How I Feel About: Online Dating


Let’s face it, everyone is online.  Online doing SOMETHING. Banking, applying for jobs, shopping, entertaining themselves, “keeping in touch with” friends or family [aka. stalking] or whatever! It’s only natural that people are going to gain the acquaintance of people there as well.  Whether they’re trying or not.


History of online dating [for me]:

Back in 1994 I heard:

several times a day.  And late at night.  Back in the days of AOL and Prodigy internet providers… dial-up internet, and 486 processors… I was on this computer putting in some serious hours!  I was completely fascinated to be in contact with people all over the world!  I couldn’t stay off.  Well, being that I was a little horndog, and not completely independent yet… I spent a lot of time getting to know the ladies online.  I posted up in chat rooms like I owned them.  Being a guy with very few friends it was nice to know whenever I entered a chatroom I was  kinda like Norm on “Cheers”.  Things just progressed naturally.

This was before cell phones were like having a watch, or a… hat. LoL. Way before snapping a picture or video, or video chatting with someone was in our spectrum of daily activities. Even before everyone’s profile was attached to a picture.  We had to take everyone’s word for gospel.  Which made things very interesting… and dangerous.

You see, now women lie about their lives and their looks even though there’s a 1080 pixel camera on their phone for their selfie’s by using make up, tricky clothing and expert camera angles.  Back then… ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS LIE! “I look like Janet Jackson.” Bitch… please.

I once met up with a Mexican Whalephant in Austin. She told me she had light skin, long black hair, everyone she knew said she was pretty.  And she was 5’5″.  Without having Skype or Facetime I had to take her word for it.  I went and got the nicest car Rent-A-Wreck had to offer, got two hotel rooms [it was her birthday, one for a party, one for her] and got her flowers.

When I got to east Austin to pick this bitch up… I almost died.  This woman was at least 3 of me.  She failed to mention she was morbidly obese.  Had a huge hairy mole on her cheek and just… UGHGHGHGGHGHGHHHHGUGHGHG GOTDAMMIT!

Anyway… There was a stigma at a time that, THAT was the only type of woman who used online dating. But that’s not true.  At least not anymore, and we have devices to keep things like that from happening.  God… it was terrifying.

ANYWAY!  Back to the point of my blog:

Online dating is convenient. Look at what we have going on these days! Pretty much every available woman you meet is a single/divorced mom.  Do [good] mothers have time or ability to go out and be social at clubs, social events, SXSW, Carnivale, Lalapaloosa, Art Gallery’s, Happy Hour?  NO!  She has to wake up, get kids ready, get kids to school/day care, go to school/work, get off, get kids, get dinner, help with homework, put kids to bed… then put kids BACK to bed, then deal with herself.  She has no time to go out and date!


OK Cupid, Tinder, Tagged [I don’t recommend Tagged for anyone who has any self-respect],,,, are on 24 hours a day!  When that single mom gets a second or two, she can log on and see if there is someone who piques her interest.

It makes sense.

And that’s just one instance.  Now yes, dating sites do have their fair share of people just trying to hook up.  I should know… I had a 3 month relationship with a pretty young slut just looking for some dick.  But hey, live and learn.  And that’s the main problem with that, people can’t just say “Hey, I just want some dick.”  I mean… how many men are gonna have a problem with that?   A lot of us WANT to hear that!


On the flip side, the serious girls are getting the guys who just want some action as well, but they don’t come out and say often times as well.  Which is kinda funny, because as I stated in How I Feel About Dick Pics 14Feb2016 women claim guys send dick pics often when first getting a phone number… if that isn’t clueing you in on what they want, I don’t know what is.


So, after you’ve swiped left, swiped right, read profiles,and finally met someone you like.  You go out.  Better yet, you hit it off!  Great!  But when your friends, family and or coworkers ask you where you guys met…. It’s always a lie.  No one wants to admit it?  We met on Tinder.  We met on Facebook.  Or we met on LinkedIn lol.  Is it funny?  Yes… who hooks up with someone I linkedIn???? **raiseshand**.  Should it matter?  Do people go to work to hook up with someone?  No, but it happens all the time!  We spend a huge amount of time online.  Again, it’s only natural.

“People who date on the internet”

People talk about those who find love on the internet like they’re some different race or species.  Dude… the person next to you probably has a dating app on their phone right now.  All of us, are all of you.  We’re just smarter, and have a much larger dating pool lol.

The person you meet in a bar, could be telling you the same fucking lies someone online can.  Tell me I’m wrong about it.

Psycho Killer, Ax-murdering Rapists:

Sure… There was a craigslist killer a few years back.  There’s risks… in dating.  Period.  Doesn’t matter where you meet.  Craigslist just got a bad rep because this particular asshole was using Craigslist to elect victims.  Ever seen blue lights at a college campus?  Why is that?  Because rapists use(d) college campuses as a plucking ground for sweet-hot young ass to steal.  Does that stop people from going to college? Date rape, rape period is despicable and uncalled for and fucked up, but it isn’t limited to people who search online. Just be careful.  Everywhere.

Recently, I’ve met girls online.  Some real doosies. Just for record, most women online who say “I’m not looking for a hookup, or sex so if that’s all you want…” yadayadayada, or definitely DTF [Down To Fuck].  Ho’s for some reason can’t be honest whether you’re meeting them in real life OR on a dating site. Also, I’ve met some hungry bitches looking to score free food off me as well.  Fucking pathetic!

So.  You see!  Online dating isn’t too much different than dating in-person.  And I’m an advocate of it. It’s just a helper… to get you in touch with people you may not meet so easily in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I’d take advantage of it if I were you.

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22 thoughts on “How I Feel About: Online Dating

  1. Dja says:

    I laughed so hard when you described your encounter with the larger woman.. before having pictures, Skype and all that.

    It reminds me of a time many many years ago where I agreed to meet a guy. I did have pictures. I guess I was one of the first people out there who had a webcam. I trusted his word on what he looked like.. trust me It was nothing! Like he mentioned. The date lasted about 10seconds lol! And I vowed never to online date without pictures/webcam sessions before hand.

    Nowadays alot has changed. Sometimes you chat with people just because you’re lonely or just want to have a good laugh.

    Also as you said. Online dating is getting more and more normal. Certainly when you are an adult and have no time to sit at bars hoping to meet “the one”. I know I have met plenty of nice people whom I never had met if social networks didn’t exsist 🙂

    Lovely read once again Robert 🙂
    Thank you

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  2. Marie Trevino says:

    I’ve met some really good friends online! Sometimes I wish there was an app that could tell me who that good looking guy across the restaurant is. Like nearby snappers or something. So maybe meeting people online is cool but it shouldn’t replace the real deal of approaching someone in public. Internet has just made everything so convenient which in turn created a lazy dating life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      There is something for that. On Craigslist there’s a section under personals called “Missed Connections”, where people can post things like that. It’s kinda cute!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. Sweetestnell says:

    Nice read Robert, I hate the whole shame aspect of online dating too. A cousin of mine recently got married to her Tinder sweetheart. All her Instagram pics are #tindertothealter.
    As for using dating apps just to get a free meal …… That reminds me someone….. 😏

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Brandy says:

    I am one of those single mothers you were referring to!! Lol I have no time or desire to sit in a bar and mingle. Mainly, because I don’t drink!! However, a few years ago I did meet this pretty handsome guy online, won’t mention any names RLR. I wouldn’t exactly call our first meeting a date, but I enjoyed the honesty of it all. (Didn’t know I could have gotten food out of it lol). I, too, have chatted with my fair share of misleading individuals, but every now and again u do meet someone pretty cool.

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  5. Farrah says:

    Online dating. A growing trend many of my friends have tried and I was always so skeptical and told them they are CRAZY for doing that! I always said it’s just too dangerous and risky. Even with pics or video chatting to “prove” the person is who they say they are, the risk seemed too great to me because there are SO many creeps out there. However, this past March, a few months after ending a very long relationship, I decided to give it a try. I didn’t really intend on actually meeting up with any of those cats. However, I was intrigued by all the publicity and supposed success rates online dating gets. Also, one of my best friends married the guy she met online and they just had their 3rd child. How bad could it be right?! So, last March. I’ll never forget the day. It was the Sunday at the end of Spring break. I became a “match” with someone. Ah! All kinds of emotions ran through my mind at a not slow rate. Excitement, fear, shock, wonder. Just to name a few. The guy on the other end messaged me almost instantly. All the aforementioned emotions sparked up again only at a quicker rate. Heart pumping…like whoa! After a couple weeks of texting and talking on the phone, this guy and I decided to officially meet, in person, at a gorgeous park. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. We took a train ride around the park and began the journey of getting to know one another. Anyway, there’s really no way to cut this story short, other than to say…if I had never given online dating a chance, I would have missed out on one of the greatest blessings of my life. I may not have ever learned I COULD, in fact, love and be loved again. There IS hope for the hopeless. I’m thankful I decided to throw out all the negative thoughts I had about meeting people online and give it try. Someone wise, who I happen to know, often says, “What worth having is easy?” It wasn’t easy for me to push my fears aside, but I did. Now, only time will tell what the real reason I met this guy is. And oh, I can’t wait!

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  6. Fallon Ramos says:

    “Do [good] mothers have time or ability to go out and be social at clubs, social events, SXSW, Carnivale, Lalapaloosa, Art Gallery’s, Happy Hour?  NO!  She has to wake up, get kids ready, get kids to school/day care, go to school/work, get off, get kids, get dinner, help with homework, put kids to bed… then put kids BACK to bed, then deal with herself.  She has no time to go out and date!”

    That is precisely me and why online dating is pretty much the only option. But you speak a lot of truths here regarding dangers, deception, catfishing, etc. People lie both online and in person. I think it’s important to be in tune with your gut feelings, question everything and try to Snapchat, Skype or facetime to see if the person in your pics matches the person you’re talking to. Every form of dating has its ups and downs, you just have to find what works for you and be careful not to entertain everybody.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Cami says:

    Online dating is also a very useful tool when you’ve been out of the game for 12 years lol….. Or if your never actually in the game. Every single person I know has used a dating app and they still are. It’s just a way of single life these days.


  8. Terica gizelle says:

    I am recently single after a 23-year relationship with one person. My daughter thought I should give online dating a try. I was skeptical at first, and I must say that I still am. I have encountered some very weird individuals. I went on a date once with a guy whose picture on tinder had to be at least 15 to 20 years old. He showed up looking like his own father, in some 1990’s baggy jean shorts, an ill-fitting family reunion t-shirt snuggly hugging his belly that looked about 5 months pregnant. OMGOSH!!! All I could think about was how to make the night end before it even began. And this is only one of my problems with online dating, how easy it is to fabricate your persona. Yes I know if you meet someone in person, they can lie to you too, but the upside to this is, you know what they look like immediately, you’re able to see or feel if there’s chemistry, read body language, and make eye contact.

    Behind a computer screen and keyboard you can be whomever you like. And what I realized is, if you don’t like YOU, then you won’t be YOU. You will make up a person for others to like or love… and then charge them with the unpleasant event of meeting the real you one day…sigh.

    I haven’t completely given up on online dating, I do believe it’s a great way to network and meet people outside of your everyday social circles… but I am quick to tell the guy to “call me” so we can have an actual conversation not just chat or texts, and we definitely have to meet sooner than later so I can get a “feel” for you past the computer or phone screen.

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