How I Feel About: Tattoo’s

Hello all.

This is one of those times that I’ve actually written a blog that I promised I would.  I know you’re super happy about that.  Again, while working on publishing the One Life Stand series novellas and writing B.M.T., my first novel my blogging is suffering.  I don’t think what I have now can be considered ‘writer’s block’.  I have like … Life Block.

But anyway, about the tattoo’s!

This blog may make me even less popular than I already am.  But hey, I’ve learned the art of doing without friends and popularity.  I didn’t have a choice.

I’d like to start by saying  I support tattoo artistry. Which may seem a little contradictive. I’ve seen tattoo artist and designers create some amazing things!  The detail they can put into their artwork is often times unbelievable.  Notably I’ve seen a tattoo artist actually tattoo a gold plated aftermarket car stereo.  It was pretty dope.  So, my problem isn’t with the art.  And yes, I do believe it’s art.


I also am pretty well learned about the origins of tattoos.  Which I’m quite certain most people with tattoos are not.  It’s thought to have began in Eurasia.  Mostly with the Polynesians.  You know… the New Zealand area…?  where all the super-extra-hot girls are? There.

They began in what I’ve boiled down to as four basic reasons.

– to protect from evil spirits.

– for healing purposes

– tribal identification

– religious identification/purposes

I don’t believe in any of that, but I DO think that those can be looked at as actual purposes to tattoo your skin. An actual meaningful purpose for them to permanently engrave their skin with such works of art.  It was a part of their culture and belief structure.  Who can argue with that? As far as I know, the people I see with tattoo’s these days aren’t part of ANY ‘tribe’.  They mostly don’t believe in evil spirits, and are enlightened enough to know that they aren’t going to heal anything.  They CAUSE more pain than anything.


People have tattoos everywhere and can be comprised of anything.  From a rose on the ankle, to a “tribal” mark above the asscrack, better known as a “Tramp Stamp”.  Rightfully dubbed.  Sleeves, which are tattoos which cover the entire arm.  And of course people who are completely riddled with tattoos all over their bodies.

I’ve often wondered what something special or meaningful to me would be.  Something meaningful enough to possess me to engrave it on my skin.

My children’s’ names. Nah… I think I can remember them fine.  It’s not like I’m going to get drunk one day and forget… look down at my arm and be like… “OH yeah… Aniyah!  Get your ass down here!”

My deceased grandparents GOD rest their souls.  They’re important to me.  I love them to pieces.  They taught me so much.  And I’ll always remember them.  Always hold them dear in my heart.  In my soul. Where it matters.  So why do I need to write it on my skin?

My military Units and affiliations.  HOOAH!  Fuck YEAH!  321st Training Squadron! 314th Maintenance Squadron! 449th Aviation Support Battalion!  OOO RAHHH!  Fuck that.  I remember it all quite well.  Most of those guys were dicks.  I have the paperwork to prove I was there if it’s ever in question.  It won’t make it any more real that it’s on my back.  Or my thigh.  Or my fucking neck.

So why do people feel the need to display the things they hold dearly to them on their skin? 

To show others.

There’s no other explanation.  YOU already fucking know!  You know your dead grandma!  You know your Childs birthdates!  You know you were a 101st Screamin’ Eagle!  YOU know you [sorta] live the THUG LIFE!  You want EVERYONE ELSE to know!  And that… is just fuckin pathetic.



There are some tattoos that even make tattoo-lovers cringe.

Tattoo tears.  Supposedly signify death in some sort of way.  Either your dead homies, or people you’ve killed.  Either way.  Stupid.

Tramp stamps.  Nuff said.  Why do you need a “tribal” tat above your ass.  You can’t even see it!  You want to wear your little skimpy ass tops and low rider jeans and show it off to guys because… wait for it… You DON’T want to be looked at like a ho.  Sense?

Ice cream cone on the cheek.  LMAO.  That guys a fucking idiot.

Cartoon characters.  Yup… we all know how Spongebob Squarepants means so much to everyone.  Why NOT permanently engrave him on your ankle for everyone to see?

Eight balls.  I NEVER understood that one.

Names of your Lovers:  NEVER a good idea.  Stupid.  Stupid. Stupid.  “I shoulda neva got this niggas name tattooed on me”.  NO!  That’s NOT from The Players Club!  I’ve ACTUALLY heard three women say that!  Within the last 13 months! You’re stupid!  I don’t even need to explain that one!

Jailhouse or Homemade tattoo’s.  They look HORRIBLE.  PERIOD.  On ANYONE.  Black, white, Hispanic, albino.  It looks like someone fucking BRANDED you.  Why would you do that to yourself?  Like 2pac.  His chest looked ridiculous. Anyone else doing that shit should stop.  It’s like your body is nothing to you and you’re bored with it so you just start cutting it all up in something that LOOKS like a word or picture.  Idiots.

Your children’s names.  I had to add this.  I’ve already expressed why I wouldn’t do it… but I have to say, 9 times out of 10 the people who have their children’s names tattooed on them are fucking horrible parents.

Ching Chang Ping Pang Dong Wong, Long Duck.  Yes!  Chinese/Cantonese/hieroglyphic or Hangul [Korean] written language tattoos.  If you can’t read it yourself… why put it on your skin?  You don’t know WHAT the fuck that shit means!  I don’t care what the guy doing the tattoo says!  He most likely isn’t Chinese either!  You’re gonna let a Mexican put a Chinese tattoo on your leg?  Telling you it means “Prosperity and Harmony”, when for all you BOTH know it could mean “I Lick AssCrack and BallSac!”  No matter if that’s true, is that something you want the Chinese people to know about you?  Think about it.  Your ass aint from China, or Korea, or ANYWHERE in Asia, why are you doing this?

Pure Nonsense.



I’ve often had conversations with a pretty little associate of mine.  Who happens to be an ex fat girl with low self-esteem even though she knows she’s pretty… I don’t get it.  She’s a youngin who happens to have skin of your stereotypical young… pretty girl lol.  She gets tattoos like twice a year.  And I tell her all the time, “honey, you’re ruining your body.”  And of course… I never expect anyone to listen to what I say.  I never expect for anything I say to change someone’s mind.  But I’d feel irresponsible not saying something.  Plus, I’ll always get to say “I told ya so” in the end.  I can’t say I don’t hope she comes to her senses though, because her body is becoming less and less beautiful by the minute.

Her body is a beautiful thing.  Just like a lot of you women out there.  To a man like me, I feel like every woman’s body is [or has the potential to be lol] a work of art.  Why oh why do you want to cover it up?  Why deface it?  It’s like drawing a really nice picture over the Mona Lisa. Or taking a Picasso, Black Square Mirror painting and writing a beautiful song on it in white marker.  It’s just unnerving how insipid it is.  Furthermore how a lot of them just don’t get it.  It may take years, or centuries but they will learn to regret it.  I’ll bet my own skin on that.

Health Risks

Like many others, I’ve tried my entire life to stay away from things that will cause me health trouble.  Smoking, drinking, Cuban women.  But this unnecessary thing breaks the skin and involves needles.  It can cause a myriad of health problems if proper care isn’t taken or if your tattoo artist fucks up.  Anything from the spread of blood borne pathogens to the spread of virus including but not limited to: HERPES,  tetanus, staph, fungal infections, some forms of hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV.  Cool huh?  And I’m not saying there aren’t other things in life that don’t cause health problems… but why risk any of that for something so… meaningless?  And it’s often common for someone to mess up and hit a blood vessel and cause hematomas.  No big deal.  The price of beauty right?


How I Feel

One thing I have to mention before I forget.  I think all tattoos on all black people look horrible.  Our skin doesn’t go well with engravings!  Sorry! I think it’s like a punishment from GOD.  He’s like… “I gave you niggas this good skin and ya’ll gonna go mess it up?  I got somn for ya’ll….”

Tattoo’s are a poor way to express yourself. I’m really sorry.  These are just some of my personal feelings about tattoos.  Some of them are logical and undeniable even if you don’t want to admit; some are just me ranting and being an ass like I do so well.  As you undeniably think about your own tattoos, can you seriously tell yourself you couldn’t have done without them?  Do they really make a difference in your life?  Do they really serve a purpose?  Would you feel less strongly about whatever it is you got tatted on you if you didn’t do it?

I know I know… when “Tatted up” comes on in the club you HAVE to have something to show off right?  I dig that. When I listen to UGK’s “Lemme See It”  I get kind of pissed when I can’t show anything when Pimp C commands us to “Show ya tattoo’s, show ya tattoo’s BITCH show ya tattoo’s”.  I’ll get over it though.

I believe if you want your body to stand out, WORK ON YOUR BODY.  Turn IT into a work of art.  Make it the best it can be.  It’s just like using make up… it doesn’t change what’s underneath OR inside.  It’s just a covering.  This one just doesn’t come off.

Scream at me

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10 thoughts on “How I Feel About: Tattoo’s

  1. Tasha says:

    Thank you for your perspective of tattoos. They are a work of art. Instead of lifestyle…its an art style. It is no different from buying art, or stylish clothing. If it makes you feel good…then why not. To each his own. Some can be a bit extreme….however name a category that hasn’t been pushed to its limit.


    1. rlrooks says:

      True. I try not to justify my tolerance for things simply because others have done the same. I can’t say I’d enjoy my daughters dating someone with an ice cream cone tattooed on their cheek because it’s an art style. I can’t even say anyone would really REALLY agree that getting tattoos is the same as buying a painting. A painting goes on the wall. Can be taken down… discarded. Sold even. Tattoos are on your body. I could go all day listing the differences lol. But I understand where you’re coming from. I know the practice of getting tattoos is one that’s well-liked and isn’t going anywhere. I know there are VERY few people who have tattoo’s that will admit they think they were a bad idea…. No punch line.

      But the “if it makes you feel good… then why not” question is a dangerous one. Speaking of pushing limits, there are a LOT of things in this world that make people feel good that I’d NEVER condone. I’m sure you can think of some too. Thanks for commenting Ms. Tasha!


  2. silentforamoment says:

    I’d like a butterfly on my left tit, but I’m just going to leave it be. I can only handle a dot. I’m a punk so there’s not going to be any further piercings or tattoos. I got my one and only piercing at 6-months old…and I’ll keep it that way.

    As for others…do you “booboo”…


  3. Sarah says:

    I have 3 tattoos and everything you’ve said makes sense to me. I get it. I still like my tattoos and only regret one of them but I definitely agree….They don’t make a difference in ones life or change who you are….They are essentially just an external cover. Beautiful pieces of art and self expression but a cover non the less. Well written…would have all been conveyed just as well without all the “stupid” lol


  4. Cliff says:

    Man bro I always love how you keep it super real and honest. I love my tattoo and want more eventually; however, I respect your points and stance on the matter.

    To me, a woman with the right tats and even peircings are beyond hot!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Susie says:

    My generation rarely disagree on tattoos because they are SO COOL! RIGHT?! .. No? … ohhh ….


    I have a tattoo and I don’t regret it and I like it, yet again I kinda regret it and don’t LOVE it. Tricky one ey?
    On top of that, my tattoo is of 3 Chinese characters, which is on your cringe list, then again, I write and speak mandarin fluently. So I guess that’s ok?

    I can find tattoos pretty on people and I don’t really care if people have them or not. I just like when you can cover them up, and since I’ve started to love backless dresses, I wish I didn’t have 3 Chinese characters on my back lol. They do look kinda cool though, so I’m not crying about it. I didn’t get my tattoo to show it off and that’s why I got it a place where it’s hidden almost all of the time. In Denmark it’s illegal by actual law to get tattoos on your face, neck and hands. I’m not really sure if I agree with it, because I can see so many more important things to have laws and restrictions about.
    For the origin of tattoos, it seems like it started in different ways in different areas of the world, which is actually interesting to read about.
    GO VIKINGS! They had tattoos to make a point! And I like it! 😂

    And rooks, pretty racist with the Cuban women comment!

    – Great blog! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robert Lovelle Rooks says:

      You do realise with it being where it is, YOU can’t see it either, unless you use a mirror or are a contortionist. I mean… of course people can do whatever tbey want but, that doesn’t make it smart, logical or worth while.

      Yea… backless dresses. Lol. So, do you have any thoughts about having your tattoo removed?!?!?!?!


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