How I Feel About: Transgenderism in Youth

Your gender is now just something your clueless, and useless delivering Doctor marks on your birth certificate. Yep!  At this moment, gender is something you can change just like one changes their sexual orientation from week-to-week. Not only that… you can change this apparently non-existent, yet polarizing fact about yourself even before you’re old enough to vote, drink alcohol or even buy cigarettes.

The word “Transgender” according to google analytics, is a word whose popularity has spiked from… well hell, look for yourself!


Transgender is trending.  Has been on the rise since the 90’s.

I bet you’re wondering whether I have an issue with transgender…ism? Well, my thoughts about this somewhat align with my thoughts on homosexuality; which I still haven’t blogged about yet.  Oh, but I will.

But my issue with it, isn’t really what adults are doing.  I more-or-less think adults should be left alone to do what they want, as long as they aren’t breaking any laws, killing anyone, or harming any children or taking the innocence of children away prematurely.

And that brings me to my issue. Transgender children. Or, what I like to call, children of insipid and way-too-‘progressive’ parents.

I recall one of my children coming to me one day telling me they wanted to be a duck. Of course… I didn’t think of ways to help my child become a duck.  That’s nonsense.  But I think somewhere out there and or some time soon, someone wold think they should really help their child become a duck.  If they ‘identified with’ one. As parents, or school teachers or, child caretakers; it’s a known detail that kids say and think some weird shit.  Most of the time it’s cute.  Some times it’s disturbing.  But most of the time, we know that it’s most likely something that will come to pass.  I remember one time I recall almost having a heart attack because my oldest son [who was 5 at the time] was walking around in a pair of his mothers shoes.  Hi-heeled shoes. I freaked. Call me what you want, but I would love for my son to grow up and find women attractive; not wanting to be an attractive woman.  I won’t apologize for that. But later on, I found out that I, myself, had done some pretty fruity shit when I was a kid too.  Let my siblings tell it, I was just a fruity little boy!  With that being said, I think it’s possible for a little boy to not be… as ‘boyish’ as society would like to think they should be, and still turn out to not need to change his gender.  Same for little girls. What we used to call “tomboy” was just that.  A girl who would rather were jeans, high-top sneakers, play basketball and wear t-shirts with monster trucks on them, instead of wearing dresses, cute shoes, play with dolls and wear make-up.

OK, so the new age folks out there use all types of fancy words to describe what makes someone think they should be a different gender from what they were when they were born.

  • Hormonal TransitioningUnisex_pictogram
  • Androgyn
  • TriGender
  • Bigender
  • Binary Gender
  • PanGender
  • GenderFluid



All this to basically say, there is no gender anymore.  There’s no right or left to it. I think people who aren’t transgender, yet in support of all this mess are people who mean well… but just don’t understand the avalanche effect this do-whatever-you-want type of attitude is going to bring.

I recall when the gay rights movement pushed for gay marriage and basically won a huge fight [legally]. I applauded them for it, because the way most of them went about it.  Not staging their stupid little kissing rallies at Church’s and Chickfila, but really taking it to Capitol Hill and saying “this needs to change!” People who were flat out against gay marriage compared it to pedophilia and rape and other extreme happenings. And yes, it may seem extreme.  But then again, gay marriage was an extreme idea not too long ago.  At this point, I think a 7 year old saying they want to change their gender is extreme.  Or a transgender being named “Woman of the Year.  That was a bit extreme as well.  So what’s next?

Do you think it’ll stop? Of course not.  Just like how homosexuality and transgenderism were kept under wraps before the world lost it’s mind… the other “extreme” things will come to the forefront as well. Those who like to practice beastiality will come out of the woodwork. Oh wait… they have already? Beastiality is legal in some states still? Well yea, so is beating your wife on the courthouse steps at noon on Sundays in North Carolina.  But you’ll still be arrested for it.  And it’s still not acceptable behavior.  That’s what these groups are pushing for.  They want whatever lifestyle they chose to be OKAY. Next will be the people who wish to have sexual relations with extreme minors.  Right now, we call them sicko’s.  But if we have to be supportive of homosexuality, people changing genders, and… WHATEVER… why not these things? Where do we draw the line?  There is no line.


“Well, it doesn’t affect you! So why do you care?”

Let’s say someones 11 year old “transgender” son, decides he wants to use the girls bathroom… you know, because he’s a girl.  The schools are eventually going to have to let him.  Why?  Because this is America, and whatever the mainstream wants, the mainstream gets. Now your 11 year old son, Jon… I mean, Jane, is in there with my 11 year old daughter.

But hey… the irresponsible shit you do with your children doesn’t affect me in the slightest.  Go for it!

I just don’t get it.  At what point are parents going to realize its our job to guide our kids in the right direction.  Not cosign and follow any outlandish shit they may think.  From a 6 year old coming home from school saying he needs an iPhone 6C+ because little Timmy has an iPhone 6C+ to, “Hey mom, I wanna be a boy.” I’m not saying you need to go crazy and try to force them to be something they’re not.  But also try doing your fucking job as a parent and have them stay the course!  Focus on school.  Focus on some activities.  Not focus on making your family the next guests on Dateline or 60 Minutes. Or using your child’s confusion or temporary delusion of changing gender as a subject for your bestselling book.  I mean… congrats on your success, but D- on the parenting decision.

Just go through youtube. Tons of parents using their kids to get famous. It’s ridiculous.

Sorry, this is just my opinion.  If you’re an adult and you feel you need be something other than what you were born as, go for it.  But if you have a child in the single digits and you think they’re old enough to make a decision about something like this you’re an idiot.  Why not allow them to balance your check book as well.  Hell, take them out and let them get a job, so they can work for the money for their wardrobe change.


What if your 10 year old daughter came to you and said she wants to be a stripper?  Do you go out and buy her some 8 inch heels and lingerie, or explain to her about a better path?  Jesus H. Christ. People are stupid as fuck these days.

Gender Roles:  I’ll delve into how Transgernderism basically spits at the dimminishing “gender roles” later.







All Gender Restroom Pacard: wikipedia

boys and girl washing hands in bathroom:

Kid stripper:

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