Do Big Girls Do ‘It’ Better?


I used this title not because I’m necessarily cosigning this thought process. I’m simply exploring it.

It’s a running joke during ‘guy talk’ sessions about big girls treating men better all around. Better loving, better care, better food, better felatio. With this as a stereotype, it’s been opposed by the theory that your more slim woman who on average possibly is cuter in the face is pretty much worthless for the simple fact that they think since they’re more visually appealing they should do less work to keep a man. They’re sexy, they’re pretty, they’re slender, and their curves will keep a mans interest, faithful, and happy. [Please don’t get it twisted into thinking I’m saying bigger girls can’t have cute/pretty/beautiful faces]

Anyone that’s been around knows that you can find any type of girl at any size and any level of beauty. I’ve seen ugly sluts. I’ve seen pretty sluts. I’ve met a handful of slender pretty women that treat their men well….

I won’t front… I personally know only TWO slender pretty women that treat their man well. The rest of them… iono… But I know they exist because I know TWO.

I’ve met PLENTY of big girls that do MORE than your average chick. And I’ve met some big girls that aint about SHIT. But more often than not, I’ve seen it like they’ve been calling it: Big Girls Do It Better.


Now your slender girls and dickheadish guys will say it’s because they NEED to try harder because they’re big. But that’s that bullshit. I’ve said it a million times, and everyone should know it’s true… big girls get men [not just dick] just as easily as any other type of woman. But are the big girls the only ones getting cheated on? Are the ugly girls the only ones being cheated on? Are big ugly girls the only ones being mistreated? Absolutely not… I’ve been in court… for spouse abuse. LoL… my bitch-ass was the abused and the only man there. There were some BAD bitches in there. Bad… and they got their asses beat, just like the big girls and not-so-attractive women. But you’ll see it everywhere. Dudes will gas up a beautiful slim woman’s head with “you’re so beautiful/pretty you don’t deserve to be treated like that” or… I’ll even catch myself doing it. Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansen, Sandra Bullock: Why would anyone cheat on these women? Who would do them wrong? They’re so beautiful? Does a big girl deserve any less? People apparently think they do, and they think they should try harder because of the way they look. They think that big girls HAVE to do more, to get what slender pretty women are entitled to.

Don’t shake your fucking head at me… for some reason, you’ve felt this way too.

It’s been bothering me for a while, and as you can tell by how jumbled up this blog is:

1: I haven’t written in a while

2: My thoughts aren’t completely together on this

But it’s been weighing on me for a while, and for some reason, I know just as many or more big girls as I do slender women. I work with beautiful women in my business all the time… on average they make me fucking sick to my stomach. My current life partner and other half of my stellar parenting team is sexy as hell and she gets on my gotdamn fuckin nerves.Like… way more than a regular wife is supposed to. HORRIBLE Caretaker. Of me when we were like that… not the kids. [She’s a skinny bitch. but I’m not biased… I’ll still give you skinny bitches a shot ;)]

Personally, the only relationships that I’ve had that lasted were with more slender women. It didn’t take a lot for me to get with them, and I can’t group them together any further than that. Brandy did a lot for me. She was crazy, but all in all she had the potential to be a really good girlfriend. Kacy was a great woman, and I’m sure she’s making someone REALLY happy right now. And Ansley, well… she’d epitomize what everyone thinks of skinny bitches. Though she’s progressed from when I first met her it’s like worlds from where a woman I want to be with would be.

Nitty Gritty:

Why is it 9 out of 10 big girls feel that spoiling her man/husband is THE thing to do? Why is it that big girls don’t think twice about cooking for their man [no jokes please]? Why is it contrary to what some people may believe BIG WOMEN ARE CLEANER INDIVIDUALS THAN THE SLENDER/BEAUTY QUEEN TYPE BITCHES?

Ever see these super model type bitches? Taking pictures of themselves in their room or their bathroom? Their living quarters are ALWAYS FUCKED to the max! Panties, garbage and other shit all on the floor. Hair care products and make-up bags on the BED. Shirts, towels and all types of shit on the bathroom counter. Hair everywhere. I swear, when I see these pics on the internet I don’t even look at the girl. I’m looking at how dirty the bitch lives. Just trashy. That shits -100% sexy.

^Funny but long and pretty unrelated… sorta.^

Usually, when I ask a big girl why she sees it fit to treat her man that way (even though they keep getting fucked over) they usually say it’s because that’s how their mother raised them to be. And I just don’t understand… did some mothers spend too much time teaching their daughters how to treat men that they forgot to tell them to go out and play sometimes? Or maybe all these lessons were all shared over a large meal… I don’t know.

All I know is, some of the claims no matter how much of a stereotype I may want to call it, are true.

1: Best head: Big girl

2: Cleanest cribs: Big girl

3: Own job/ Own place: Big girl [yes… some of you other bitches do but… I don’t know any big girls that don’t have their own shit. I guess it’s kinda hard to maintain all that without SOME type of income… iono]

There may be some slender or more ‘average’ sized women out there that may disagree with me. But I hope to GOD you don’t have 3 or 4 baby daddies, or are habitually single, or something else that’d only prove my point, and only make your claim simple lip service.


Well, I’ve talked about other things. But inevitably there’s this. Umm… Sex with a big girl. It’s a mixed bag. On average, for me it’s boring as fuck. I mean… I’m an average hieght but depending on what time of year, I’m between a muscular super-sexy 190 pounds; to a hefty, still muscular, chubbed out 230 pounds. But atop of a woman that’s round and has a stomach that basically pearches me at the apex of a tummy; doesn’t leave me much to do with my extra-regular wenis. So… from the back we go. Ok… this’ll work, but still I’m having to deal with…. SO much. And you’re self conscious about your belly rolls.. but i NEED to hold onto something.. what am I to do? You think I WANT to choose which one of your rolls to tug on? No… I’m looking for a waist. lol, ya know? No diss. And all the other positions are pretty much just a no-go unless you have like 15 pounds of cock.

Riding… I’ve had ONE, count her ONE bigger girl [just past the line from thick to big] that could ride. She was amazing, a puerto rican girl from round rock… just phenominal. Coincidentally, the best thing about her other than the cowgirl style was her apartment was ALWAYS spotless and she made the BOMB ass porkchops… but she NEVER ate around me. Just weird.

The REST of the big girls just get on top and do this… at the knee bounce [i’ve mentioned this before, and will be making a self-made video of it, just to show ya’ll what im talking about] that is the most BORING, and excrutiating sexual experience to go thru. Pop the ass! If you can. I know it’s hard. That big girl bounce is just… ugh. So fuckin boring.


Not all big girls can give the bomb ass brain. But I’m just sayin… not too many slender girls got it goin on in that department… at ALL. MOST of them ACT like they’re too cute to even do it. Even more of them ACT like they don’t swallow. Between all the acting, pretending, and damn near begging it;s like… fuck you and your jaws, get the fuck out my house. To the ones that DO do it, bless your hearts, but I just haven’t been super impressed yet.

However… If I have a chick say… 150 and below… I can do TONS of things with her by way of intercourse. Can I pick up a 200+ woman? Of course I can… I’m fucking superman. CAN I still fuck her whilst holding her? Absolutely not. Iono… Any big girl out there that would like to let their man lie to them and tell them they wouldnt rather someone with a body they can manipulate and … basically do more shit with… more power to you. Rest assured, it’s a lie.

After Thoughts:

Like I’ve said, I’ve been wanting to write this for a while. Being that I’m actually here with my babies I don’t have free time. And it’s great. But since I’m on the fence about this whether I was sitting in a tent in Afghanistan or doin car shows every weekend, I don’t think this would’ve been easy to articulate either way.

Some big girls have to cosign monikers like “Big Girls Do It Better” to make themselves feel good about being fat. Like that Monique bitch… who ended up losing a buttload of weight after her whole big girl empowerment movement she spearheaded. Some girls may say things like that because they actually mean it. But there has to be some sort of validity to these claims. There has to be some animosity between the different sizes of women too. I mean.. for the simple fact that I’m quoting big women when I call slender women “Skinny bitches” [you know ya’ll call them that] and of course adversely, big women are “fat bitches” from the mouths of the slender ones; shows that its there. I’ve talked to a slender more attractive woman who proclaimed “Oh, I don’t have to do all that bullshit” when I told her about these stereotypes.

I’m not making this shit up.

It’s sad that any woman thinks that the way she looks solely can make a man do what he’s supposed to in a relationship. It’s also sad that no matter what size a chick is, she may treat her man like a king, play her position and still get shat on… but that’s another story for another time.



As I read back over my blog, I was reminded of a joke I heard.  Big Girls are like Mopeds… they’re a lot of fun to ride and economical… but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you on one.  More fuel to the fire.  It’s like… iono, I’ll stop now.  Enjoy your day!  Be good to your man ladies!

Link your friends to this blog.  I’d like to hear from the people that have the attention span to read it all.

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6 thoughts on “Do Big Girls Do ‘It’ Better?

    1. rlrooks says:

      I wrote about this once as well. I hate when people act like they don’t know the difference between anorexic, skinny, optimal weight, thick, big, fat and obese. Many different degrees, all VERY distinct lol.


  1. Bad Cali Kittie says:

    *giggle* Quite entertaining and I can appreciate the cluster of thoughts that get jostled around…sometimes unstructured writing is the best understood because most thinking isn’t streamlined. 😉


  2. A fit woman with the 'big girl' mentality says:

    Oh oh oh… Do I have an opinion on this!!!! Lol. At one point in my life, I was ‘skinny’ by all accounts, a size 5, bangin personality, an avid runner, life of the party. Ect. I got cheated on. Didn’t. Fcking. Matter. My first boyfriend of 2 years, Chris Weber. I was 16-18 he was 21-23. I did EVERYTHING he asked me to, stayed at his apt and waited for him. Gave him sex whenever, wherever he asked. I did it all. But I was a damn good catch. Found out he cheated on me with a random nurse. Her name was Chelsea. Never forget it. Fast forward to Kyle, dated him for a year. He was suppppppper good looking, I couldn’t go anywhere without being told. Again, I was a good size 7, but I was sooooooo insecure. I allowed him to ‘trick’ me into a 3-some because it was ‘sexy’. Was I big? No! Not even close… But I was seriously stuck with the mentality that if I didn’t do xyz he would leave. I had the ‘big girl’ mentality because I felt like I wasn’t as ‘attractive’ as him. Fast forward to 9-10 months in. Guess who?! Chelsea. He cheated on me with the SAME nurse my ex did. I still don’t actually know this bitch!!!! But she ruined 2. 2 of my relationships, finally saw a picture… She was FaT!!!! . I’ve always had the ‘big girl’ mentality because frankly, I Was big all my life. I have to consciously and seriously make the effort every single day to not divulge. To not overeat. I do have the idea that I do have to work harder to keep a man, because I usually end up getting some fairly hot men. I think I’m a total catch. I may not be the cleanest freak, but I will do anything for the man I love, that includes trying to look better. In 6th grade I was like 150 lbs. I was HUGE. I was the big girl in the pic with all these super adorable friends. I became super psychotic about my weight. Would eat 7 bites and do 174033 sit-ups. It became an obsession. So as an adult with 2 kids dating a suppppppper sexy man, I’m still super self conscious. Afraid that my cycle will repeat itself. But regardless. Skinny, fat, overweight, fit… I’ve been them all. And my outcome is always the same. I think it comes down to a woman’s view of herself and her confidence. When my ex husband gained 100 lbs. I didn’t give a fuck!!! I did zilch, nada, not a damn thing to keep him happy. He stopped caring about himself why should I care about myself?! Relationships should be a team front, you should feed into one another’s habits, life goals, appearance requirements. When that stops, it all stops. Just my experience… Damn, that was all over the place. But I have a totally passionate view on this because I get it. I feel every word, have lived it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      You turning this into a matter of mentality over literal size has been a total mindblow. Well-done. I appreciate someone who can expand my thought process on ANYTHING. This could possibly call for. Part 2 to this blog. Thank you, whoever you are!


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