How I Feel About: Hashtags

As most internet-users know, the old pound key or number sign has turned into what we’ve known to call a hashtag. A hashtag is a label or metadata tag used on social networks which links users with events, products, topics or trends.


This works, first of all by making a status or posting on a social or blogging site which utilizes metadata; using the pound sign or “hash key” in front of a certain word or phrase.  You now have a hashtag. It will then turn that word or phrase into a link which can be clicked and will take you to a group of postings or blogs which also utilized that hashtag.

For example.  If you plan on going to an extremely popular event like Lalapaloosa, taking a few pictures or videos and posting them, you can add your media to a huge pool of media linked to this event by hashtagging “Lalapaloosa”.  When you do this on Instagram or Facebook, or any other site which supports metadata, anyone from around the world [unless you have some insane privacy settings] will be able to view, enjoy and compare your pics and videos or comments with everyone else who hashtagged Lalapaloosa.

It’s actually pretty cool. It can be used for like-minded individuals to share ideas, or concepts or simply for fun, to see someone elses angle on things or just revel in the fact that so many other people were where you were; or if you missed the event, you can search that hashtag and vicariously enjoy whatever you missed.



Okay, now for the fun/annoying part.  People who misuse hashtags.  Every good idea is met with people who will mess it up with certain idiosyncracies.  Hashtagging is definitely no different.  This is the reason why I took hashtags apprehinsively in the first place.

People would misuse hashtags in many ways.


#IDontLikeBitchesThatDriveCrazyThatShitGetsOnMyMFNerves.  I gaurantee you, that hashtag will never be trending.  Its way too long, it’s way too personal, and though others may feel that way sometimes… it’s not a hashtag.  It’s a fucking sentence.  If you haven’t finished your statement… simply write another sentence!  It’s not something you need to hashtag! Once you click that… your posting will be the only one with that hashtag, and as I’ve just explained, that kind of defeats the purpose of using this tool.



If you take a trip to Atlanta and you feel like you are the most well-traveled person in the world… you need to slap yourself.  On top of that, if you took a trip to Atlanta, and would one day LIKE to travel to Dubai, or France… or Mars… Wait til you ACTUALLY make the trip!  No one wants to search the hashtag #DUBAI and land on a picture of your stupid ass eating at ChickFilA in Lennox Mall!


One posting can be relevant to many hashtags.  I try to make sure that when I use hashtags, they are indeed RELEVANT so the appropriate groups of people will be routed to my postings. For example:

My latest blog about suicide. I used hashtags such as:

#Suicide#Depression#Help#Blog etc…

That way, anyone [for whatever reason that may be] looking up postings and media regarding ‘suicide’ would stumble upon my blog.  And ofcourse, anyone searching ‘blog’ or ‘blogs’ would be routed to my blog.  It’s all relevant.  And all trending.


Hopefully, I’ve helped someone figure out the method behind the madness, and you’ll govern yourself accordingly.  There are a lot of annoying habits on the internet, lets try to stop the misusage of this helpful tool.


Scream at me,


Hashtag in the sand= pixabay artist: “yourschantz”

Funny hashtag pic= and

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