Money.  Cars. Clothes. Hos.  I suppose I liked the song just as much as anyone else.  But just like any other guilty pleasure I can’t help but to want to spank my own hand for said pleasure.


I will not recite the definition of success.  Because even though it’s defined, the basis of success varies from person to person. Culture to culture.  So forth.


I’m not certain if Drake and Trey Songs really believe that Money, Cars, and Clothes are success.  I’d like to believe that the song was stating exactly the opposite.  But for those out there that took it at face value, and every other public figure out there saying basically the same thing; I feel sorry.


I remember going to good ole General H.H. Arnold. Probably like so many other high schoolers hearing that going to college is something you MUST do.  No matter what.  At an FBLA meeting, I was told there is NO BAD REASON to go to college. Not a one.

That’s ridiculous.  And without telling us that highler learning institutes were almost more of a racket than Federal penetentaries and our illustrious medical industry; we all based our success in High School off of whether we got accepted to college.  Which college we were accepted to.  Then whether we finished college. So on and so forth.


They tried to strip our opinion of success as kids!  They succeeded. We’re taught to believe that you must receive the best “Education” and get the highest paying job possible, and have a house, get married, have kids, go to church (this one less and less), a couple cars,  and make sure our kids grow up to be perfect.  All the way down to the way our gardens are trimmed, we live our lives based on what someone else figures success it.  And it goes for every part of our society.


Niggas: (Notice I didn’t say black people)

You must have jewelry.  You must have a nice ride.  By nice… it either has to be something you saw in a rap video or something off of MTV Cribs.  Jermaine Dupri told everyone you weren’t a baller unless you had a Bentley.  So guess what.  People that didn’t even know what a fucking Bentley was ran out and got one if they could afford it.  Those who could’nt, did the next best thing, ran out and bought a Chrysler 300, swapped the grill out, rims, body kit… VOILA!  Clothes.  Must be labels.  Red Monkey. DKNY. S Dot. Forgive me… I know nothing about labels.  I could list more if I googled.  Those three I did know I heard in rap songs.


Ivy League Types: (Notice I didn’t say white people)

Must have a college education.  Must have a trophy wife at some point.  Must keep your car selections to higher end, such as Infiniti, Merceded-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and so on.  Country Club Memberships.  Be a pillar of some type in the community. Have trust funds for your kids. Have an affair with someone from a lower society class. Must play golf and or Tennis regularly. Must send your kids to private schools.


Middle Class:

Must have good mortgage out on your home.  Must be in church regularly.  Must vote.  Must fly an American flag in your lawn at certain times of the year. Must be part of the neighborhood watch.  Must have a riding lawn mower. Must have one vehicle that you cherish more than the others.  For you white dudes… sorry, it’s either a Corvette or a Harley.  Brothas, it’s a Cadillac of some sort, Maybe a sport bike or cruiser.  Or both may be susceptible to having an older muscle car.  Must show to childrens events whether sporting or art based.  Must have a wife on PTA.  Maybe even a stay at home mom for a wife as well.  A camper or boat wouldn’t hurt either.


The list goes on.  It stops at some point.  But it never should, because success should be determined by the person.  I personally take peices of each group.  But it’s because they’re things that I want.  Things that I’ve set my sights on.


People may not want to admit it, but we set our goals based on what friends, family, and society deem as success.  It’s a tricky thing, but we have to learn not to get caught up in it.  Apparently, going to college wasn’t for me. So I didn’t go.  I got accepted to Southwest Texas State University (Texas State), University of Texas Arlington, and Texas Tech.  I even got a 500 dollar scholarship from Delta Sigma Theta [for an essay I wrote ZING!]that I’m sure I would’ve ended up using on gas money, chinese food, and condoms.


All seriousness.  Success.  It’s relative.  If success is what you see when you wake up and look at your life, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.  And I don’t mean to settle for shit.  But I am saying don’t let anyone… parents, family, friends, society, and ESPECIALLY guidance counselors, dictate to you what success for you is.


Step one of my road to success happened on 23Jun2004.  And I’ve had plenty of success since then.  I usually wake up to success slapping me in the face or crawling on my back.  I pray, that everyone else can choose, pursue and find their own success as well.

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