The Sob Stories Women Tell Men

My mother told me to stop putting my business out there on Facebook. But this is WordPress. :p But seriously, Mommy, I hear ya.  I mean, what’s the point?  I’ve been on here telling people the business for years.  And for some reason all I do is attract liars.  Like… people who lie as a way to cope.  Cope with their shitty realities.  Cope with their failures. Lie to cope with their insecurities.

And it seems there’s no consequence for it!  However, me being open about the truth puts me in terrible situation after terrible situation.  It’s mind-boggling. Well, since this over-a-decade of me broadcasting the truth is coming to a swift close-because my mother told me to-I want to get these questions out of the way first.

And really, that’s all I plan on this blog being.  A series of questions, adding up to one question.  Why do women feel the need to lie to men?  More specifically, why do women feel the need to lie to men about other men, to gain their good favor?  To gain their sympathy, or even their love? Allow me to explain where this question comes from.


-December 2016.  I have known this girl for years. 2 exactly.  We never had a love interest, she was seeing someone and so was I when we first started talking on Instagram. 2 years down the line, she tells me that her and her boyfriend who lives in Nigeria are breaking up:  He’s a terrible boyfriend.  He ignore’s her.  Mistreats her.  Purposefully makes her jealous.  Yet is insanely jealous himself and always wants to know where she is and what she’s doing. Can’t fuck.  He’s lazy, and quite honestly, just isn’t good-looking enough for her.  Her words.  She’s breaking up with him, but it’s hard to let go because she’s been with him for 5 years.

All this information is given to me.  I never prodded her for info on her ex.  She just… TOLD me! Come to find out… I really can’t tell you how much of this is true.  However, I CAN tell you that she continued this terrible relationship [or so she called it] well into our own relationship behind my back [a.k.a. lying, cheating]. She BEGAN their relationship the exact same way she started ours [stringing two guys along at once]. She ROUTINELY dated and flirted with other men when her and her boyfriend argued [she called these “breaks”, that’s how she rationalized it, and was able to convince herself she wasn’t cheating] Knowing all this, why did she need to paint herself as the perfect girlfriend to me?

And what did she tell the next guy about me?

-Let’s rewind a bit.  My ex-wife.  The guy she’s with right now, routinely finds himself talking shit to me.  Not because her and I still find ourselves arguing about the kids… mainly because she wants to treat them like bargaining chips rather than children. But because when they met, she told him all kinds of bullshit about me.  I treated her SOOO BAD.  I don’t pay our bills. [I would love to know who was.] I’m not a good father. [we’ll talk about why people want to throw that one my way later] and GOD KNOWS what else. So this poor guy, GOD bless his heart, has this preconceived notion about me.  I’m a loser!  I’m a bitch! And apparently he’s going to slap the shit out of me one day… I guess?

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But why did she need to do this?  Apparently, my ex-wife is the catch of the century.  Got lots going for her, so why on earth did she need to tell this guy all this bullshit about me?  Why did she need to tell him… ANYTHING really?  Of course… throughout the course of our lives together there was some bill shuffling, late bills, etc… nigga AND? I just had the time of my life trying to get a house last week because SHE was evicted from the last house she got and it’s on MY record because she used my last name. But I digress…

She had him in my house, so he apparently already had no respect for another mans home.  Drove the cars that I bought her.  Fucked her while we were still married.  Had the nerve to call her his wife back in January [like I give a fuck, really] but we weren’t divorced til March! LoL.  Like… this guy needed the consolation that her husband was a terrible guy to do what he did, right?  Totally unnecessary.

I don’t have to do it.  I have never had to bad mouth an ex, to a new woman to get her to consider making some bad decisions with me.  Why do ya’ll do it?

Fast forward to this summer. Fuck that, fast forward to two weeks ago.  The psychopath.  After she clearly showed her hand as to what and whom she really was, crying about a relationship that we were NEVER in, and how she put such a strong emphasis on how us entering a cohabitation [at her ardent suggestion] meant we were something special. While all the while she was sexting with a number of guys, and her ex husband.  One of these guys I had the privilege to see a conversation as it happened… thanks to the shitty privacy Apple I.D.s offer… not only was this woman the hugest hypocrite I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting, but she was clearly lying about me… to get herself a bootycall.

Ladies, let me tell you something. NIGGAS DON’T GIVE A FUCK! This conversation clearly showed that!  All this chick had to do was say, “Hey, Chad/Tim/Jerome/Tyrone I wanna fuck, let’s do this.” And they would be on the way!  It’s that simple.  But no… these are the things she told this dude.


Yea… That’s real shit. OK, so let’s look at this.

She wanted to fuck… at her house.  Cool, whatever. Ho’s are gonna be ho’s. [Why is she a ho you ask?  Well… these two aren’t in a relationship.  She was just crying about how she was in love, JUST sending naked pictures to her ex husband, AND this is NOT the only guy she was setting up booty calls with.  But whatever, AMber Rose says it’s ok.  Just make sure your kids are sleep and invite as many guys over as you want.  No biggie.]

“Where he at?” Ok. Cool.  He knows she has someone living with her.  I mean.. apparently she has made us out to be more than we were because if we were just rooming together, why does he care where I am? I’m probably jacking off in the other room?  Like… seriously, grow up.  I only masturbate into toilets and sinks!  Not rooms!  That’s craziness. Then she says I’m not leaving fast enough.  This is BEFORE she sent me three crybaby ass emails about how she fucked up so bad and needed me to stay.  No matter what. Countless texts reminiscing of the 2 months we have known each other. And how much I have improved her life. Blah blah blah.

I got head from three different women?  And recorded it?  Oh, and I fucked three different women?  ANd she got this from…. I guess one of my mystery hos?  I really wish I could gain access to these videos!  I sure could use them on my next trip to the bathroom!

While she watched my son… moved my shit… paid for my bull… It’s sad.  She BEGGED to be able to watch my son.  She recruited herself and her friends to move my shit. And any little thing she paid for that was mine, I paid her before or immediately after she did it.  JUST BECAUSE I didn’t want to see or hear shit like this.

And then… I hit her. Like… I don’t even need to go into that.  ONLY time I hit women is on GTA.  I play GTA every single fucking DAY just to hit bitches for every time I really WANT to hit a bitch in real life. Real shit. [reference: When it’s OKAY to Hit a Woman… ]

Knowing that she was there being a good woman.

Jesus H. Crippes, how many lies did we count there?

And for what?  Some dick?  Some dick she could’ve gotten ANYWAY!?  Without the lies.  Without the deception.  Without trying to sedate her daughter to go to sleep LMAO… that was another screen shot.  Fucking hilarious.  Mom of the year, right over here, lemme tell ya.



WHY, WHY, WHY??? Why lie?  You’re going to get the dick!  You’re going to get to go to Turkey and fuck a random dude then go back to your ex!  You’re going to get that dude to be your new sponsor, I mean husband.  You don’t need to lie to him!


And it made me think… When we meet these women.  And they tell us these stories about their ex.  Why they broke up.  It’s always made me raise an eyebrow but now my eyelids are both wide open.  And I’m like…


Did her ex really cheat on her?  Did he really beat the shit out of her for not organizing his Xbox games?  Did she really cook and clean every day?  Did she really get Malaria in Nigeria while still working, doing the laundry and braiding his pubic hair? Did I really get head from 3 different women and record it and just forget about it somehow?  Or are these women lying just to make themselves seem like better women than they are… I know these 3 did! And… honestly, that’s just 3 stories!

I have a friend right now… love her to death, but she is distraught over this nigga she was seeing for 5 years. Every time I turn around she’s complaining about how she cain’t believe how bad he treated her.  Cheated on her, while he was living with his babymomma and got another chick pregnant while they were together… you know, real Maury Povich type shit.  And I’m like dude… these past five years… you and I have fucked at least 3 times! How you gon sit here and tell yourself, your friends and most of all ME that you were a good woman to him and you’re hurt about this?

Girl stop.  Just stop!



So yea, I’m sorry Mommy.  I just don’t understand it.  I’m not perfect, and I’m not dating… like at all.  I’m tired of these tramps and their shenanigans.  I just really want to know why they think this is necessary.  And you know what the real kicker is… when I met all these women, they have read my blogs, seen the internet drama bullshit, and even asked me “hey what happened with that one bitch?” And I tell them…. the TRUTH.  And you know what they all said?

“Oh my god… that’s crazy.  I would NEVER DO THAT!! What kind of women you be fuckin with?!?” In some form of words.  Something to that affect…

Women stop lying to yourselves.  If you meet a new guy and wanna tell him about your past, tell him the truth.  I’m almost certain he will still throw you some D at the very least.

Scream at me




P.S.  Why do women do this?  Ladies, have you done it?  Be honest.  Fella’s has it happened to you?  ON either end?  Let me know.

18 thoughts on “The Sob Stories Women Tell Men

  1. Terica G Davis says:

    Why, you ask? Well, the same reason why men lie, and exaggerate, and extend the “truths” about their past relationship… not for sex, not at all. People paint others in a bad light to simply dim the light that would shine on their failures in that particular relationship. Also to justify the hurtful and harmful things that “they” may have done to these people. Rather than own the fact that they “did some dirt” too, they hope to bury (justify) their wrongs in the other person’s stench (that they are creating).

    This exaggerated banter is simply for the benefit of making themselves feel better about the foul things they have done, are doing, and will do in the future.

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  2. Melissa says:

    Why do “women” do this? That’s quite a broad, sweeping generalization, don’t you think? Some women do,….all do not. Almost all women share info about past relationships, sometimes without encouragement, some after being asked,…..and some after being hounded about it. Some choose not to share at all…. However, not all women who discuss their past relationships LIE about their experiences, Many have had experiences that are just THAT bad. But as far as the women who have painted you in a negative light after your relationship ended? Why waste the energy wondering about the “WHY”? If you know that the things they have said are completely false, then that’s their issue to deal with, not yours. The question that you really SHOULD be asking yourself is “why am I attracting women of such low moral character?” What about my personality or how I put myself out there says “ i’m cool dealing with cheaters and liars who have no regard for how their lack of integrity negatively impacts me, or others”. Take your time; re-evaluate your priorities and your self worth. You have been selling yourself short and lowering your standards, possibly because you prefer not to be alone, or possibly because you lack
    patience,…..or lastly, you value yourself too little. At any rate, not all women are crazy bitches who are thirsty for the D, just like all men are not dogs. Be patient, and wait until God brings a woman to YOU who understands the true value of you!

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    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Yes ma’am, Why do women, whether that be some, a few or many… but I never said ‘all’ women do anything,,, that would be ridiculous. I haven’t done THAT much research! :p

      And that’s the thing…. these women don’t portray themselves as scumbag, abusive, lying, cheating psychopaths, they have jobs… well some do, kids, friends. How am I supposed to know that I am “attracting” them? Isn’t it easy to say I’m the culprit? Instead of looking for an actual answer? Do I make women cheat, lie and or steal?

      It’s an issue to me when I’m there with them… also it’s an issue when I’m accused of hitting someone… just a woman saying something like that could land me in trouble with the law! We all know that.
      And yea. I can be patient. Funny thing is, I wasn’t actively looking for anything when I met any of these women.

      But yeah. I suppose it’s my fault these women do this shit. We can roll with that. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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    2. Farrah says:

      You have made excellent points. I totally agree when you mention wasting energy wondering why people do and say the things they do. If we know it’s not true, it’s pointless to try and rationalize the behavior of others. I believe there are many “whys” in life we will never know the answer to. I’ve been telling this man for awhile now to stop and think before he makes quick decisions regarding women. Reevaluating and being patient are two very critical parts of not only finding oneself but it also allows opportunity for the right person to come along. If we value ourselves and maintain high standards while not allowing ourselves to fall too quickly we have a higher chance of attracting a person we’re compatible with. I’m trying to sway the idea I have that all men are dogs…I know it’s probably not true. Unfortunately, I’ve wasted so much energy and time trying to figure out the “whys” that I currently don’t have any left to share with someone who could change my perception. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’ve allowed me to evaluate some things myself.

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  3. Fallon says:

    You honestly have the craziest stories and encounters with women. I’m astounded every time I read another blog. But, for the record, you know all women aren’t like this. BUT there are a good number of them that can’t be honest, just like men. They feed off of the manipulation and sob stories. I’m just glad I’m not one of them. If it’s any consolation, you deserve better. Hugs.

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    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      God I wished my stories were different. Thanks hun. Unfortunately, I’ve normally gone by the “what you deserve is what you have” credo. And in that case, I just need to be alone, or I’m supposed to be with abusive, cheating lying women.
      Other than that, thanks for reading and commenting!


      1. Fallon says:

        I think you just need a break from relationships and figure out what you really want. I know, because I’ve been there. Maybe not as crazy situations but I was jumping into things quickly because I’m a hopeless romantic who desires to love and be loved. There are always red flags however insignificant they may seem at the time. Always go with your gut. But know that you loved, you’re not a loser and you are worthy of an honest, authentic relationship.

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  4. Jessica says:

    I have never heard of a man knowing as many shitty females as you have in this one post. I am sure you have experienced plenty more but damn smh. It is sad to say that this world is just full of shitty ass people, no matter color, creed or gender they are just plain shitty. Not everyone has the same heart and I agree it is very hard to know that when the outside seems painted so well. My oh my how the tongue can lie. We just get fooled but we are supposed to learn from it. I grew up with the saying “if a snake bites you once it’s the snakes fault, twice and it’s yours because you should have been watching for the snake”. I think that sucks though to be honest, that we can’t just trust or believe someone without any hesitation 😧. Again, some people just suck and they are good at it and sucking the life and energy out of others. F@# them though!

    I agree men don’t need any back stories on an ex to lay some pipe. I would like to be able to say that maybe some of the women that do share their past just need to vent about it and not even be looking for anything in return other than a listening ear.
    I have dealt with my fair share of shitty people both women and men. I just don’t deal with folks anymore a very select few makes the cut. I can totally understand where you are coming from.
    Sorry to hear you have been blindsided with fakeness over and over again. Sounds like you need a break from it all and put all of your time and energy into what brings you the most joy, whatever that may be. I do believe God only hands us what we are capable of dealing with. He will lead you the right way if you let him.

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  5. agallion says:

    My brother, my brother, my brother…damn! What kind of people are out here?! That is some crazy mess. I’m so sorry that you experienced this level of duplicity and seemingly sociopathic behavior. To answer your question, though…women who lie like this are merely trying to fill a void that only a genuine journey to self-respect and self-esteem can fill. There is no other basic answer other than this. Liars seek to create a reality due to being dissatisfied with the one that they have created. Whoever is in that person’s life, unfortunately, will be affected and traumatized (perhaps temporarily, I hope, and not for years afterward) and must certainly find a way to get out and disassociate. Hope that you have done that for yourself.

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    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Hey Gallion! Yes, I believe I’m over all of it. It was a lot, u know. And I can deal with people fucking me over, but when they treat my children carelessly… it’s a more long-lasting angst I have lol. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love what you said. I pray I don’t have to cross paths wit people like this anymore. I’ve had my fill. Peace hun


  6. Marcy says:

    You are stupid enough to cheat on the most of your children who you claim you are good to and record it?!?! I was told to check out this blog and how you contradict yourself in posts. I thought it came be so obvious but, they were right. You are a confused soul.


    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      “Cheat on the most of your children?”
      “Thought it came be so obvious”?
      Huh? If I wasn’t a confused soul before, I sure as hell am now! Try reading, comprehending, then formulating some actual sentences, then come back to me. As always, thanks for reading and commenting!


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