How I Feel About: “Dick Pics”

Happy Valentine’s Day.

There isn’t really a way to be subtle about this topic.  I must say, I’ve been compelled to blog about this for a while because I meet a lot of women whether I’m trying to or not during my travels and there aren’t too many that don’t arbitrarily bring this up!  Actually… I’ve had women THANK ME for not sending them dick pics.  It’s ridiculous!

dickpic2What, you thought I was joking?

“What is a Dick Pic?” I’m glad you asked.  A dick Pic is when a guy takes a picture of his -or someone’s- junk [apparently] and sends it to you via text or social media. This is supposed to indicate a sexual tone or desire.

There’s honestly no problem with sexting.  If a woman requests a picture of your genitalia… whether it is just to test your mettle, or to see what she’s getting into later on that night, it’s not a problem.  She ASKED for it!  But if you just got someone’s phone number, or you just got a match on Tinder, or you just got a random friend request on Facebook, the thing to do is NOT send them a picture of your dick, even before you say “Hello, how are you?”


What I’ve always wanted to know was, “Does this work?”  I mean… I’ve never done the leg work myself so-to-speak, but I feel like asking guys who have the balls to do this [I’M ON A ROLL!] “Hey bro, do women respond positively to you arbitrarily sending them pictures of your cock-n-balls?”TheHilaryClark Seriously.  What makes a man do it?  Arrogance? Stupidity? What clicks in a mans head, and makes him think, “Yea, this bitch DEFINITELY wants to see my schwank.” And hit ‘send’?


A couple quick notes:

1: If Women ask for it. Please be mindful, if you two aren’t serious, this picture will probably end up in the inbox of 5-10 other women as the joke of the day.  If you don’t  care, or you are super confident in your junk, go for it.

2: Be mindful: Women aren’t always in a sexual mood or even in an environment to where they can focus on sex.  You have mothers, who have children who may be playing games on their phones or talking to their grandparents or WHATEVER, and can get hold of that glorious hog of yours.  I’m pretty sure, no woman wants that to happen. A woman can be at work, in a business meeting, or at church/ bible study, or something; be in mixed company and their phone happens to be in someone elses line of sight.  That could actually get someone fired! Who knows?JESHOOTS


I figure at some point it has.  Men aren’t THAT stupid… are we?  Somewhere in the history of time, there HAD to be a woman who has responded favorably to an unsolicited dick pic, or else it wouldn’t be a thing.


MY opinion. I’ve been on Craiglist dating ads before.  So, I’ve seen the raunchiest of the raunchy.  I don’t even know WHY I’m asking whether some women want dick pics up front.  I’ve seen it as a REQUIREMENT for responding to an ad!  Honestly.

…Tracy. 32. West Chester, Pa.

Looking for a REAL MAN!  If you’re white, over 6’0 and disease free, please respond with recent pictures of yourself, and one from ehem… “downstairs”…

That’s just one that I could remember off hand.  What I do in my spare time has brought me upon all types.  In case you’re wondering whether I responded to her ad, you bet your ass I did!  We immediately got into a debate about race, and we were good buddy’s for a while.

Look, I’m really sorry this is even an issue first of all.  And I’m really sorry that women feel that on their online dating profiles, initial text messages or whatever!  That they need to make a disclaimer, discouraging the transmittal of Dick pics! But unfortunately, I think that’s what you’re going to have to do, in order to help put a dent in this mentality.


On the FLIP SIDE!  As I stated before, there are some women who are fucking it up for other women.  Ladies, if you’re sending provocative pictures of yourself to start, you may be planting the seed for this type of behavior.  I ALWAYS ask a chick for a picture of them for my caller I.D.  I gotta keep my caller I.D. in an orderly fashion.  First name, followed by their location, and a FACE PICTURE!  With that being said, I’ve had women send me pictures of them from the back, showing off their tramp stamps, pictures of them from the side with their ass on the bathroom sink!  Pictures of them at the club, on the couch or ANYWHERE with more cleavage showing than face!  And I know… its not like you sent me a picture of your hoohah, but lets face it… we’re kinda stupid… and if you open the door, EVEN JUST A LITTLE, we’re gonna bust that shit open!  So keep it classy, and if you send a guy a picture with you fully clothed looking like a respectable woman, and he still sends you a huge, hairy nomad… then at least then you know you’re dealing with a total prick, and you can tell him to lose your number. But be logical about it.

Let me know how you feel about it.  And no… I don’t send dick pics.  It’s ALWAYS cold where I am.

Ladies, please share your Dick Pic stories below in the comment section.  Feel free to post the picture as well.  LoL… I’m kidding.

Scream at me





Main Photo: Pixabay artist: JESHOOTS

Man taking pic of junk: via Shutterstock

Picture of Text message: Straight from my huge inbox folder of useless connections in Vegas

Cool guy sending Text photo: Pixabay Artist: TheHilaryClark

Seated girl texting: Pixabay artist “StockSnap”

Oprah passing out dicks:



12 thoughts on “How I Feel About: “Dick Pics”

  1. Sweetestnell says:

    I know we have had this conversation recently, But ya I don’t get the dick pic thing. I’ve never even asked for them. But I have had experiences on dating apps where we are having normal how is your day going conversations…. And out of the blue got a dick pic…. No thank, next please. Or sometimes guys just drop it into conversation ” do you want a pic of my dick?” …. Again NO ……. I just don’t get it. If I havnt asked for it , I don’t want it. But it does seem to be a thing ….maybe most guys are using online dating apps etc for the sole purpose of hook ups. Could that be it???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      I can’t claim to know what most guys use online dating for. But if there were a format to what most guys are using dating apps for, again, there has to be a REASON for that. Meaning, if ‘most guys’ are using online dating apps simply to score sex, then it must be giving them good results. What does that say about the women using online dating apps?
      I can honestly say, the woman who I’ve some in contact on online dating apps have on average been more anxious to bone than I have.
      But alas, I really don’t know why a man sends unsolicited dick pics… I’m not an authority on the matter, I just hear about it all the time from women. I’d expect for women to be able to tell ME actually lol/ Or, why don’t you send this blog to one of, what I’d believe to be the many men who have sent you dick pics and ask them to weigh in 😉 Win Win
      Thanks for reading, and commenting, Noelle!


  2. Farrah says:

    Dick pics…hmm…I don’t have much experience with online dating shenanigans, but fortunately, I haven’t ever come across this. I’ve heard these newer apps are for straight hooking up, especially Tinder. How interesting 😉 like you mentioned, if the apps ARE known for that, then it’s working for those who are looking to “bone” as you say. It’s crazy to think women could be, and probably are, the reason these dick pics keep circulating. What ever happened to keepin it classy?! If women continue to lower their standards and accept what these jerks are doing, why would men do anything differently? It’s always cold where you are lmao!! What if I want a dick pic?! Oh, Rooks 😛 very interesting topic.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mia says:

    Hi, Mr.Rooks im so glad you bring this topic up, bcz well i have some issues about it. Ive been on several dating apps for few times, not for looking for a hook (but i always end up got one from it). The disappointed part was when men popped up for the first time while send me their dick pics, and it mostly fake i guessed. It.s.really.annoying. Not that i dont like men and their bottom set, but it.s like “i dont talk with penis”.
    And this is my problem, i ever had relationship few times before and i never had sex with them or initiated to have sexual approaches with them. I prefered to have sex with my fwb, with clear line about didnt dragged each other feeling to relationship. We had sex, sexted, masturbated together, and….ofc they gimme their dick pics. Whenever they send me dick pic, i never had feel to treasure their dick and only thought “cut the crap, when we could had sex or masturbate together? Im in a high” and whenever we had sex, if i feel “ive got enough” i refused to do it more.
    But in my current relationship, i really treasuring my bf dick pic and always asking for it. All i wanna do everytime looking at it while erected or not, only spoiling and worship to it. In fact his dick just an average asian guy (im an asian, just for info, not for racishit), and the hard truth is i cant get turn on again by another dick or another dick pics (even the bigger and enormous one from porn) :v
    I could not give a damn to stranger dick pics, but in another hand i could really addicted to my bf dick and his dick pick. Is there something wrong on my head?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      Makes total sense to me. If you’re with someone in a relationship, then of course you want to their “bottom set” [I like that, I’m going to start using it]. And of course, THAT would be solicited. It’s when people send them without being asked I think… is when it’s just completely unacceptable. Thanks for sharing Mia! BTW, what’s an “Asian”?


  4. Marie says:

    Ok so to keep it simply women are emotional & men are physical. Women need more than a pic to get aroused unlike a man. So maybe that’s why they do it. Maybe they think because nudes turn them on then they turn on females as well. Negative. It has the exact opposite effect.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mary says:

    Well, unfortunately i have been a victim of drive by dick pics, and other body parts. Its very unattractive and disturbing. Basically a turn off completely. I didnt ask for it nor do i need to see what you think your working with that dont impress me or any real woman for that matter. You get blocked with me for that nonsense. I have kids and definitely dont need them seeing that on my phone as well. Me personally be a real man a gentleman and keep your dick in your pants. And treat women with mors respect.


  6. Dara says:

    If you actually believe that that craigslist ad was a genuine posting by a real woman, then, you’ll believe just about anything.


  7. Brandi says:

    I have gotten dick pics, even after explicitly saying “no thank you” after a man says “wanna see more?”…it’s like he wanted me to say yes, and I didn’t but it obviously didn’t stop him. I wonder what that picks name was anywho….

    Liked by 1 person

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