Dear Obama: Was it worth it?


Be it far from me to claim to be a political expert or anything like that. Honestly, I don’t believe anyone is. But I am an American. And I have something to say about everything. That’s why you [five or six] people keep coming back here every other week.

I’ve always wondered why, if it isn’t his skin color, what is it about President Barack H. Obama people don’t like? Keep in mind, barely anyone knew about him before he ran for president. So for those who claimed earlier on that they “don’t like his politics” that argument falls dead to me immediately. I was in Warner Robins, Georgia when he was elected… people there were saying they were going to move to Canada if he was elected! The same thing people are saying now coincidentally. Aside from the regular unkept promises Obama and all the other presidents in the history of the United States of America have made, what is it that have people being so hateful towards him, his wife, and his entire family?

As what I’m sure had to be the worst 8 years of his fucking life come to a screeching hault, I wonder if he feels it was all worth it. Does he feel he did in fact make a change? Does he feel the Obama legacy will reign as an overall positive or negative one? Will his hair ever turn black again? How will his daughters turn out because of all this? If President Obama wasn’t simply part of “The System” the entire time, how will the rest of his life play out?

I have to say, I’m not necessarily an Obama supporter, but I have always admired his poise. People overseas love Barack Obama. Mostly BECAUSE he isn’t white. But as some of my new Turkish buddies have reaffirmed, he’s just not strong-willed enough. They mostly claim they’d love to have Obama as a friend, but as a leader, he doesn’t instill enough fear.

I feel that attitude is a bit disturbing, however, I’ve always felt people don’t respect what they don’t fear.


Iraqi’s respected Saddam Hussein. Because he was a FUCKING KILLER! For fear of being killed, he won obedience. Am I saying that’s the way things should go? Of course not, it’s just an example.



President Duterte, from The Philippines… another killer! But atleastimages-1 he only kills criminals. So, he has respect! From normal, good, law-abiding citizens and especially criminals!

Vladimir Putin. Well, we get the pattern.

Anyway, Obama, if he has had people killed, which let’s face it, every American President has had people killed in one way or another… But Obama isn’t known for being a murderer; is more known for:

*The validity of his birth certificate
*Running away from conflicts in Syria and Egypt etc…
*Not being hard enough on Daesh “ISIS/ISIL”
*Being well-spoken
*Having a hot wife
*Being a “Chocolate Baboon” [-Unkle Ruckus]

You’ll never please everyone, Obama! Some people were pissed at you for not going into Syria, just after people were bashing you for not bringing troops home from Afghanistan in an unreasonable timeline. Some people were getting pissed at the IDEA of you going into Syria. “Let people deal with their own problems!” They say.

The refugee situation. You were bashed for that. And the people who were in support of it, mostly gave credit to their State Governers, not you.

Every presidential term, presidents are credited for things they had very little to do with. People still say “When Bush got Saddam” as if George Bush EVER stepped foot into Iraq as a combatant. But you better shut your mouth if you ever say Obama got Bin Laden! No, Seal Team 6 [or whatever] got Bin Laden. I bet not one of you can tell me the unit which captured Saddam in that little underground crawl space.

I’ll wait.

Nope? Didn’t think so.

That’s right, because it was Bush! LoL.

For the past 8 years, it’s been “Thanks, Obama.” “Thanks a lot, Obama.” “NoBama” this, “Frobama” that. If someone trips over a fucking curb, it’s Obama’s fault. But when the gas prices went down it’s “Obama has nothing to do with the gas prices.” The differences of opinion on matters involving this poor guy are uncanny.


Even today, you can go online and see a picture of Michelle Obama, our P.H.A.T. 1st lady, doing something honorable, like playing basketball with kids, or endorsing a healthier food program at public schools, or doing an SNL skit lol… and people will get into a rage! The netnerds over the past few years just hate the sight of anything having anything to do with Obama!” Just read the comments! There was a picture of the couple on LinkedIN… LINKEDIN!!!! The supposed professional social network; showing them dressed in formal wear. You wouldn’t believe some of the hateful comments that were made about them on this supposed professional networking site. Some people just don’t like him… and they can’t think of one real good reason why. But it’s never because he’s a porch monkey.

– Barack Obama isn’t American.
– Barack Obama is the anti-Christ [my personal favorite]
– Michelle Obama is a hermaphrodite
– The Obama girls are pothead whores
– Barack Obama is a Muslim [and they all say this as if it’s something which should be looked down upon, or disqualify him from being president!]
– Barack Obama wants to put HFRID tags under our skin
– Obama only won because he’s black

That last one isn’t a joke. It’s real. It’s been said on T.V. by a spokesperson for Trump, and said more times than I care to remember by random netnerds. The hatred for this man… it’s so real. And in the grand scheme of things, he’s really been no better or worse of a politician than anyone else who wasn’t impeached or assissinated.

What I want to know is, was it all worth it? I certainly hope, someone asks him that before his days are over. I’d love to ask him myself. Because the fact is, to me, his main objective was change. And between intializing the GREAT IDEA of “The Affordable Healthcare Act”, and him being the first black president, he did just that.



Scream at me, Obama!



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10 thoughts on “Dear Obama: Was it worth it?

  1. Cami says:

    Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I certainly hope he and his family were warned of the hate and turmoil that have plagued them. I don’t think anyone can ever really be prepared for it. You’re right…. No one ever has a valid reasoning for hating him. Personally, I believe that every presidential candidate is setting themselves up for a shitty term. We give the role of the president too much credit when it’s not even them that have the most say in what goes on in our country, it’s the entire corrupt government. But, I don’t know enough to really have an intelligent conversation about politics so I’ll stop there. Great read, Rooks.

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  2. Farrah says:

    Having the title of President of the United States has always come with lots of positive and negative energy. The citizens of our nation as a whole have never been 100% satisfied with any of our leaders. Obama just happens to be black so he gets criticized on that alone on top of all the other things presidents are criticized for. He has one of the most stressful jobs in the entire world. No matter who’s fault it is for certain things taking place, it’s easier for people to point the finger at the one “in charge” rather than attacking the actual sources. Whichever lesser of two evils gets in there in 2 days will also be blamed for things that will go wrong during their presidency. They know what they’re signing up for. Doesn’t make it right we blame them for everything that goes wrong in our nation but that’s just part of it. Obama said “grain o’ salt” in that video!! I had to chuckle at that 🙂

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      1. Farrah says:

        Yes, I do think there’s a difference in the criticism he has endured. As I stated, he gets criticized just for having a different skin color than previous presidents. There are many racist bigots in this country and unfortunately Obama and his family have endured way more than their fair share of the negativity. I wonder if our nation will ever wake up and actually look at every skin color as being equal. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like it’s going to take another catastrophic event for people to MAYBE come together as one. The U.S. is supposed to be the “land of the free, home of the brave.” It’s a damn shame we don’t recognize that here. Do you think our nation will ever acknowledge all skin colors as equal? If so, why or why not?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The fact is President Obama had one thing against him from the beginning, he is black. Until things change in to many people minds “blacks can build the white house, but they don’t want them to live there “.
    He was disrespected more than any president because of the color of his skin. After all no ni**&% is supposed to be above anyone, they are lower than a dog. It’s sad but this is how far to many people feels.

    I do feel President Obama actually thought Congress would work with him because after all he was the president, but to his surprise a plan to destroy him was in the works if he won, in fact he actually lost this battle because of the color of his skin.

    No one can true fully state why they dislike him except for the color of his skin, and that in it self is a shame.

    Was he the prefect president “No”
    Should he have been impeached “No”
    Did he cause scandals “No”
    Did he provoke violence “No”

    What I do know is, President Obama has great respect for himself as well as others. He is well educated, can carry a pretty good tune, very handsome, I believe an awesome father and husband. Knows how to enter act with any and all types of people. What you see in president Obama is what so many people fear or a better term “Hate”.

    I truly pray one day he will be able to say “yes it was worth it”

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  4. jeansasson says:

    Interestingly enough, I’m a born Southerner and have lots of friends who loved Obama and the same number who did not like him at all — or his policies — but never once during the 8 years of his presidency did anyone — southerner — northerner — mid-westerner — or westerner EVER mention the fact he was black as a point of dislike or even distrust. I haven’t heard talk against people for their race since I was a young girl living in a small Alabama town — I still know the same people — thankfully the attitudes have changed dramatically and race is never the factor anymore — it’s different ideas that seem to get people upset. Sure, there is racism in the entire world — black against white — white against black — whites against Asians — Asians against whites or blacks — and so on…. I am certainly happy to say that in my world, I have seen racism diminish dramatically. I believe now that the problems mainly develop between liberals and conservatives — not race. Although the liberal/conservative wars are not attractive and create so much ill-will, I am happy to say that the past years of seeing and hearing racism is not nearly the issue it used to be. I don’t know how many of you live in the south — and, for sure, nothing is perfect ANYWHERE — I really believe that racism is slowly fading away and that fact should make us all very happy. When I look at a person, I never think about color or religion, I always judge from the character — is this a kind person before me, or not? I run away from cruel people…

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    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Ms. Sasson, I’m just simply flabbergasted that you’ve even graced my blog with your presence, and that you took the time to comment. It makes me as happy as the thought of racial divides (anywhere) deminishing. I wish the news to report from my side, anywhere I go was as positive. Either way, thank you so much for writing.

      P.s. I have called my mother to tell her about this!!!!!! My weekend has been officially made.


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