When a Woman’s Fed Up…

It’s not just an awesome song from my favorite R. Kelly album. It’s a nice precursor to any tale involving a woman scorned. Women can possibly tell the story.
Their feelings, emotions and reactions. But I believe only a man that’s dealt with a fed-up woman can tell the story most accurately.

Anyone that’s spoken to me longer than five minutes should gather that I get under a person’s skin very easily. Even if I don’t intend to. Imagine a woman that’s with me daily. She’s got to be crazy, desperate, or really into minutemen.

Knowing that I’m such a bundle of joy to be around, we have to also sprinkle in the fact that I’m a total slut. Like so many others these days I find myself [no matter how happy or content I may find myself with a woman] wanting to sexually dabble in something else. Variety as I call it. This is NOT a good thing. It’s taken me a while to figure that out. I think I’m among the few men out there that can admit that I have this PROBLEM. It’s not that I love SEX, I just… like to experience different women from time to time. It’s really stupid, I know.

angrybishNo matter why a person does it, it usually isn’t an affable trait to their significant other. Most women I’ve known were happy with just screwing ME. I’ll never understand it, but they were. So they had a hard time trying to figure out why I was this way. It wasn’t until recently that I was honest with women about this thing of mine. So I know what it’s like to hurt a woman.

The end product is [usually] very ugly.

When a woman is with you and she REALLY wants to be. She’ll pull the stars down for you. Cook, clean, suck, fuck and get this… RESPECT you. I mean.. WOW. All that, AND respect? She’ll be everything you want and need. Make you smile just thinking about her. And she’ll be perfectly happy with you. You can imagine why she gets pissed when she finds out you’ve diddled someone else. Something so meaningless and flaccid [if you will] as a one night stand at the nearby Howard Johnson or a blowjob in a coat closet at the nightclub, can screw all that up!

All that good shit she was giving you is most likely done for! Not only that, but she’s angry with you to the point that she might even hate you.

When a woman’s fed up she is capable of doing things one never thought she was. Unfortunately, we can never predict at what point she will become fed up. It could be the first time you do it [whatever “it” is] it could be the third. It may be when her friends and or family find out about it, it could be while you two are asleep in bed one night.

If you don’t plan on taking that woman and her heart and her feelings seriously. WATCH THE FUCK OUT!

I’m not saying they’re right for breaking all your video games.

I’m not saying they’re right for telling everyone how shitty you are in bed.

I’m not saying they’re right for breaking every single cell phone and or remote control in your home.

I’m not saying she’s right for doing…. ANYTHING to your car.

I’m not saying they’re right for being the vindictive little corn chips they are… but you brought it on yourself! You didn’t take what she was offering/giving you seriously. WHATEVER it was that you did whether it be other women, taking money, being a loser, not taking care of your children; When a woman’s fed up, she MUST make you hurt as much as you made her hurt. She needs to embarrass you as badly as she’s been embarrassed. She needs to get your attention, because apparently she didn’t have it before.

<p>So if you ‘drew first blood’ as they say, and that woman has been being good to you; and she chooses to snap I think it’d be best if you tread softly. I don’t even think women themselves know what they’re capable of when they’re scorned. I’ve had some pretty fucked up shit done to me… and when they came to APOLOGIZE whether days or months later they act like they didn’t even believe they did what they did. Like:</p> “Rooks, hey I’m sorry for getting you fired from your job and telling the cops you beat me… I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID ALL THAT. I was just hurt because of what you did. Please forgive me. Oh, how was prison anyway hun?”

Shit like that, like REALLY? You just flashed red and decided to burn all my clothes in the front lawn huh? You were so mad that you couldn’t come to your senses before you drove my car into the neighborhood pool?

Women will even get THEMSELVES into shit when they’re hurt!

anger-18615_1280“Fuck you! Call the cops! I don’t give a fuck! And tell them to bring that nasty bitch you’ve been with when they come to arrest me! So she can SEE me burn our fucking house down!”

Like REALLY? You’re going to burn your own fucking house down and go to jail because you’re mad about me cheating? LoL. I think you all need some damn anger management… BEFORE you enter a relationship!

I’m not saying it’s alright for guys to hurt women. I’ve done it before, I didn’t mean to but I have and it hurts when I put myself in their shoes. I have a pretty good handle on my emotions and if I get razzle dazzled might make you feel bad about yourself verbally but I won’t really try to ruin or physically harm you. I value my freedom WAY too much for that. But yeah, I can see why you do what you do. I don’t agree with it, but I could only imagine giving myself to a woman; my all to a woman and her just shitting all over it. Most of us would LIKE to say we’d just cut our losses, move on and not give a shit. But we know that’s bullshit. I think it takes hurting a woman that bad to see how important you can really be to them. It’s a tough lesson to have to go through, but if you’ve done it I hope you take it seriously fellas. Some women handle things differently, but if you’re in the business of breaking hearts; I wouldn’t keep gambling that way. Anyone who’s been there knows anything can happen, when a woman’s fed up.

So, let’s hear it.  What have you done when you were fed up.  Don’t be shy.

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Cover photo: pixabay artist “peterrar”

Angry woman with balled fist: pixabay artist “PublicDomainPictures”

9 thoughts on “When a Woman’s Fed Up…

  1. Cliff says:

    I got excommunicated from a church because of one once. That’s all I got lol. I’ve either been very fortunate or I just haven’t fucked over a chick that bad enough. Well, I know for a fact I’m loathed by a few…maybe they’re just biding their time.


  2. Marie says:

    I like this one I may have to share! So I’ve been hurt a few times before however, nothing really compares to the 1st time. When I look back I think the 1st person who broke my heart had it the absolute worst. I was married for 12 years and I held on to that resentment for about 7 years but I stayed married nonetheless. I used my broken heart as an excuse to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted until it got old and I decided to end that relationship because I felt I needed to be a better role model to my children. The 2nd time around it wasn’t as bad. Maybe I was more mature or maybe it was the thick layer of scar tissue around my heart? But at that point I was fed up and just walked away. What’s the point in all the extra? If I had made him feel how I felt would it heal my wounded heart? Nope. So I said screw it and walked the fuck away. I don’t think it takes one relationship to make you feel fed up. I think it takes experiencing it the same shit from different people to get to that point. Ultimately you end up with a woman with an icebox for a heart thanks to the men who don’t appreciate a good woman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      I remember writing a blog about that long ago called “I was a Good Woman”. About whether a broken heart should or could change a good woman into a… not-so-good woman. I totally understand what youre saying totally though. And Im sorry that happened to you. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. Teba says:

    Hello, so I ruined his flat screen HD Samsung TV with a knife. His music system speakers with the same knife. Ruined his queen size mattress n base with that very knife and poured water on it. He values those things so much it got his attention. Oh but I dumped his ass afterwards. It was a long time coming. He cheated, was disrespectful and inconsiderate. He didn’t really love me.

    Liked by 1 person

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