The Willie Lynch Letter: An Evil, Genius Plan for Self-Sustaining Degredation of Black People

Happy Black History Month.


Stacy Dash and I have aligning thoughts on BET, Black History Month, etc. However, I’d definitely make sure I explained myself better than she did. Let’s take into consideration that it’s 2016. Imagine you’re a teenage white kid, who doesn’t have racist parents.  Grew up in a neutral place like… a military installation.  Like I did.  You have your first brush with racism and wonder; where does it all come from?  You wonder why Black people, and Hispanic people and “Asian people” have all this special shit, but you don’t.  They get to say “nigga” in all the coolest rap songs, but you don’t.  Wouldnt you feel confused?

I’m not saying anyone should feel bad for white people. I’m also not saying anyone should feel bad for black people.  Hispanics, or anyone else.  But I do wish, upon many moons, stars, constellations and galaxies that people would just TRY… to understand where other people are coming from.  If you’re white, and you don’t understand why blacks in America “pull the race card”, pull a black person aside and talk to them!  Don’t get on the internet and preach that racism is a figment of our imagination! If you’re black… and are pissed off at some white kid for wanting to know when “White History Month” is?  Don’t get angry… pull that person aside, and explain to them, politely, that EVERY month is White History Month.  And STOP this NONSENSE about how BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T BE RACIST! That is the dumbest shit!  Stop it!


Please excuse my lengthy and poor-excuse for an intro.  As you can see, I have a lot of developing thoughts about this, but I’ve come here to talk about one thing and one thing only.  The Willie Lynch Letter, and its staggering effects.

If this were a video or T.V. show, this is where we’d que the ominous music.

Back when British settlers in America figured their new stolen land was due for some good cultivation, and the wealth of what they’d amassed in the great land deserved some hired help, they initiated what we’ve grown to call the slave trade.  We’ve all read the history books.  However, what many people don’t know and what some chose to ignore is the blueprint, which was written and handed down to slave owners.  The blueprints to systematically breakdown the innerworkings of slaves (I would say “black people” but they weren’t looked at as people at the time… just slaves, so… PROGRESS!) , their spirits and their understanding; to accomplish an eternity of cultural disability.  This simple, evil, genius plan, is what’s known as The Willie Lynch Letter of 1712.

From the motion picture, “The Great Debaters” for your viewing pleasure.

Ebonics.  Gangster Rap.  Ghettos. #TeamLightSkinned Vs. #TeamDarkSkinned, Good/Bad hair, “Self-Hate”, #OscarsSoWhite, #BlackLivesMatter, the list goes on.  These things are all proof.  Proof of how successful this vehicle was. I’ve always noticed how even though black folks in America have been through so much… when it comes down to it, we are the LAST group of people to stick together. We don’t look out for eachother.  We see one another as enemies, competition, and people we just… don’t like! We spend so much time talking about how white people treat us… when they literally could’ve stopped mistreating us long ago… and we’d still be in the same position we’re in, or worse.

Back to the letter.  A person supposedly named “Willie Lynch” delivered at least the opening of this letter to slave owners in the form of a speech on the banks of the James River in the Colony of Virginia. His main interests weren’t in killing the slaves.  Not when they were old, not when they were disobedient.  He wasn’t interested in murder. His main weapons were:

1: Fear

2: Distrust

3: Envy

Now, there has been talk of this entire thing being a hoax.  However, whether it is or isn’t those three things are common. Common in black people. My mother used to lock her doors when she saw black people crossing the street near us.  It’s not her fault… it’s programming. Fear 1. Fear of ourselves.

When black folks from the ghetto feel like they have no other choice but to gang bang… rob… just generally stay at the bottom where they are…  That’s fear.  Fear of succeeding.  That’s programmed. Fear 2. Fear of progress.

I recall a time I was homeless in Virginia coincidentally, and purposefully telling all my co-workers.  I wanted to see what would happen.  Out of the majority of people at the shipyards; black people, only Puerto Ricans and white people offered me a place to stay.  All strangers. Distrust.

And envy… I hardly need to give examples of this.  It’s a known normalcy, that black folks are mainly like crabs in a barrel.  We rarely want to see each other doing good. Even when we publicly congratulate other black folks… we’ll go somewhere and privately speak negatively about one another. Especially if it’s in a field where black people aren’t normally successful. I mostly noticed black people teasing Tiger Woods, Gabby Douglas. I myself have met with my fair share of shade from black people.  Most of my supporters whom I don’t know are non-black females.

Willie Lynch also spoke of separating the black male from the black family. Now this, I feel was the coup de grace… because the absence of the black father is the 51%.  It’s the one thing which can change it all.


The black man has been taught, in a progressive fashion, that his presence isn’t needed in the black family. Black women don’t want or need us… and our children don’t either.  This has worked so well, that every fucking time I’m out and about with my children, I get weird looks.  When I’m out having a good time with my family, people have often told me how refreshing it was to see a black man spending time with his kids.

Don’t you understand how sick that is? It’s so uncommon, that I have to be congratulated, for simply spending time with my kids.  I’m 50% of the reason they’re here!  But it’s not expected of me… to be there.


Some of the women I come across, tell me some of the saddest stories about some of the sorriest men… who need to be begged to buy a pair of shoes for their child in August for back to school. And this is white women, Hispanic women, black women… whatever.  I hate it.  I hate it when I inevitably ask “is he black?” and the answer is ‘yes’. It hurts.  It hurts to know this system works.

1280x720-fkn.jpgIt hurts to see what people across the waters think of us. The image, and the lifestyle may have been set by the oppressor… but we are doing just fine keeping it up, all on our own.

Every negative stereotype we can fill, we do. Record labels and society make it easy for us to fill certain roles. Being a rapper is one. Black folks back in the 70’s started a movement calleduh1212bwbw.jpg hiphop. Since then, it’s been degraded and commercialized and made so that anyone willing to spew garbage like violence, drug usage and womanizing has a shot at being rich and famous. These are all things black people have been steeped in.  These are qualities and characteristics that black people are unfortunately known for and it’s not a coincidence.  There’s a reason for all this.  And it’s not because it’s in our nature.  There are no cocaine fields in New York City.  There are no gun factories on 7 mile in Detroit.  It’s not a coincidence that strip clubs, churches, gun migos.jpgshops and liquor stores are in neighborhoods filled with black people.  It’s called the ghetto for a reason.  Ghetto doesn’t mean BLACK.  A ghetto is simply a place where one type of person lives.  In America, the ghetto was FASHIONED to harbor and entrap black people.

“[The Breaking Process Of The African Woman] Lynch describes of ways to destroy the male image of the Black man so the Black Woman herself will become independent and she will raise her offspring in reversed roles. That means the Mother will make the son mentally weak, dependent, but physically strong so that he will not have the same fate as the male image that was once there…” -“Willie Lynch.” 28 Jan 2016.

Lest I get into my1428657309417.cached.jpg feelings about homosexuality, because that’s not the point of this blog, I do wish to add that this also was part of a plan.  No, I don’t mean to say Willie Lynch invented homosexuality.  And I also don’t mean to say that single mothers always raise gay children.  But I do know that the way people were trying to raise families at the time was with a man and a woman.  They wanted their sons [in Africa, and America during slavery] to grow to be strong men, leaders and take on wives… you know, inthelifeatl.pngto keep this cycle of life going.  Willie Lynch saw no profit in this, and to keep black people down, this was part of the plan.  The gay black man is celebrated and looked at as something to find joy and humor in.

More from the letter: “.Psychological and physical instruction of CONTAINMENT must be created for both. We hold the six cardinal principles as truth to be self evident, based upon the following the discourse concerning the economics of breaking and tying the horse and the n-word together, all inclusive of the six principles laid down about. blackmenprison.jpgNOTE: Neither principle alone will suffice for good economics. All principles must be employed for orderly good of the nation. Accordingly, both a wild horse and a wild or nature n-word is dangerous even if captured, for they will have the tendency to seek their customary freedom, and in doing so, might kill you in your sleep. You cannot rest.”           –

Is there any question how the world see’s us this way?  Not only was a well-thought out, diabolical plot devised many, many generations ago, but we have blindly played into it.  And now… this is our image.  So much so, that sympathetic and non-racist white people feel the need to coddle us.  Foreigners take pity on us and STILL SEE US AS SLAVES to our Caucasian counterparts. Again, I’m not here to say whether this is a hoax or not… this letter, these words, existed some time before I was born.  Therefore they hold some type of truth, because the plan fucking worked. Not to say we are more special than anyone else on earth but Black People you are brilliant!  Too smart to be told you have to settle.  Too strong to be beaten. Too talented to be held back.

Lately, we’ve been begging American society to accept us and include us.  But guess what, we are involved in everything there is to be involved with in this country.  We don’t NEED acceptance… we’re here.  We’ve BEEN here.  Helped build and shape this country.  We don’t need to be looked at as the inferior race, or color.  We don’t need to perpetuate that image either.  It kills me to see this #blacklivesmatter movement do stupid thing after stupid thing to get recognized, when we ourselves make OURSELVES look and feel worse than anyone ever could.   Yea… some dirty ass white cops have killed several black people lately.  But NO ONE should be able to counter-argue that we kill ourselves just as much or more.  Why are we doing that?

STOP killing each other [or anyone for that matter]

TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS, stop leaving the mother of your children alone with the responsibility on her own.

BE POSITIVE ROLE MODELS for younger people.  Black or otherwise.

GET OFF DRUGS! I mean… seriously. They can push their drugs into our communities all they want… but ultimately, it’s YOU who sells and takes them.

STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE FOR EVERYTHING! A white person doesn’t put a gun in your hand and another to your head, and make you kill other black people.  A white person doesn’t take your penis, put it inside of a woman and make you have sex, and leave. A white person doesn’t make you to stay unemployed, sag your pants and get into fights at black Friday sales. “The Man” may indeed supply drugs to the U.S. and funnel to where they see fit, but they don’t make you sell it!  They don’t make you take it.

The Willie Lynch letter was a plan.  A good one for an evil cause. But once we all know about this plan, all these things are just excuses. I’m hard on black people, because I know we’re better than we’re being. We’re better than how we’re perceived. And we’re more than we have been credited with. It’s time – it’s been time, that we stop taking shit, because that’s all they’ve ever wanted to give us, and just be who we really are. Capable of the same as and sometimes more than anyone else in this world.

Scream at me,




Shackled wrists:

Picture of black family: http://www.naacpMs.Org

B&W girl with kids:

7 thoughts on “The Willie Lynch Letter: An Evil, Genius Plan for Self-Sustaining Degredation of Black People

  1. Mary says:

    This was a great blog, very educational for those who don’t know about the letter and meaning behind it. which sad to say many dont. I didn’t know but i do now it was very well written and broke down nicely to let others know the truth. Good job.

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