Women Killed Chivalry


Feminism VS. Chivalry

I can never make a statement about all women.  It’d be an non-verifiable  and irrational absolute that’s just about as useful as “all men are dogs”.  Just because so many of us are doesn’t give women, men, Steve Harvey, or anyone else the right to say it.  Doesn’t make any sense.  But I will say  that there is either or a large majority or the right woman saying certain things to make themselves and others believe that Women’s empowerment, Women’s liberation, Women’s rights, or simply feminism is something that should be at the forefront of our society’s to-do list.

Now I’ll be the first to say that we needed some work on our outlook of women; what they’re here for and how they should be treated.  But as I visit countries often like Kuwait, Korea, Afghanistan and others it makes me wonder what the fuck are American women complaining about?


I don’t want to stray away from my topic.  I could go on forever over topics such as the female front line infantry soldier.  Hell, basically any platform that has been recently opened up to women within the last 20 years actually.  The women who fought tooth and nail to get these privileges didn’t make sure that they had to climb the same ladder as men to get there.  In the military, standard P.T. scores STILL differ from men to women.  Physical/Personal training.  One of the most important and long-lasting traditions of our United States Military; is overlooked when women cry that they should be treated equally to men.  I KNOW they CAN do it… but they’re not required to.  They want fair.  How is that fair?

Like I said… I could go on forever.  But I’m going to get off that.


Feminism to me, preaches all about male and female equality.  And how there’s nothing we can do that they can’t do.  Anatomically that’s not true, but in other ways I know it is.  So once this comes to fruition and we get to a point that the only thing women can’t successfully achieve compared to men is using a urinal, how will this affect the male to female relationships?

Chivalry is what I’m talking about.  I know, I know.  The only time you hear that word is when some woman uses it in the overused phrase: “Chivalry is dead”.  Well shit… how could it still be alive?  You don’t want it!  At least that’s what you tell us.  As a ‘man’s man’ I can’t ever claim that I’ve ever been or felt emasculated.  But that doesn’t mean that this entire movement doesn’t try it’s best to do so to each and every man in the world.  The best part of being a man is… fuck, BEING A MAN!  So, why is it that women want to be men?  Why is it I feel weird opening doors for women these days?  I feel they’re saying in their head “I can open the damn door myself”.  We know women can open doors… we were just taught it was a gentlemanly thing to do.  You don’t appreciate it, then go fuck yourself.  I mean… that seems to be something a lot of women are gravitating towards now too. Seriously, do you think I believe me walking on the street-side of the sidewalk is going to keep you from getting hit by a car?  Nope… it’s just another form of chivalry that women these days for the most part think is corny or don’t understand.

It only makes me go back to my age-old answer for all my “why are women this way?” questions.  It’s our fault.  The presence of the man, or lack thereof has forced women to feel the need to take our places. There are so many of us that just… don’t do MAN shit anymore that women are fed up.  I mean, some are just dykes.  But some really are tired of waiting for a man to be a gentleman.  Some are tired of waiting for fathers to be daddy’s… or visa-versa.  I don’t know how that goes because I’m both 🙂 So they just stepped over, and now they’re feeling incomplete unless they can do everything we do.  And for what?


I blame women for their thought process of feminism because it’s misplaced and it(s) [should be] unnecessary.  I blame men however for making them have to choose between their role and ours.  It’s so bad that men and women have started to forget that they even HAVE roles.


Look at yourself.  Women, are you trying to be a man?  Hiding that drive to be a man behind a very politically correct and feminine term?  If so, why are you doing it?  Ever thought of that?

Men… is there some manly shit that you’ve been neglecting?  This week?  This year?  Your entire life? From buying a bouquet of roses, to being the bread-winner in your home, are you allowing the strength of today’s woman make easy for you to decide not to play your part in life?  If so, stop.  This goes for me too of course.  I’m not preaching, I’m just basically doing the same thing I do in most of my blogs.  Sharing something I’ve learned in my own life with you.


The next time you hear someone say “Chivalry is dead”, ask them if they’d like it to be resurrected.  Do you REALLY want chivalry?  Because it honestly takes a certain amount of trust.  And on to more serious issues past dating, courting, or simply doing something polite for someone because she’s a female; it takes a certain amount of submissiveness. Either way, I for one am tired of seeing women forsaking what my mom called being a woman.  The difference in what some women call being a woman today is uncanny.   I know times are changing, but what people don’t realize is it’s still all the same.  Just because people are throwing their flaming homosexuality around like confetti, and boasting about being single parents, or… bragging about how much extra-marital action they’re getting… doesn’t change the fact that we all have a role.  Sooner or later we’re either going to have to play it, or everything is going to fall apart.


Main photo: pixabay artist “foundry”

2 thoughts on “Women Killed Chivalry

  1. James Fickling says:

    I think it’s telling that within the early stages of this article you fall back onto the same, tired premise of “blame men”. Men are not to blame for this. It falls in with the same tired method of constantly throwing caveats to “early feminism” as though it were any more respectable than today’s feminist Marxism. It’s not. By blaming men, you are, in fact, blaming women. At least three generations of men have been raised exclusively by women, who successfully managed to strong arm men out of public education (where there is a massive, sexist gender imbalance favoring females). 70% of prison inmates and repeat offenders come from single mother households; think about that. The problem isn’t with “men”, the problem is that women have NO CLUE about how to raise males. Why? Because they don’t care about males. Ask any woman what issues men are facing today, do it right now, and observe their response.

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