Many, Are the Afflictions…

The outside appears like a university.  It’s the type of church where they call the grounds “the campus”, due to it’s size and different buildings and structures.  I parked my armada in an open spot after following the signs which read “First Time Visitor’s Parking”.  It was my first time.  My first time at this particular place of worhsip. The first time I’ve been to a Christian church since my brief stop in the Islamic faith.  First time at any church in years.  A buggy pulls up, offering us a ride to the front of the church.  Not that it was that far away, but I assume it’s just protocol at this church to give rides from people’s P.O.V.’s to the front entrance. The buggy was actually an 7 passenger golf cart.  Since I had my children with me there wasn’t even room for us all, so I let them ride.  I walked.  Apparently I need the exercise. My little Olivia tells me all the time, “Daddy you’re not fat.”  Which… when said out of nowhere, means the exact opposite.

Once we all reached the front entrance we were greeted with handshakes and smiles by a group of badged-personnel. One broke off from the group and approached me.  She introduced herself as “Gwen”.  Gwen was to be our tour guide.  Yes, we needed a tour.

She first took us to the nursery and the small children’s church.  Sierra, my 2-year-old was to go to the nursery.  Layla and Olivia, my 3 and 4-year-old’s were to go to the children’s church.  I didn’t get a good look inside the nursery, but children’s church had about three or four “stations”. One looked like a miniature Chuck E. Cheese’s.  One was a miniature movie theatre.  One was a cafeteria and another was a free-play room.  I, at this point was really regretting going to ACTUAL church.


My 8-year-old, Jaixon was part of a different youth group.  They had their own building called the KidZone where they had their own service.  Up to fifth grade.  I was given receipts for all my kids so that no one else would be able to claim them, and I proceeded with my oldest two daughters for service.

Before heading in, I noticed there were stairs to a mezzanine.  Up there was a full-on maxresdefault (2)café. Pastries, bottled drinks, and other goodies like latte’s, macchiato’s and all that other bullshit.

All this, and there are also monitors all over the grand foyer which are displaying the service inside the main sanctuary.

You know, there are many people who dislike church’s like this.  I used to be one. One of the, naysayers basing their opinions from either ignorance or other people’s experiences. I’m sure you’ve heard some of these examples:

  • They don’t need all that stuff in church
  • They’re not really worshipping GOD, they’re worshipping the pastor
  • They aren’t Bible-Teaching churches
  • You don’t go to church to have fun

That last one really get’s to me, because I’ve not only heard it, but I’ve said it myself.  You ogo to school to learn.  You go to work to earn a paycheck. You go to church to worship the lord. etc.

But we don’t only go to school to learn, do we?  I mean… yes, it is the main reason, but it’s not the only reason.  Would it hurt, for children to find school fun? Is it a problem that we have a potluck on every third friday of the month at my job? Does it hurt that… I can enjoy an iced-chai while I listen to the word of GOD? I honestly don’t think so.  And to be frank, we don’t only go to church to worship.  We go to learn, discuss and explore the word of GOD. We go to fellowship.  And we go to bring others to the same path. Now, take all that… and imagine it being FUN. Maybe even a little comfortable.  Maybe even a little convenient.  To be against that, isn’t being more holy, or more pious, it’s just being a hater.

So!  That was the intro. LoL


Happy birthday to Jaidyn!  My little girl is beginning to be not so little.  She sent me a list of things she wanted for her birthday. A yoyo, a carrot cake from Nothin’ Bundt Cakes, $10 (or more) cash, a star bucks gift card and some Twizzlers.  She’s always been like that.  So simple.

I miss her, you know?  I have to miss her, because somewhere don the line I started doing the right thing in my dealings.  Trying my hardest to make sure I’m doing the right thing.  For that reason, I end up with the short end of the stick in so many situations in life.  Especially recently.  Being the bigger person.  Being responsible.  Being mature.  It’s not at all as awarding as it’s made out to be.  Not in the short-run anyway.

I said that front matter was just an intro, but honestly I’m about to close this blog out.  I guess I just stopped in to say “hello” again, and also apologize to the few people who have ACTUALLY missed my monthly blogs.  I have to say it felt pretty nice to get the few messages and emails and comments from those who do still anticipate seeing me publish something. I’m definitely not here to throw any scriptures at anyone, or preach or any of that because I honestly don’t prescribe to any sort of religion at the moment.  I feel it would be kind of misplaced to quote The Bible.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find a lot of sense in it’s teachings.  Just like I do for the Qu’ran. I do believe that there’s a deity out there… Whether that deity goes by God, Allah, Elah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, Dios, Jah, Maykapal, Gott, etc. I believe it’s out there, watching. And even sometimes moving pieces around in our lives like he/she/it is up there playing chess.

Watching to see if we’ll take the bait from whatever evil entity is lurking around in our lives.  Heaven knows it’s ever present in our lives.  Will I take that drink?  Will I mess around with that man or woman knowing I’m committed?  Will I allow someone to drag me down to their level with harsh words, lies and violence? Or will I hold my peace, do what’s right and let things happen as they will? React only when necessary.

I went to church this morning and heard something [Psalms 34:19] that made me look at my life and realize I’ll be delivered from it all.


SO!  I’ll be posting my blogs.  I’ll be overcoming any obstacles thrown my way; attempting to keep me from my kids.  I’ll be bringing in money.  I’ll be handling my business.  I’ll be ignoring B.S.  I’ll be braving a teenage daughter lol! I’ll be waiting for a partner who truly does make my life better.  I’ll be eating as clean as I know how, and exercising, and helping take care of my parents… even if that means simply spending more time with them. And just continuing to be an upstanding citizen of the earth.  One with pretty foul language and a sick sense of humor… but still! And I’ll be trusting that -whatever name I should call- the all-knowing will bring me out of it.  Because it’s right.  And if not, I’ll be doing the right thing just because it’s what I’m supposed to do

Ref: I Went To Church This Morning Pt. I.


2 thoughts on “Many, Are the Afflictions…

  1. Climmie says:

    Robert you have grown so much. I call Him God. He is already clearing your path for you. He may not be there at the moment you want Him to be there, but He is always on time. Continue to be patience, continue to be the best you can be, continue to be there for your children, continue being true to yourself. I promise if you keep the Faith and always choose right there will be no mountain you can not climb, and no river to wide you can not cross. I have faith in you, and we are so proud of you!


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