It’s Never About Race.

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From work to national television, we are continually convinced that race is never an issue in anything anymore.  My question is: When (not if) race is involved, would you admit it?


I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I need some of you mindless numskulls out there to pull your heads out of your asses and not only stop saying race isn’t involved when you don’t even know, but also realize that racism is very much alive and playing a part in more than we’ll ever imagine.  Unfortunately.


I recently went to see a play called “Avenue Q”.  It was a hilarious, semi-serious comedy which joked about everything from race to homosexuality.  After watching it I believe everyone in attendance realized that everyone makes assumptions whether harmless or not about damn-near everyone.


The people who are trying their best to blindly tell everyone else that race hasn’t played a part in anything happening recently are most-likely the most racist people out there.  I’ve believed this for the longest.  After the Zimmerman trial I’ve noticed that people all over the world white, black, hispanic and otherwise all became experts on American History and Civil Rights.  It killed me how many white people felt the need to educate black people on how bad our communities were.  How much we needed to stop focusing on how many white people kill black people, and focus on how many of us kill each other.  This is called classic Deflection.

Here was a nation, talking about a certain situation: The Zimmerman verdict.  Yet there were all these faux historians and guidance counselors trying to tell people about the O.J. trial, and all the black on black crime that they really couldn’t pinpoint, but they were sure was occuring.

Telling black people how wrong they are for worrying about Zimmerman, who appparently was innocent because he was found not-guilty.  Telling us to “get over it”.


I for one would rather not see any children of any race gunned down.  Especially unarmed children.  But how much of an undercover racist must you be to tell black people that their concern is misplaced when they hear about:


– Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

– Marissa Alexander and “Stand Your Ground”

– Darius Simmons and John Spooner

– Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn



Darius Simmons, the 13 year old [black] kid shot to death after taking his fucking trash out by senior citizen John Spooner [white] because he THOUGHT Darius stole some of his shotguns.  The ONLY reason they had to find Spooner guilty was because he was caught on tape by his OWN surveillance cameras.  And they’re still trying to get him off on the basis that he wasn’t in his right mind.


I’ve also seen comments about how many black people are in jail vs. any other race in America.  If people weren’t racist AND ignorant, they’d know on average a crime such as… let’s say smoking weed, isn’t as cut and dry as a square like me would believe.  I would think that if someone gets caught with weed they’d be charged for it.  Not the case.  On average, like crimes commited by black people aren’t taken out the same way as when white people are caught.  A higher percentage of black people are charged, and convicted for crimes that white people won’t be.

For all you people [myself included] who’d like to think that jails are filled with black folks because we just LOVE to commit crime, and other races don’t… we’re ALL idiots.


I’ve been anti-AL Sharpton for over a decade now and I’ve never really known why except because I thought his purpose was [solely] to get exposure from being the spokesperson for black people.  Yes, he wants to sell copies, yes he wants to get his show ratings, yes he wants to be on camera but he IS the one person everyone can count on trying to expose injustices involving “the system” vs. black people.  I recently got done arguing a man down into the GROUND a couple of months ago because I also felt that black people were our worst enemies… but it simply isn’t true all the time.

From Willy Lynch to Jim Crow all the way to the multi-billion dollar industry known as the federal penetentary, the black family has been targeted.  Take the young black men out of the equation and all that’s left is the black woman.  While people are living out their lives oblivious to these things they’re still going on.  Making people believe that racism doesn’t exist is the easiest way to keep this kind of behavior up.

And just because a racist person works with a black guy with no problem.  Or has had sex with a black person, does NOT mean they aren’t racist.  I HATE hearing people being so stupid as to believe that in order to be racist you must hole youself up and openly act out towards those whom you don’t like on a regular basis.  PLEASE wake up.


From the workplace to the streets, race has a lot to do with everything.  Still.  It’s sad and no one wants to talk about it because it seems like black folks are using it as an excuse or whatever.. but just because you’re tired of hearing about it doesn’t mean it’s not true.  Shit, you may be tired of hearing about it, but dammit we’re tired of it BEING that way.  Period.


Before you find yourself trying to convince yourself, or someone else that race has nothing to do with it… think about it.  It’s not like people are going to come out and SAY IT.


Well… unless you’re one of the spineless bitches from where I got my blog picture from:



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