Trump: The Average American… sorta

When I sat down to write this I already knew what I was going to say.  But as always, just to see what’s going on in The Interwebs, I did a quick google search on “The Trumpster”. screenshot_2016-03-13-09-36-20.png I had to chuckle at what I saw. Apparently, above all else, Donald Trump is a politician.  This is news to me. Last I checked Trump was just a businessman, who had some wealthy lineage, a huge building, a quirky [at best] “Reality” T.V. show and a butt load of money and ex-wives.

To be able to google him and his claim to [google] fame be “American Politician” is a testament to American politics in itself.  He’s just an American dude, with enough money to give zero fucks.

Be it far from me to claim to be a political genius, a historian or someone who is steeped in the happenings in our government;  I try to stay as well-informed as possible for someone as involved with myself can, because it kills me when people of my generation claim to not pay attention to politics because “They’re all corrupt”.  What they really mean to say is, I’m too consumed with my own life, or lack thereof to take the time or effort to pick up a newspaper from time to time.

However, this blog isn’t about politics.  It isn’t about who should’nt be the president.  It isn’t about Obama-bashing and it isn’t about voting.  Because I honestly don’t care for ANY of the aforementioned.

This is about how people feel about Donald Trump. It’s about you.

I’ve been verbally attacked out of anger and disbelief at my opinion of Donald Trump. People I have known for years have in seriousness called me some of the harshest names degrading my intelligence because I’m not ‘anti-trump’. I’ve had a Filipino call me stupid for not being anti-Trump.  I’ve had a Canadian LAUGH IN MY FACE [EAR… WE WERE ON THE PHONE] FOR NOT BEING ANTI-TRUMP!  I asked both of them… why are you against Trump?  You know what they said? “Well, my friends say he’s an asshole.” Neither of them knew anything about this dude… watched a single debate or read one credible article about this man. But this is how people form opinions these days… facebook and friends.

Isn’t this America?  Can’t I speak my mind?  Don’t I have the right to vote for or endorse whomever I see fit?  Can’t I lend my support to a presidential candidate without expecting to be chastised or ridiculed?  Apparently not.  And I find it funny, the only guy screaming “Make America Great Again” doesn’t have an even larger following.


Let’s take a few things into consideration.

  1. American’s Have lost faith and allegiance in and to America.
  2. It’s a known fact that Presidential candidates are lying about what they are GOING to do if elected.
  3. One man or woman isn’t going to fix America’s problems.
  4. People will do ANYTHING to get famous these days.

Addressing #1. As a world traveler, I have met FOREIGNERS who have more love for The Red, White and Blue than most Americans I meet.  I meet White people who pledge more allegiance to the 1.2% Irish blood they have than the 98.8% American.  I’ve met Naturalized people from countries in South and Central America who will fly flags from countries their parents and grandparents are from before they’ll fly an American one, and will attest to be Puerto Rican, Peruvian, Panamanian or WHATEVER before claiming to be an American. “I’m going to move to Canada if…” is becoming more of a commonplace pledge than a spur-of-the-moment joke among Americans when there’s talk of things not going their way. Americans talk worse about America than anyone in my opinion.  We generally have less pride in ourselves than when compared to other countries.  I’ve seen people from war torn and poverty-stricken nations, more proud of their home than we are.  And that’s just sad.

Addressing #2. When was the last time an elected president did everything they said they

020912ELXRomney CC7
Feb. 8, 2012 -ATLANTA – Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney Curtis Compton

would do?  I’ll make this easy on you, it’s never happened.  Not in our generation anyway. I don’t even think it’s possible! Their job as candidates is to sell you on their ideologies, using them as plans… plans that they lie and tell us are going to come to fruition if we, the American People lend our support.  It happens every single election.  Lies, lies, and more lies.  Here’s a guy [Trump] who is at the very least being honest about HIMSELF.  No one would be stupid enough to use the outlandish opinions of Donald Trump as the lies America needs to hear to garnish votes.


Addressing #3.  Just like with Obama, people are once again resting the change of America on one guys shoulders.  Saying that he’s not political or even smart enough to run the country.  To affect the change we need to be successful as a country again. What I want to know is, when are Americans going to learn The President isn’t here to FIX America.  Only we can do that. Yes, voting plays it’s part, but decisions we make as individuals hurt our country just as much as a presidential party and congress overspending our tax dollars.  The average American over-spends their tax dollars as well.  More over, on shit we don’t need.  But that’s another topic for another time.  [American spending AND Congress, the REAL problem]

Addressing #4. These rallies.


It’s funny how I personally know for a fact that every presidential candidate has had hecklers and or protesters… but why is it now, every day we’re hearing about a protester at a Trump rally? Is there a certain reason why we don’t see black people going to Klan rallies?  Is there a re reason why we know for certain that there’s going to be an issue if Klansmen or any other white supremecists were to go to a #BlackLivesMatter rally or happening?  These people are looking for attention.  They’re looking to get accosted. They’re looking to get arrested, thrown out and get their pictures in the news and on social media.

“Donald Trump is a racist, a fraud, xenophobic, prejudice, idiotic, fascist,  douchebag and a thug.  He hates Mexican’s and Muslims, incites hate and violence; and it’s terrifying that he’s ahead in the polls.”

-Many Americans, Critics and Other Politicians.

I don’t disagree entirely.  My only issue with that statement is… He sounds so much like my coworkers.  He sounds like my supervisor.  Minus the billionaire part, he sounds like the average American.  Donald Trump has supporters, because hundreds on top of hundreds of thousands of Americans are AFRAID of Muslims [Read about Islamaphobia here].  Moreover, Americans didn’t need Trump to become prejudiced towards Muslims or ANY doctrines followers for that matter.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans feel the need to get a handle on illegal immigration [not just “Mexicans”] If one were to listen to Trumps speech about immigration, and how “Mexico sends us their worst, not their best”, they’d know that he may need to word things better, but he wasn’t being racist in the slightest.  But ever since then, he’s been known as a racist. And then again… there are millions of racists in America!  As a matter of fact, I happen to believe everyone has at least the tiniest bit of racism inside of them.  Even if it’s just the fact that you think Black people are the best basketball players, or white people can’t dance… it’s all racism.

As far as inciting violence… I’d kick people out of my rallies as well if they came just to start shit!

His views may be extreme.  And his methods might not be subtle… but he’s not too far off the mark with how people in this country feel.  They’re just too ashamed to admit it.  Put a billion dollars in the hand of Joe Blow down at the factory, or Sarah Jane, the Barrista at your local Starbucks… I guarantee you, they won’t be too much different.

Stop being so judgmental.  He may be extremely rough around the edges, and he may not be a good pick for president either… but he’s not too much different from you.

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