How I feel about: Kissing



noun:   the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)

verb:   touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone’s mouth or other bodypart) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.


noun-   affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)

These are the definitions of the subject I’ve planned on blogging about for a while. Seems I just needed to have this converstaion with yet another person to realize it’s importance.  While this blog, like MOST of my other’s isn’t directed at anyone(especially this one) it is however inspired by everyone i’ve talked to about this.

Younger years, kissing was simply a gateway to other things.  Just a way for me to show a girl that I was interested, how interested I was into getting into other shit.  That was an extremely cheap way to use the kiss.  I apologize to ALL you bitches.  But i’m sure you’re doing fine now.

I remember hearing Ansley talk about kissing, going on and on if we were watching t.v. or a movie with two people who JUST met we’re lip-locking in some bullshit-asspassionate moment that neither of them were ready for.  It was just a ‘moment’.  But when you look at what kissing is, it really isn’t something to be taken lightly.  It can be turned from something extremely beautiful and meaningful and changed to something misleading and simply disgusting.

Ex-bouncer Rob Rooks, could tell you how many drunk bitches he’s seen just throwing lip action left and right.  To be honest, he could tell you about some that weren’t even drunk doing it!  Thats REALLY gross… a person like me wouldnt kiss a woman I was IN LOVE with if she were drunk.  Complete strangers are out of the question. Don’t you have to have some sort of feeling to kiss someone?

I used to think it was bass-ackwards to think that fucking someone was less meaningful than kissing.  But dammit if I wasn’t (by my own standards of course)wrong.

Would it be fair to ask yourself, what would you do if:

you saw your significant other (for all you heteros AND homos out there) fucking someone else


if you saw your significant other kissing someone else… in PUBLIC for that matter.

There’re LOTS of women I’d prolly let do some things to me in private that I wouldnt be cought dead with in public.  Damn that sounds bad… but I’m serious!  You know it’s true about you too.

For someone to fuck someone else, that means they were arroused.  That’s it.  There didn’t have to be any inner feeling.  If you are like me, which I know some people are;but not all, it would take some feelings to KISS someone.

If you see me kissing any woman.  I nothing short of love that woman.  Now… I can’t exactly say when I started this, but I know that’s true right now so I can say it.  If I were cought fucking someone?  You guessed it!  Thinkin wit the old firstmate… it doesnt take much.  We’re not even getting into the old self-control bit,that’s another story, but the difference in importance:

Kissing vs. sex

Ever fucked someone that didnt want to kiss you? Ever fucked a girl that’d only let you hit it from the back? LoL… i had to laugh at that one…. LoL, gimme a second.


LoL OMG!That was funny.

Kissing someone (again ESPECIALLY in public) is REAL REAL REAL shit.  I mean, I don’t do PDA alot anymore, I have to really not care, but then care all at the sametime, because I don’t care if people like what they’re seeing, but I also wanteveryone to know how I feel about that woman, and especially I want her to know. Shit they made a song about it.  If they couldve found a subliminal way to say itI’m sure they wouldve… but they said “if you wanna know if he loves you ho, its in his kiss.”  Or did they say “if he loves you so”??? Either way, you get the point. Kiss.  How is it you can’t tell any other way?

That’s why I hate kissing.

I hate seeing people kiss.  I hated when I was bouncing on lavaca and fifth and that drunk bitch came and kissed me… ew ew ew

how many times did that happen?  Thats gross.  I mean… if you wanna show some superfluous affection, while youre drunk but not really have any feelings…?  Suck some dick!

Suck some dick!  Seriously!  I mean, that’s just as bad as kissing the dude if you ask me.

Hopefully I’ve helped out a bouncer somewhere tonite.

– RLRewind 22 Jun 08 Sunday 10:56 PM

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