I Am My Brothers Keeper

It’s the end of what we like to call “Black History Month”; and even though I don’t necessarily like the idea of certain groups having their own month so to speak, I will never deny the mere reason black folks are even IN America is screwed up.  But since we are here, and have contributed to the fabric of this country so much so it wouldn’t be what it is now without us, I have to take time to recognise it.

Have you ever noticed how whenever black Americans try to do… ANYTHING for ourselves as a race we are labeled racist, or accused of not including everyone else?  Honestly,  just look at the comments on this video:

Black people in America were never fashioned to be something great.  Expectations for us were low and credit was never meant to be given to anyone of our hue.

I am not militant.  I HATE “black power”speeches.  I don’t like affirmative action and I really dislike black Americans who try to identify with being African.  Most of you negros wearing dashikis and kanga’s wouldn’t relocate to a central African country if your fucking life depended on it! Boy Stop.  Just stop!

However, I’m also not delusional.  I know what the plan was for the black race in America. [ Reference: The Willie Lynch Letter: An Evil, Genius Plan for Self-Sustaining Degredation of Black People ] And it is quite sad to see the state our country is in, under the current administration.  Under Obama, we learned just how much people expect black folks to never make it there;  and how cleverly some could hide the reason for their disdain towards him. [Reference: Dear Obama: Was it worth it? ] Under Trump, those same people and others have 1060x600-83d30fdf8866ed53d68a6a0142c2cb52.jpgbeen encouraged to fly their flag high, and not fear repurcussions for being bigots.  [Reference: Trump: The Average American… sorta ] I kinda like it this way.

I like it more overt.  The racists folks should be proud to be who they are.  Because I want to be able to see them clearly, and from far off.  Before, we just had to ASSUME most white folks didn’t really like us deep down.  Now… they’re admitting it.  LoL.  It’s better this way. And no one can deny the division of race in our country anymore.  No rational person can deny it.

So, what are we going to do? Is the racism unavoidable?  Are my children going to have to run into racism the same way I did?  Even though they’re supposedly growing up in a time where racial lines are so blurred no one can really tell the difference?  I’m in serious danger of having a baby with a Filipino woman soon.  And according to Pew Research Center Reports in 2017, over 15% of new marriages are interracial.  That’s just the NEW ones!  And of the other 84%, what race are they really?

Hateful idiots like the one shown above really astound me with their ignorance.  Do they really even understand what “white” is? How unpure their lineage is.  How much more unpure their lineage is going to become?

A misguided chick on instagram called me a “coon” in a private message last month.  I made a stink about it on one of my postings.  She came back and tried to backtrack with lies about what she really meant to say, and threw a bunch of meaningless and aimless insults my way.  But the issue was how readily her racism was available to her.  I’m not sure what race the girl is, or thinks she is, but she claims to like black people.  And panders to black women by calling them queens and goddesses.  This too… is a form of racism and I think one of the most dangerous ones.

Being my brothers (and sisters) keeper I do find it important to not only keep it real with non-black people, but most importantly everyone who looks like me. So often we act superior to other races, so I hold us to a higher standard… one .facebook_1517968492504.jpgthat I feel we rarely reach.  I think that’s due to a faux sense of entitlement.

My father, my mother, their siblings, their parents and grandparents went through REAL RACISM.  Real structured, institutionalized and legal racism. Where they were literally told by their jobs, their neighbors, their government, that they were not equal and were openly treated as such with no repercussion. Look what they did though.  Look what they accomplished. That was THEN! But no matter what happens, we will NEVER see that.  Because of people like my parents; We know too much, and have acheived too much to let it happen. Not without a fight, anyway. #BLM and antifa and basically anyone with any sense has proven that. Do I agree with all of their methods?  Not wholeheartedly, but do I agree with racism?  Absolutely not. Well… racist jokes, but not actual racism. That’s another story.

We can’t easily change the minds of racists… people try.

And I really believe participants and leaders of the civil rights movement would be proud to see things like this.  And this:

I don’t necessarily like the song (although Taylor’s legs are looking awfully good in this video), do we understand the strides we’ve made just by being able to see this video being made?  How about the statement I just made? A mere 40-50 years ago {not really that long in terms of changing the world) I could have been killed just for typing or saying that!  Or even looking at a lily-white woman like Taylor Swift!

That’s why it kills me when the “afro-centric” types like to bash interracial dating and marriages.  We are SUPPOSED to want to be able to be treated equally. Ya’ll are being just as bad as the others!  A black man choosing to be with a white woman with great legs, or a black woman choosing to be with a white man with good credit (see, racial jokes ;)) is something Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to see! Not us keeping up the division!

Black folks, white folks, and everyone else making music together, making movies together. Working side-by-side, governing, policing and protecting together.

It makes me happier than anything to see people of all races out there rallying against white-supremacy.  For all the progress it represents and because honestly, “white-supremacy” really doesn’t even exist.  That’s why these idiots are in such a frenzy.  And like I said before, “white” isn’t even a thing.  And if they want to change it to “Caucasian supremacy” well, that’s an even more insipid theme.

And as I’ve said in the past…. it’s already bad enough having people hate us because we’re black, but do we really need to play into so much negative shit ourselves?  I can’t condone rioting and rallying whenever a cop kills a black person, but at the same time, just seeing people shake their heads in shame whenever Earl from down the steet busts a cap in Keekee’s ass over a dimebag of weed. It makes me the most sad when I see video clips online of us robbing stores, or shooting up pool halls and concerts.

And apparently this shit is supposed to be cool.  It’s in the music all the time.  STILL!  I mean… how long are we going to allow ourselves to be paid to glorify this shit?  Spending big money, lots of women, recreational drugs, violence. Our culture, unfortunately is deeply characterized with and by hiphop culture… or at least what hiphop culture has turned into.  I, like many others are able to jam to this shit but not play into it’s message.  But so many can’t, that’s because it’s not just art imitating life anymore.  It’s the other way around as well.  And now it’s this vicious cycle of consumerism and follow-the-leader.  People who would’ve never dreamed of owning a firearm, or at least carrying one to a concert are doing it now. Not because they believe they have to, but because they hear about it in every song they listen to.

How did we go from fighting for our fucking right to vote, to this? We wanted to fight for the right to have jobs.  9-5’s.   The ability to walk in the front door and sit in the front of the bus.  Now all these guys want is to do drugs which prohibit them from most jobs, and sit in the back of the bus… or worse, not go anywhere at all. We went from wanting to protect our brothers and sisters to shooting them at concerts and clubs.  Jumping them in stairwells and school parking lots.

Yes, I have to say I’m way more disappointed in us than I am them.  For shit like this. For all the strides we have made as a country ( which sometimes don’t seem like big strides at all) we take them back each time we show the world how little we care for ourselves. So yeah, I’m in support of The MBK movement.  Cleaning up the backyard is essential to fixing anything else.

Scream at me


6 thoughts on “I Am My Brothers Keeper

  1. Climmie Rooks says:

    WOW, I’m sorry I didn’t read this last month. You hit the nail on the head. We were talking to two of our grandsons last night about this very same thing. Our ancestors worked so hard to try and pave the way for us to have a better life and look at what some of it turned into. THUGS sell drugs to our kids, the so call gang initiations have caused thousands of innocent people to be killed to prove you are worthy to be a part of the gang family. Where killing and stealing is more important than finding a job to help support your family and probably in most cases your baby momma, when did it become alright to kill our own kind let alone anyone. Our ancestors saw enough killing of their own. Let’s not blame anyone but ourselves for taking us back, we are doing that pretty much on our own without the help of anyone else.

    What truly get me is, the black race (African American) which ever you wish to use are some of the most talented people on the face of earth. We are not stupid. There are hundreds of thousands of white people walking around today taking credit that a black man or woman invented and they are reaping the benefits, they have no remorse or shame. Don’t come up with an idea and tell your white boss because I guarantee you, you will never receive credit for it. Yes it’s still happening right here right now today. A stupid person could not have done what Harriet Tubman did, what Martin Luther King Jr. did, or what President Obama did, and just think if congress would have worked with him he could have achieved a lot more, but they wanted this black man to fail so bad they refused to do their jobs. All while this is going on to our first African American President the THUGS were sill busy killing and selling drugs they missed all of this I guess. President Obama was never meant to be a second term President but God had a hand in that. I would have thought our young men (especially) would stop and say “we have someone who looks like me as Commander and Chief that’s an accomplishment, I may not become president one day but I can be something better than what I am so let me get to working on myself”. No THUGS are still killing, stealing and selling drugs.

    People want to say it’s not about Black and White, it’s going to always be about that. Because the world isn’t going to ever get over the fact that they think WHITES are superior. Let me be one of the millions to tell them this is so true.

    Another thing that amazes me is since blacks are the lesser of any human race, why did the white superior race chose blacks to clean their homes, raise their children, cooks all your meals, and last and surely not least your sons and husbands forced themselves on every black woman they could and nothing was ever done about it and in many cases WHITE SUPERIOR WIVES knew about it.

    We as a whole has endured a lot, and as a whole we have a lot more to do. We need to step up to the plate and do more for our race as a whole. This want happen until we as a whole realize we have something that needs to be fixed.

    Great Blog!


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      I know someone who has lived a life like you have, have a lot of knowledge to impart to people in my generation and those to follow. It’s just sad to see us going down this slope. And you’e right, we need to step up. I’m trying to do my part. Thanks for reading and commenting!!!


  2. Honeybeanz says:

    Damn, Mr. Robert Lovelle Rooks. This was one of the most powerful, not only blogs, but things you’ve ever written. I was enthralled. Actually this is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever read. I’m so proud of you. The last sentence was everything. I imagined you dropping the mic in a sense when you wrote it. Good job!!!!


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