Happiness Vs. Contentment

This topic, along with Homosexuality and Why-it’s-different-when-women-cheat have been some of the hardest for me to write.  So hard, I’ve basically decided not to.  I mean, I eventually will but, let’s face it, I promised that homosexuality blog three years ago! Still not here!  Women cheating: I feel like I understand it, others’ have expressed they feel the same way, but it’s really hard for me to put into words.  Hard for me to explain in a fashion to where it doesn’t like I’m just talking out my ass.

Anyway, this was the lesser of the three evils, and I felt it was important.  After explaining the concept to a lady I was involved with back in 2016, we ended up at a church service where the praise team leader was basically saying the exact same thing!  It was too perfect to be a coincidence.  Little things like that are the reasons I know there’s a GOD. Another blog I need to write.

So, I’ll get to it.


Happiness and Contentment aren’t really synonymous.  Now, I know for words to be synonyms they don’t actually need to mean the exact same thing.  They just need to be relative or nearly the same… sometimes even be able to be used interchangeably.

Happiness and Contentment are nearly the same in definition and everyday language… sorta.

Being happy is really just and instance or even a certain amount of time feeling excited, pleased, or joyful about something. It’s a situational feeling.  You can come to work and be happy that the workload is lite, or that one of the supervisors you don’t like isn’t there.

You can come home from work and be happy to find your husband took out the trash or made dinner for once.

You can go out with your friends and be happy that you’re drunk as fuck and having a good time.

You can see your child’s report card and be happy to see that they weren’t failing any classes this semester.

But happiness comes and goes. I’ve found it can come quickly and it can go just as fast.  Because happiness is based on feelings and it’s african-3399525_1920based on something that’s temporary.

When you come home and your husband didn’t take out the trash… you’re not happy about it.

When you don’t have time to go out with your friends.. or they don’t have time to go out with you. Or you just generally can’t go out and get drunk and have THE BEST NIGHT EVER, you’re not happy about that. Or maybe you did go out, but the DJ sucks, or some idiots get in a fight and the place gets shut down. OR one of your girls forgot their I.D., so to be nice none of you go inside… so not happy about that.

If your kid failed one or all of their classes… “Son, I’m not happy with this.”

I feel it’s temporary. Happiness, that is.

Contentment I believe is the contrary.


Basically I talked about what I feel contentment is.

Like, imagine you go to your significant other and ask “Are you happy with me?”

He or she responds, “No, I’m not happy with you, but I am content.”  Could you imagine being disappointed?  Would you have rather just heard them say they were happy?  Does it seem like a huge compromise, or even settling?  To be content rather than happy?  I mean let’s face it… if you have to ask your significant other if they’re happy with you, you already know there’s a problem. However, in saying that, they’ve recognized there’s a problem.  But they don’t plan on straying.  They don’t plan on cheating.  They know where they’re going to be coming right after work the next day.  They know where they want to stay.  That person just knows… happiness isn’t the feeling right now.  That can be worked through. And the contentment just is.  It’s a reality, or it isn’t.


I honestly recall many times being happy with someone I wasn’t content with.  If a girl I never intended on making an honest woman out of gives me a top notch BJ or HJ with massage oil, or brings me a cupcake or something, then I’m totally happy with them!  And if she does this every day for a week, then yea… I’m happy!  For a week. But if there’s something about them that I know will outweigh the fact that she gave a top notch BJ;  Or an awesome HJ with massage oils;  Or brought me cupcakes.  I’m not content… I’m not staying.

This can be used for anything.  Yes, it would be best if there’s a combination of both at most times.  But I feel it’s impossible for it to be a constant.  Even the best couple I’ve ever seen (my parents) have gone days, and even weeks [maybe longer] with being angry with one another.  Not being able to stand the other.  Arguing, fighting.  Just… nasty stuff.  They weren’t happy with one another.  But they were content.  And they knew damn-well neither of them were going anywhere.  10, 20, old-450742_192030, 40 plus years of marriage comes with it’s ups and downs I’d imagine.  But when those two are truly content, the arguments will end, the relationship won’t.

Being happy with your life… because you grew up with good parents, went to a good school right out of high school, had a great career, marriage and had everything you wanted and or needed is totally possible. But when any of those things change… or you come down with a terminal illness, or die lol… That happiness is gone.

But being content with your life would be you not only being content with what happens in life, good or bad, but also that you’re inevitably going to die.  That would also be something that you’d welcome.  And that’s, probably one I’d have to say is the hardest to strive for.  It’s the end of everything, and that’s another blog for another time.

But being content with your job, your significant other, and any other CHOICES, I would say is the goal. And that was me, trying my hardest to explain my standpoint on Happiness Vs. Contentment.

Hope it made you happy! LOL

(You guys really have no idea how pissed I was to see how many people have said the same shit I’m saying, and I’m just now getting around to writing this.  But hey!  Whatever)

I wanna go back through the blog and put quotations around “My standpoint” lol.

Scream at me

2 thoughts on “Happiness Vs. Contentment

  1. Shana says:

    To me, being content is a steady feeling peace and security. If you have that, then even when things are not so happy… you have your peace to see you through it.

    I loved reading this 💜 It did make me happy😊

    **I wish I could read the part the was lost while being transferred…😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      I’m glad you agree! I’m also glad you loved reading and that it made you happy.
      **Even though I tried many times lastnight to get it to Come Back, I couldn’t make it work. Apparently I didn’t do the right thing. 😭🔫

      Either way, thanks for reading and commenting, Shana! 🔥🔥


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