Perceive a, Las Vegas

This city is filled with people who are trying their best to act like they’re unimpressed with Las Vegas and it’s reputation. “Locals” who are most likely not from here, but claim to hate tourists. People who claim to shy away from The Strip at all costs because they work there.

I happened upon this city for work after 34 years of avoiding it because I really have no business here.  I mean, seriously. Aside from the  incessant sex [which isn’t too unfamiliar in every other place in the world] and my job, I really have no business here.

I’m not into gambling. And if you think gambling isn’t the number one reason to come to Vegas, you’re just fooling yourself. I’m not sure there are too many establishments you can patronize without having the opportunity to gamble away some of your hard earned dough.  This doesn’t just mean the hundreds of casino’s.  But every gas station.  The K-Mart.  The Airport. Every bar.  Every night club.  All have slot machines. The ease of procuring recreational drugs and women-for-hire, and the fact that you can walk down the street drinking bottles of beer [but can’t J-Walk without a $2,000 fine] are also reasons why I’ve stayed away from Vegas.  That’s not FOR me! LoL. And of course, the washed up artist performing their hay-day hits. Also not interested. I think Britney is there having her final stand as we speak.

Even though I usually consider “Travel” as trips one is required to utilize their passport for, I decided to make a travel vlog for this one too.  It wasn’t anything too fancy, but please enjoy these clips before I continue on.

I started this blog with the intention of expressing the other side of Vegas.  It’s definitely there.  The rich Native American culture.  The broad and beautiful mountainous landscape.  The awesome super-secret squirrel military operations going on in various places around the desert. I just didn’t get a chance to get out and do all I wanted.

I woke up my first morning there at my fantastic hotel (pure sarcasm), the Santa Fe Station Casino and gazed out of the window at mountains I didn’t know were there the night before. I knew at some point during my stay I needed to trek or climb at least one. Charleston Peak, part of the Jefferson and Mt. Charleston mountain range is the 8th highest prominence in mainland America at just over 8,200 feet.  Its less than 40 minute drive from the center of Vegas. I wanted to hit it… but I didnt.  Sorry, I couldn’t make that more climactic, I just didn’t make time to go.

I did, however, make it out to the Red Rock area. Red Rock Canyon covers about 200,000 acres and has rocks and mountains which range from 3,000 to 8,100 feet.  I have to say, it’s a great area for… ANYTHING.  Hiking, trekking, climbing, family reunions, picnics, latenight frolicking ;)!


So far, that’s it.  I know you all were expecting more.  But unless I go into the normal things I did, this would probably be pretty redunant.  I went there, saw ONE show [Jabbawockeez] because I actually liked the performance BEFORE coming to Las Vegas lol.

I did the famous SlotZilla zipline. By the way… whoever runs Fremont / SlotZilla Vegas Instagram page is a complete fucking asshole.  Just a sidenote. But it was pretty fun.  A complete racket of course.  $45 for the top line which is I think 140 feet up as opposed to the lower which is only about 60… or whatever. Then they charge you if you want to use a gopro camera to record your ride.  They give you a little sack to attach to your body, which is supposed to hold all of your personal belongings including your phones and any cameras, They charge for the pictures they automatically take of you coming down the zipline. It’s pretty shitty.  So… I snuck my own GoPro up there and took my own damn picture, running the risk of dropping and ruining that $400 piece of equipment. And possibly hurting someone I in the process, I must admit. But hey…

I had to make a statement.

I did a little fine dining at Oscars, [in the dome of The Plaza Hotel] and Top of The World, restaurant at the Stratosphere hotel, and I did a little over-indulging:

That meal at hash-house A Go-Go was honestly about 6 pounds of food.  It was ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous that I pretty much ate it all. The meal was at 10:30 a.m.  I didn’t eat again til the following Monday around noon!  It was delicious though.  If it means anything to you, the reader, the meal was featured on Man Vs. Food.


Other than that, just a bunch of driving around, talking to homeless people and eating at casino buffet’s. The casino buffet’s were fantastic. I can’t stress that enough. Pretty much all there was to speak of, of the hotel I was staying in. I looked forward to weekends so I could pile on custom omelettes, chicken fried steak with gravy, french toast, and home fries. Lord, lord, lord.

I’m sure when I go back for my next stop in Vegas I’ll have more to report.  But as I’ve mentioned, I’m just not interested in the rest of it.

Oh!  I also did Karaoke at Dino’s.  Often.  I’ll spare you the sound/video clip though. LoL


Stay tuned for a hopefully more interesting blog the Sunday after next!  That’s right, if you haven’t guessed it by now, a blog every two weeks on Sunday!



All pictures, courtesy of: My motherfucking self.






7 thoughts on “Perceive a, Las Vegas

  1. Farrah says:

    Who goes to Vegas and doesn’t spend a cent on gambling?! 😉 lol you and your love for food! I wonder if you will ever write a blog about a place you’ve been without mentioning food in some way 😛 And, you’re such a rebel, making your own go pro videos instead of being robbed more lol…you’re funny AND smart. The people you flew over should be happy you didn’t drop your camera! Sounds like a fairly good time even if you’re not into the majority of things that are typically on people’s Vegas agendas.

    Liked by 1 person

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