only reason why I made the decision to write about Brandi’s punk ass is because I wouldn’t have survived this year without her. I’m convinced that GOD sent her, and her dog-hair littered clothes into my life to improve it in such a fashion that when I look back over the past twelve months I would be forced to think about her and something she’d done for me along the way. Brandi is a natural giver, and I’ve been in need of so much over the past year, I’ve basically kept her pretty busy. The situation at the end of 2018, one I haven’t really fully divulged as to not give the person responsible ANY glory; I wouldn’t have made it through as gracefully if it weren’t for her. She has really saved my ass since I’ve known her. And now she’s stuck. She’s stuck with me, one way or another from here on out. Past friendships of mine have led me to be truculent with allowing her the access to my life as I have people before. Hell, the very person she had to save me from I had known for 8 years. Thought she was a friend… And the year before that… I mean it’s almost become a pattern. Brandi has had to pay for that and it really does suck. Doesn’t

Brandi’s kids hanging out with my kids.

life go like that sometimes though? I mean…. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes. But just because something new comes along, bearing one or two of the same traits as a huge mistake from your past, doesn’t mean that THEY are THEM. I have meant nothing but the best in my dealings with Brandi and I feel she has too. And if it turns out she’s like the other people who have called themselves friends, I’m going to fuck her shit up! And by fuck her shit up, I mean I’m going to cry and ask the lord why I can’t just have ONE friend who sticks around and doesn’t stab me in the back. Just one!

I don’t want to put too much of her business out there because that’s not the point of this blog, but I do want to say… that children are such blessings. I remember the first time I came to the door and Tenley and Amelyah felt good enough about me to yell “Mr. Robert!” and yell and jump into my arms. I remember when I used to come home to my children and receive the same

Me and Tenley doing a video chat

type of reception. I miss it. It’s the absolute best and most genuine and pure feeling in the world. And I just can’t understand how someone could run from that. On one hand, you have men like me… who love nothing more than to be the 100% father in their kids’ lives… but get… well, you know what I get. And then you have situations like these, where the father bis literally nowhere to be found other than the sporadic phone call, child support payments and birthday/Christmas presents. Now… I’m sure some women would LOVE for that to be the case. Who doesn’t love for a check to magically appear every month? But would bet every limb on my body that these two little girls would much rather see their dad

Brandy with an “i”

on a regular basis; than for their mother to get a child support check. And if she really thought about it, I’m sure she would too. Because shes a good mother, who DID divorce her husband, but understands the need and the importance of fostering a relationship betwixt her children and their father. And I appreciate it, even though it doesn’t benefit me in the slightest. All it does is piss her off because it yields no results. But she keeps trying. For them. I respect her for that. I love her for that, and for everything she’s done for me. But most importantly, above all else, I love her for introducing me to cheese-filled boudin balls.


Lori, Reilend and I the day we walked Aubrey to school. Family.

My cool cousin Lori! I have to apologize because we got a picture together last year as well at my first Half Price Books signing in Dallas. She came out unexpectedly to show support and if nothing else, I love her for that.

This year I saw her under not-so-great conditions. My brother Barry passing was the reason the first time, I saw her at the funeral, and second I saw her when we walked Aubrey to school. Both of those events had to do with Barry passing. And even though it’s always good to see family [well, usually] I would rather it be for some other reason than a death.

Lori has always been there since I was a little boy, sort of another honorary big sister for me. Thank you for being you, Lori!

Laura T.

At Freebirds in San Marcos after finishing up some work in San Antonio

Laura T. Not sure how many blogs I’ve written about her in. But I’m sure she will never be out of my life. Up to now, she’s my oldest/most active friend. Sure, there are people see and interact with more, but even though she has no need for me in her life, and we don’t live anywhere near one another, she still makes it a point to let me know I’m on her mind. She still send me invites to kids’ birthday parties, and tries to make it out to my book signings. Love, always Laura!

Kuya Zaldy

I met Zaldy in Saudi Arabia. He was an office manager

Slippam slippa!  Where’s my slippa! – Jo Koy

[I believe] at an auto repair shop in Abha/Khamis. One of the most well-dressed people I ever saw [on-the-job] over there and through his good customer service, we struck up some conversation. I spoke a little Tagalog to him, and like most, he figured I was

Doing Karaoke

either seeing or married to a Filipina. At the time, I was neither. But by the time this picture was taken, I was. Since meeting in Saudi, we kept in touch over Facebook messenger, and I saw him again when I flew over to propose to Mikka. He’s a huge advocate of our relationship, and a good guy to have around. See you next time I’m over there, Kuya! I’ll bring the Macaroons!



This was my friend and tour guide and translator and teacher whilst in Mexico. As an Ex-employee of Disney Cruiselines and a current kindergarden teacher she had the right amount of English-speaking ability and patience to deal with someone with the brain of a 4 year old (Me).  She was the one who would tell me when I was pronouncing someonething incorrectly in Espanol, take me to the best places in and around town to eat and explore and even invited me over to spend Christmas with her friends and family.  It was ultimately her who let me know how off base my outlook on Mexico was.  Thank you, my friend.  I mean, Muchos gracis, mi amiga!

Juan and a Million

No… I don’t know Juan P. Meza intimately.

Before I took down a DON JUAN by myself!!!!



And unless you’re either from Austin, familiar with Man Vs. Food, or just a stereotypical, run-of-the-mill fatty, you may not know of him or the restaurant at all. All I know is, since I lived in the ghetto with the ex all those years ago, I loved this restaurant.

Whenever Juan is around,he’s standing by the door ready to greet people with a hearty handshake. Every time he sees me, he shows a look of familiarization. But I know he see’s and greets tens of thousands of people every year… not sure if that’s just good acting or if he really recognizes me from my 300 visits lol. Either way, I buy it and I love this restaurant.

E.L. James

A lot of people don’t know her by name, and a lot more people would just pass her by on the street because in-person she doesn’t look like she does on her book covers. But when I say “the woman who wrote 50 Shades of Grey” well, at that point not too many people WOULDN’T know of whom I’m speaking. When I spoke to this woman and shook her hand and obviously made her laugh a time or two, all I could see is the success and the 88 million copies of her FIRST book she sold.

You may not like her stories… but take a little trip with me. Fifty Shades of Grey, the book sold over 88 million copies. Imagine she only gets $1 from each book. That’s $88 million fucking dollars! And then there was Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed [I think that’s the name of the sequels lol]. Lets say the second book only sold half of the first. And the third only half of that. That’s a dollar for book

Me with E.L. James

two, 44 million. And a dollar for book three, 22 million. What’s that? $154 million? But no… she doesn’t only get a dollar per book. I get about $2.99 cents from each Kindle edition I sell [sad right?] And maybe five bucks from one of my paperbacks, and eleven from a hard copy depending which day it is at Amazon, because they just LOVE to change the price of my books whenever they feel like it! So just imagine those figures in the volumes she’s sold. Not a dollar per book. But anywhere from 2 – 15! Times 200 million copies! Plus movies! I could practically SMELL the money on her. GOD!

Ugh… my jealousy. Anyway, it was quite flattering to know that just a mere 2 weeks after I met $600 million dollas, I mean E.L. James, that my poor, broke ass was having my book signing at the very same book store.


Which leads me to this section. In a way I don’t feel I’m worthy to be writing this section this year. I mean… how many blogs have I posted this year? Five? Last I checked, five is not twelve! Brandi tries to help me make excuses for myself by telling me I’ve had a lot going on but… that’s the point. I’m a writer, I don’t get to stop doing it because I got shit going on. If I only wrote when life was going swell, this blog would’ve been crickets a long time ago.

These guys still haven’t sent me my check yet, come to think of it.
When compared to last year, I had a pretty lackluster literary year.  In 2018 I did four book signing engagements and 2 public speaking.  This year, I did ONE thing.  I had my first international bookstore Author event.  I had a book signing at Canada’s largest bookstore chain “Indigo”.  I thought it was a pretty big deal.  The road to getting there was pretty hard because the lady who was in charge of these things didn’t seem to like me AT ALL.  And I have no idea why.  Maybe something in one of my blogs offended her. Wouldn’t be the first time something I wrote fucked up an opportunity for me.  But… I finally got a date and did my thing.  It wasn’t the turn out that I’d hoped for. But any opportunity like this is a blessing.  People still walked away from there knowing about me, meeting me, checking out my book covers, taking my cards or book marks, voting on my next book cover, and of course some walked away with… damn-near full-priced copies of my books lol.  It sucks because this book store didn’t allow me the freedom that Half Price Books does.  If I wanna sell my books for $100 or 50 cents it’s up to me. They don’t bite into my sales, and they don’t charge.  They just supply the book-writer with the platform to sell their books in person.  NOT these guys lol. But either way, I had a book signing in a major book store internationally… How many people do we know who can say that?

I started writing a new novel. For like… thecase6.000x9.000.indd third time since FILIPINA.  I was into it real heavy while in Canada before the kids got there.  After the kids got there my writing slowed… no, I stopped lol.  I stopped writing.  I only posted five blogs this year.  And I only completed five chapters of that book.  The summer was hectic.  And honestly, I haven’t written anything since then til now… this Blog.  Sad, sad, sad. I was supposed to be done with it this month.  I had the timeline down.  Writing from February to December.  Editing from January to April.  After that, [and pretty much all the while] heavy marketing. Publish in the summer, in time for the Texas Book Fe4stival.  Something I’ve always wanted to do… STILL haven’t done, and it looks like that’s the case again for 2020. Ugh… However, I have some blogs lined up for 2020, and I’m back outlining on CLOSURE.  I should be fine.  I think I’ll be back to bugging people about reading my blogs, and deleting people from my life for not supporting my books in no time!



This year, I accomplished my two countries I’ve never been to.  I walked over 3.5 million steps.  This year I spent tons of time with my parents.  Even though I only had ALL my kids for one weekend, one summer, and one holiday week, I believe we made a lifetime of memories in just THIS year!  Took them all out of the country for the first time together.  I went to 5 different Hard Rock Café’s this year.  My hair is graying and I swear to allah, my penis is shrinking.  I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve that, but whatever. One of those randoms from Canada, was good for more than just a good romper room session. She taught me about sleep hypnosis videos. Namely John Moyer. I have to send a big shout out to Nikki from Whitby. You are a delusional h-bag, but you gave me a GREAT life hack with those videos! If you have issues with sleeping, mindsplitting headaches, insomnia or just want to sleep longer… go to youtube, type in John Moyer and go nuts… I mean.. go nuts, but go to sleep.

My kids are getting older. My daughter has a fucking boyfriend.  She cares more about him now than she does about me.  So naturally I don’t like him.  Sometimes I scroll back in my cloud to see videos and pictures of when Aniyah used to love me.  This rap song my son wrote me into… was like… an INSTANT banger in our household.  My daughter made a comment this year that was not only spot-on but highly mature and intuiative.  When her mother decided to ignore/shade her for months because she decided to live with me again she said she makes jokes about things to hide the pain. She said it as a joke… but it’s true!  That’s what we do!  My ex-wife called CPS on me this summer which resulted in an embarrassing [for her, not me] visit to my parents house.  Basically, my five children were in my home while I was in Canada for a week and a half.  Everyday my 21 year old nephew Erik was there, my best friend Brandi stopped by daily, and my mother and sister as well.  There wasn’t a single day that house was adultless.  However… even if it was, legally, I still had done nothing wrong.  My house was big as shit, running water, electricity, internet food out the ass… I was well within my legal right to be where I was.  But my ex decided to call CPS and tell them a bunch of lies about how there was no food in the house and yadayadayada… She did this, somehow spaced out on giving them MY phone number, but gave them my daughters’ and my parents’ home number lol.  Really convenient how CPS just didn’t get my number.  Anyway, the next morning CPS called my parents’ house looking for Mr. Rooks.  Guess who answered the phone?  Mr. Rooks.  Me.  Dumbfounded, the CPS worker stated again, “I’m looking for Robert L Rooks, father of Aniyah, Reilend, Jai-“ I had to cut her off and tell her again… YES… THIS IS Robert L Rooks.  May I help you? “Oh… I thought you were in Canada…” lol. 

They still had to come and do their interviews and the lady told me the entire ordeal ended up looking worse on my ex wife than it did me.  You know… because I’d done nothing wrong.  Now… did I file a lawsuit on her for falsifying a CPS report?  No…. because I have a life.  And honestly, the reason why I brought this up is… Now, between my kids and I “I’m gonna call CPS on you.” Is now a joke!  We will be out somewhere and I accidently trip one of the kids [or purposefully] and someone will mock a call to CPS.  It started out because the kids were hurt that they had to go through that because THEY even knew it was bullshit, and now… its just funny. Same with the rap song.  Because its COMPLETE bullshit. My oldest son isn’t bad… but he loves to see how much he can get away with.  Like this summer, when I made them all do book reports, and this little niglet hands me one of the most well-written pieces of plagiarized work I’ve ever seen.  I knew immediately it was plagiarized.  And he sat there and lied to my face about it. So.,.. he started this thing this summer where he’ll start crying and saying how I never trust him or I never believe him.  And it breaks my heart.  Of course, that’s my boy.  But… when I KNOW you’re lying lol.  I took him downstairs to the business center and sat at the computer he used to “write” his book report.  And before I log into it, I ask him… are you sure you want to maintain that YOU wrote this? Die with the lie…

So I go into the the web browser. Check out the browser history. “Armada book report”, “Book report on Armada” “Armada notes” it went on, and on and on.  This boy was SHOPPINHG AROUND for book reports on this book.  He had his pick!  Instead of being clever and peiceing bits and pieces of other book reports… he just copied one. Entire. Fucking. Book report! Put his name on the top and printed it out. Came back to the room and lied to my face about it. I should’ve beat his ass but… according to his rap song, that’s ALL I EVER DO. LoL.  I don’t know what to do about that one.  He’s such a musical genius, hella creative, funny, but he’s just such a jackass. And he’s obviously being force-fed that I’m not behind him 100%. But that’s alright.  I’m not going anywhere.

You know?  I think I have a pretty good handle on most things.  But life is tricky.  Especially for those of us who were selected at random to have difficult lives.  I NEVER thought I would be saying the words “my ex wife” when I was twenty years old.  I never thought I’d be on a second marriage.  I never thought I would have “joint custody” and weekends with my kids.  I never thought I’d be over 250 pounds.  LoL.  Hell, never thought I’d be homeless. Yet, here we are.  All that and more has happened in my lifetime.

But.  My parents are still here.  My oldest daughter lives with me.  I’m closing on a house in March.  I own 3 cars… paid off.  Nice ones too 😉 I am not 250 pounds lol.  Close though.  I have turned down four, count em FOUR 6-figure salary jobs, and one in Japan that only paid around 85… I can’t be leaving the country for 85K .Fuck that, plus… I really don’t want to be on a different country less known a different continent from the kids.  I made an exception for Canada and Mexico because I obviously could be home within hours of an emergency.  Which… is the same as me working in San Antonio or Dallas.  Now how many people can say they’re turning down 6-figure salary jobs?  I honestly don’t want to work for the rest of my life, but if I do have to I’ve set myself up in a place where I won’t be doing work that I absolutely HATE doing.  And… that’s’ something. I’m going to publish CLOSURE, and Takeda Jin, ,and Gardens.  I just need some time.  And some normalcy.  I’m about to marry a beautiful woman who loves to sing karaoke with me and cooks my favorite shit.  My kids already like her and they haven’t even met. I have an awesome best friend. And I have plenty more countries to go see.  GOD is all around, and there’s life to live. And as always, I really hope each and every one ofnus can do our part to make the world a little less shitty place to live in.

People have said all kinds of messed up shit about me this year.  From the lies with the CPS, to how I don’t sell any books (HA!), I’m not very good-looking 😂🤣😂🤣 or even that very wise man from Fort Worth who told me some time ago, “That Chinese bitch (Mikka) you wit!  That shit ain’t gon work out neither!” LoL.


You were saying?


Scream at me,



15 thoughts on “Rooks’ 2019

  1. Mary says:

    As always good to hear about your year, your problems, kids, and love. Really didn’t need to hear about the penis part but hey it is what it The blog was very insightful and honest and i love the EL Negrito i knew that was coming but I’m glad you made friends in Mexico , I told you once you did you would have fun we do know how to party.. VIVA MEXICO!!! That trump paper was too funny they need to make some here if they don’t have none already. Kids seem like they had awesome time like always and are very silly. Love them kids! As always your a great father CPS or not you know my feelings towards it all. ill some it up in two words bish die lmao! Great job Rookie!! May 2020 be a greater and best year ever for you ..


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Oh please… you know the only reason you clicked on this blog was because I meantioned my penis! Spare me with the “we” shit. You AINT Mexican. We´ve established that. The Trump toilet paper WAS funny as hell. Even more funny… they bought it when they went on a trip to SAN DIEGO! LoL. LMAO at BISH DIE! LoL. Thanks love. My new years resolution is to help you find a husband. GOD help me.


  2. Fallon says:

    I’m happy to see that your year didn’t totally suck! 😂 You may not have written as much but I feel like a lot of personal growth happened for you and that’s an accomplishment in itself. You are doing your best as a man and as a Dad. I wish you and Mikka many blessings. I’m rooting for you! Always will ❤️


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Not have written as much!!!! Nice! I feel like you´re saying you wish this blog were longer. And even if you´re not, thats how I’m taking it! It did happen to be 1,500 words longer than last years though lol. Personal and physical growth. Yes LoL! I´m working on the second obviously. We appreciate the well-wished more than you know! Thank you for reading and commenting, and everything, Fallon!


  3. Sana Rival says:

    Habang binabasa ko to diko akalain na ikaw Yung taong makakasama ko habang buhay,pero Ito Yung pinagdasal ko sa KANYA. Ikaw Yung hiniling ko sa KANYA. Alam mo naman na ako Yung unang taong nasasabik basahin ang Y.E.B mo, Yung bawat salita na nakapaloob dito ramdam na ramdam ko.Mahusay!
    I’m so proud to be yours
    Merry Christmas!


    1. Cami says:

      First and foremost, I’ll say it. I’m the worst friend ever. I would go on and how busy and chaotic my life is but honestly it’s no excuse because I should have come back to do this when I first read it. All that being said though, doesn’t change the fact that I STILL look forward to your blogs so very much and am super excited anytime I see a new one. I miss your writing. I still can’t wait for Closure. Please don’t tell me you’ve decided to halt that project. When I first read through this year end blog, I wasn’t able to watch the videos all the way through but I’m soooo so glad that I did!!!! Those kids are so incredibly special. You are an amazing dad (as hard as it is to hear from me, I’ll never ever stop telling you the truth on that). They are going to carry these adventures, lessons, knowledge, and priceless memories with them through their whole lives. You’ve given them SO MUCH many precious pillars in which they’ll shape their futures. We all have so much to learn from this dedication and absolute unconditional love that your have and exhibit for them. I’m so very sorry about your brother but it so touches my heart how you all came together for your niece. I don’t think it would be a proper “Rooks” year without one or two psycho ass females trying to pull some bizarre shit to throw you off course. I’m sooo very happy that you’ve chosen your Mrs. Rooks and I can’t wait to meet Mikka some day. From what I’ve seen she heard, she’s perfect for you and not to mention she’s absolutely beautiful!!! I think it’s so fitting that you’ve fallen in love with a Filipina because that was one of your best novels to date. Well, I’m glad you made it out of 2019 in one piece. I’m so very happy we’ve been able to continue repairing our friendship. I can’t wait to keep reading all of your works and I look forward to watching how your 2020 goes. I love and miss you so much!!!


  4. Laura says:

    Enjoyed reading about your year and loved the videos of your kids! Don’t be so hard on yourself about not writing as much. Life is what happens while we are busy making plans.I wish you the best of luck in 2020. I wish the best for you, Mikka and you children in the new year. I look forward to reading your book/blogs in 2020. I know you know, but I will always support you. Honestly I don’t know where you get an idea that I have no need for you in my life. Everyone should have friends you can go months or even years without seeing and when you meet up it’s like no time has passed.


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Well.. when you´re right, you´re right. I love you, girl! And I know you know that I know but it is nice to see someone say something and mean it. Thank you for your undying love, support and friendship! Thanks for reading and commenting as always. Kiss those big ass kids for me.


  5. Buddy says:

    Been a minute, fam. I just happened to come here because I have the site saved to my favorites. Have for a while actually. Anyway, good to know you had such an eventful year. It’s interesting to see, especially now. Congrats on the engagement as well. Hit me when you have the time and much success to you.


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Hell yea its been a while. Thanks for having me saved to the faves. Yea… lol. You said a mouthful. And on another note… Are we gettiing old? Thanks man, I´ll be reaching out VERY soon. -Success- Back at ya. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  6. Brandi says:

    Robert…(I call you this instead of ‘Rooks’ because 1..I know it bothers the shit out of you and we both love how I can do that..and 2..I’m the only one it seems to call you that, and I enjoy being different than anyone else). I have to admit, I was crying after reading about the girls and I’s section, cause not only did it cause me to really pause and think about all the crazy things we have been through together in just the short span of a year, but it really made me think about how spot on about a lot of things about me that you’ve been, not just the things you’ve listed here (you know what I’m talking about).. it made me think of your family that has opened up to me and my girls.. even if your mother called me someone else’s name at one point and I KNOW you will never let that shit go!!! LIKE EVER!!! (It’s all good momma Rooks!🤣!!) .. it made me think of all the rock-bottom places that you have been in this year, as well as myself and how we both managed to pull one another out of them… it made me think about how I struggled letting my walls down around you and actually be a little irritated to this day that they didn’t fall as fast as I would have liked, but you did like i said: “be patient with me” and I love you for that (many days past day 6 of knowing you)…. you said “I’m stuck with you”..well…a year ago you brought me somewhere (where homefries are served at all hours of the day) and told me it was nice knowing me, and I told you that I’d prove you wrong dispite all the things you had been through…I think it’s time we go there again, don’t you think, cause it seems based off of that, you’re just as stuck with me as I am you!! Plus, I have your baby and the key to your cheese filled boudin balls!! So you FINALLY using the whole “I’m a single dad” excuse now huh?! SO!!!!………


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Umm… yea, I´m not going to let single moms have all the fun. I´m using that shit whenever I can from here on out. Sorry to burst your white-prvileged bubble, but you´re not the only one who calls me Robert lol. Just like I´m not the only one who calls you —–. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA Never gets old.

      Thanks for telling me I was spot on. You know my ego needs the boost. And yes… we are stuck with one another, and those girls… I love them to pieces. But… you just wait til they´re teenagers. I´m going to be sitting back watching, shaking my head… but ready to keep you from strangling the shit out of them or falling into alcoholism (this wasn´t a joke, because even I have onsidered it)

      I´ll take you to Magnolia when I get back. You deserve it. Eat all the plates you want! Love you!


  7. Shana says:

    I always enjoy hearing/reading/seeing all the ups and downs in the life of Mr. Rooks.

    I’m truly happy for you and wish you all the blessings that this world has to offer for the year to come and all the years that follow.

    That swear to Allah part tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    As always, the food pics are my fave part of the whole blog 😋

    Looking forward to reading Closure… so yalla habibi😉

    You DESERVE the very best 💜 2020 inshallah will be one of the best years yet for you🙏🏽


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Ah, I figured you would like that allah part. lol I´m working on CLOSURE, love. I really am. LoL at what I DESERVE. Youre a trip, twin. I pray 2020 will be better for you too. Thanks for reading and commenting, Twin!


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