No Officers Were Charged…

Well, that was one HELL of a week, right? Myself and a bunch of other private sector contractors and many more U.S. Military service-members have been overseas watching the news shaking our heads like… “What the hell is WRONG with you guys?” You’re embarrassing us. I had to write an emergency (I usually only post an every other Sunday) blog to let people know how concerned I am… rather WE ALL are about our country and this issue… whether it be some government scam to divert attention away from bigger issues or not… there aren’t too many bigger issues than legal murder in The Land of the Free.  Something that’s gone on way too long. –


Let’s just say I’m headed to a party [which is very unlikely] to have a good time after spending another group of months assisting the war fighter in the desert; and I’m approached by police, telling me I’m under arrest. I’ve robbed someone at gun point.

I know I’ve done nothing wrong, so I’m naturally curious. I’m apprehended and put to the ground with a Felony Takedown, and cuffed.


That’s what happened to Richard Houston Jr. in August of 2007. Luckily, he wasn’t killed. However:

What happens from that point on… is it really up to me?  Is my compliance really a guarantee of my safety?  Is my compliance a guarantee of safe passage to my right as an American, to due-process and a speedy trial? I can’t say I have faith in that.

My skin color, perhaps [and I say perhaps, but I strongly believe it] has a direct affect on how I’m treated.  Just look at the news!  Armed or not… you can and will get killed.

You want to know how Mr. Houston was found guilty and held for 55 days in jail for a robbery he didn’t commit? The person who was allegedly robbed said the person who pulled the gun on him was black, and had on a white t-shirt.


That’s it.  I’m black all the time, but I just happen to have a white t-shirt on. And that’s all it takes.  For a felony takedown and 2 months in jail.  But let’s take it a step further.  What if my inquisitiveness was too much for these officers?  They get tired of my questions.  I’m not ‘complying’ with them. They put me in a chokehold from hell. Or five or six of them get on my chest.  Or they put me in their custody alive and well, but I show up to the police station dead!

These aren’t just things I’m making up.  All of these things have happened, on numerous occasions over the past 3 years. Cops killing people by ramming into their vehicles. These aren’t hardened criminals either!  Some of them weren’t criminals at all!  Oh, and giving a police officer attitude, is NOT punishable by murder.  Just in case some of you “If they would just comply” people were wondering.

Myself, I always comply with the police.  Because most of them, happen to be good cops.  As individuals.  But its the ones who Aren’t good cops that worry me a little.  Furthermore, it’s the “good cops” who stand by and watch all this shit happen and do nothing who worry me a lot.


The people pictured above are dead.  They were murdered, by cops.  The ones sworn and paid [by us] to protect us!  To serve us! The cops who murdered them, have NOT been charged.  Not one.  Well, except for ONE of the officers in the Eric Garner case… and it wasn’t for murder OR manslaughter.

These instances were out of hand before, but now, I’m just disappointed.  Disappointed with myself.  Disappointed with you.  Yes, you.  The people standing by and letting this shit happen.  And no, I’m not being subliminal so you, the reader can take that however you want.  I’m flat out saying, that when we see someone being mistreated, by ANYONE we should do something.  I’m not talking about recording either. If we see a trend [which, I hope you do] of people being gunned down, choked out and or beat to death by police, we should be prepared to risk our lives to help!  Why?  Because our lives are at risk anyway.

It scared me to death knowing that I could be walking out of a store with my children and the cops come and accost me because I fit the description of another black person who did something wrong. Not only that, but I could be killed because I’m resistant to the fact that I’m being arrested and haven’t done anything wrong.  Like… EVER!  I literally haven’t commited a crime remotely punishable by apprehension or arrest since I was 17.  So someone using brute force with me while I’m minding my own business is going to obviously be met with some hostility.  I won’t be sorry for saying that.

These cops are getting off.  They’re being protected.  Because if they start prosecuting them one by one we, The People will begin to lose even more faith in the police.  Which means our respect for them will lessen as well. They can’t have that.  So, white, black, brown, yellow… if you’re behind a badge, you’re most likely going to follow a code.  Protect yourselves.

They do it.  So why aren’t we?

Philando Castille: Shot 4 times and killed by police on a routine traffic stop for a busted tail light. Reaching for his wallet to give to the officer to show his license and permit to carry.


It’s funny, we see the more high profile cases, but well over one-hundred and thirty confirmed cases of black people being killed by police in America have occured.  Fact:40% of cases of police killing an unarmed civilian have a black victim. Less than half of these cases have Police Officers being punished in ANY type of way for these murders. Most of them get PAID administrative leave while they’re investigated.  Most of them are back on the force after the buzz dies down.  It’ sickening. It’s frightening.

I know there’s a need for the police.  And I know there are criminals out there.  But even the worst of criminals get their day in court.  We brought SADDAM HOUSSEIN, from IRAQ! To America!  Safely, and he got to go to court.  He was treated more humanely.  We have animals out there, who are more deadly than a lot of these men and women who were killed by police, treated better… The public outcry for a gorilla, or a lion, or alligator is more inspiring than the outcry for black people killed by police. It’s a sad, sad time.


I was thinking about ending my blog right there.  I was walking into the DFAC this morning for breakfast [or something like it] and the news of 4 cops being killed in Dallas was on the news. Now, depending on whom you’re talking to, someone dying is a good thing, and to others it isn’t.  I for one, don’t like to hear about ANYONE being KILLED.  Period. Well… maybe except for a pedophile.  But other than that! I believe, for the most part, people should be treated with their dignity. All-in-all, killing someone isn’t a glamorous thing.  To rational and sane human being, it takes a bit of your sanity.  It take a bit of your happiness, if not all of it.  And it’s something you never forget. I think it’s terrible whenever DAESH [OKA “ISIS”] detonates a bomb killing innocent people for not reason.  On the other hand, I feel kinda bad whenever we retaliate and kill a bunch of them… and ALSO the innocent people around them; because believe or not, not all these people are behind DAESH. And I’m certain these thousands of assholes in America who think it’s justified that a cop kills a black guy.  As long as he wasn’t conforming. And I’m certain some idiot black guy think it’s alright that we clap back from rooftops with sniper rifles.  At cops that were nowhere near the incidents that we’re all pissed about it.

“STOP THE KILLING” isn’t just a popular T-shirt and hashtag.  It’s something that actually needs to happen.  Violence only leads to more violence, this week PROVES that!

In my above statements, I stated we should intervene if we see improper handling… I doubt very much the COPS in Dallas need to pay for something that happened in Louisiana, or Minnesota.  Get your shit together!

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4 thoughts on “No Officers Were Charged…

  1. Farrah says:

    This is sickening and it has to stop. You are absolutely right when you say Americans as a whole are responsible. If none of us actually speak up and do something, WITHOUT using violence, this problem will continue. It angers me so very badly that this issue has become a more frequent occurrence. This whole epidemic is precisely why I am choosing CHANGE. Not just talking about among peers, or praying/wishing things could be different, or ignoring the problem hoping it will go away on its own. NO. It’s time for the good to take over the bad. Where are all the GOOD people? And are you now ready to stand up for what’s right? I could type for hours but it’d be redundant. Ghandi said it best, ” You have to BE the change that you wish to see in the world.”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Farrah says:

        Yes, we should. I’m just waiting to see when people do start being more like him. I spelled his name wrong, it’s Gandhi.


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