They say: It Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It…

I’m going to attempt to explain to you, the reader what I’ve tried to explain to many ignorant, knucklehead, cake-daddies that I’ve come across since I’ve been mysteriously enlightened on the topic of “Paying for it”.


*Please excuse me if I confuse you with the focused gender… I’m MAINLY speaking to the fellas, but this can and does go for both sex’s.*


There are what I’ve grown to call the 3 1/2 steps to “Paying for it”.  Yes, that’s three and a half.


First we have to realize that “it” isn’t always the same thing.  When you hear men saying that they’ve never paid for it, it usually means sex.  These days, that statement is usually retorted with  “You always pay for it.”  That phrase was coined by men that know they have to pay for “it” and want something to fall back on.  They want to feel better about the fact that they are either too inept, or lazy to gain a womans attention and or affection without parting ways with their hard earned dough.

^You can chose to continue reading or watch this video… I’m good either way^

1. Paying for someone to have sex and leave.  Better known as Prostitution or Tricking….  or if you’re in Asia, Vacation



THIS is what people usually mean when they say they either don’t have to, or never have had to pay for “it”.  Meaning: He or she did not NEED to spend any money to gain carnal knowledge [sexual activity] from some Cabbagehead.  As opposed to [for example] a man who up front must negotiate compensation for such acts and these acts WILL NOT take place unless this agreed upon amount is not satisfied.

This includes, but is not limited to:  Cash money upfront.  Buying Phones.  Buying phone cards.  Buying cars.  Buying clothes.  Paying for air or bus fare.  Getting hair and nails done.  Making rent payments.  Buying shoes.  Buying drugs.  Buying alcohol.  Extra payment or better treatment of a legally employed subordinate.  All BEFORE you get ANYTHING sexual in return. THAT is paying for it.  Sex would not occur UNLESS compensated.  Period.


p.s.  This is illegal in all States in North America except Nevada.  Globally… who knows? But also the oldest profession known to man, and always in demand.



1.5. Paying to impress. Better known as Courtship / Dating 




This is almost the same, but a lot more honorable [and legal] than #1.  This includes taking a girl out to eat, buying nice clothes [for yourself] before a date, Getting the car washed, getting your own hair cut/done, paying for the movie, paying for the cab fare, paying for the hotel room, paying for roses.  These things are done by someone trying to date and possibly get into a long term and meaningful relationship with a woman.  Realizing the value of that person and showing what it means to them to have their company.  All commonplace, and not necessarily a precursor to having sex.  This person may’ve already had sex on the first date.  Or during the first date.  Or maybe a month or so later.  That doesn’t mean any of this had to happen before the sex.  They’re just common expenses one has to pay while dating or courting.


2. Paying to stay.  Better known as Marriage



This is something that is absolutely necessary.  You can’t marry someone [men] and not pay for SOMETHING. You’ll be buying engagement and wedding rings and bands, and paying for the wedding perhaps. You’re going to be paying rent or mortgage.  Car payments. Bills. Vacations. Food, for you and her.  This is how it’s supposed to be.  In order for you to keep your long-term girlfriend whom you live with, or your fiance` whom you live with or your wife; you’ll need to merge or even solely hold down all these financial responsibilities.  Either way, you’re going to be out of pocket some money. Or else why is she with you?  She can be broke all by herself.  Love won’t pay those bills.  Love won’t pay that phone bill that she charges up talking to and texting with you.  There’s absolutely nothing shameful about this.  You should WANT to spend money on your significant other.  It becomes your obligation at a certain point to do this.  So yeah… you’re paying.  But if she’s still there, it’s worth it, and in my opinion it’s the best way to spend money on a woman.


3. Paying to leave.  Better known as Divorce



This one REALLY sucks.  Unless you just really value keeping her/him out of your life it’s a complete waste of money.  You’re basically paying because your marriage didn’t work out.  You’re getting nothing but the fact that you know you don’t have to deal with this person anymore aside from this monetary transaction.  That’s a bust!  But it is money spent, and it is on that woman [or man].  I’d have to say this is the worst money to spend on a woman.  However, if you’re paying in this sort of fashion it’s not really a choice now is it?



All 3 and a half of these scenario’s can happen independently of one another believe it or not [3 happening by itself is rare but possible], and they can also come in complete order.  Numbers 1.5 and 2 are the ones you want to do.  If you have to stick number 1 in there… eh… whatever.  But 1.5 and 2 are your sweet spots.


So you’ve been educated.  Spread the word. I know this may be hard to explain to someone on your 30-60 minute lunch.  But don’t ever let someone use that general line “you’re always paying for it” because even though there are these 3.5 rules… that doesn’t mean that payment EVER has to happen.  It just means when it does, there are certain degrees and it’s not all the same.  It’s kind of like saying spending money at Golden Corral, and spending money at Ruth’s Chris is the same.  Yeah… you can get steak at both, but which is really giving you better [not more lol] for your money?  I’d rather pay for a woman to stay with me, than for one to screw me and leave… or worse, just stay away period.





This blog is “Paying for Pussy” Pt. II


Main photo: pixabay artist “jarmoluk”

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