A Night at the Club.

My reflection is stunning.  It took me 20 minutes and 2 of my best friends to help me get this gotdamn dress on and I’m going to work it tonight.  I just bought this damn thing and if I don’t sweat in it too much tonight I just might take it back to the store and get my money back.  That’s if one of those fancy magazine photographers don’t come by and take pictures of me.

I’ve got my nails, hair, make-up, and eye-lashes on.  I’m about to upstage all these fake bitches tonight.

I’m 24, I have a good job, my own place.  I have lots of friends, mostly male.  Being honest with myself about 4 of them think that they have a chance with me, but they really don’t.  I don’t too much get along with women.  They’re all scandalous, lying ass two-faced bitches.  I get along with guys better.  I’ve been out of a relationship for about a month and half.

That motherfucker still got my couch.

“Girl where’re we goin’ anyway?”


We’ve got a rental tonight.  It’s a three day weekend and we all just got paid.  We just want to have fun.  So it’s about 11:30, and we get in free before midnight, free before midnight EVERYWHERE downtown.  Ladies night indeed.

It’s a little cold for what I have on but I don’t give a fuck, because I look cute dammit.


“Girl, nuhuh you better find somewhere free to park! Shoot, we can walk a little bit, we club hoppin’ anyway!”

I’m glad I brought Tenisha and Brittney along with me tonight.  They always make me look better.  Yeah, Tenishas only 40 pounds overweight and if they get close enough they might notice Brittneys mustache; I just know all eyes will be on me tonight.

Ah, here we are.  This is a good place to start. all the ballers be in here…


I know we’re supposed to be leaving for the club soon, but I can’t put this damn controller down.  Shit, I just got the new Madden. Bitches, and The Club can wait!

I just got my Nike’s out of the washer, they look brand-new again.  Plus my bleached denims have been in the dresser long enough for them to look ironed.

“Game! Ha-ha! You might as well not even come over to my place with that. Weak. Ass! Shit!  Just like last time baby! HUh!  Huh!” Damn I should’ve taken that bet.

I’m always smashin’ on these fools.  I wish these Canadians online were as easy to beat… it’s like all they do is play video games up there.

Anyway, let me button this shit up and get out of here.


Damn, my car is a mess.

“Hold-up, JeRon! just take that shit out the seat and put it on the floor, but don’t step on my work uniform dawgz!  Shit.”

I wish these dudes wouldn’t smoke in my ride.  But I don’t wanna hear their shit, callin’ me a pussy and shit.  I know I shouldn’t care, damn it’s my car.  But they’re my boys. Lamonte helped me get my job and, hell JeRon been my boy since before I can remember.

I haven’t been laid in months though.  Shit, and  Trish won’t call me back since she heard I fucked her cousin that weekend we were down at FAMU.  Now I’m wishing I would’ve.  Since she’s had that kid she got the FAT ass.

Fuck it, I’ll have a good time tonight, and pull me somn.  Just got me a fade yesterday and I got my ‘Chanel Allure’ poppin’.  This shit is off the chain,  hopefully the smell don’t wear off before we make it to the club.  I ain’t about to squirt again it cost too damn much.

I don’t even get paid til next week, so I’m barely gonna be able to afford getting in tonight.  But I’ll grab a couple of beers while I’m in there, we had a 12-pack before we left the house… well, they did I only had one.  You couldn’t even tell they’ve been drinking.  These guys are pros.


“Who’s paying for parking?  JeRon! You don’t ever pay for SHIT! Pay the parking bitch it’s only 5 bones gotdamn!”

“Hurry up, you know all the girls are already there, it’s just before midnight!”

Says Lamonte.


The club is loud.  It’s dark.  Fog rises from the machine per queue.  While the DJ yells incoherent gibberish over the microphone. His assistant flickers on the strobes for affects.  This is what it’s all about.  You’ve worked all week, hell you might be working this weekend too; but still, this is fun.  This is where it all goes down.  The chaos you hear on the radio betwixt the hours of 11 and 2.  The herd of scattered ass you see standing on-line outside of the building with the skylight.  This. Is. It.

Drinks are being poured by unfortunately some of the hottest girls in the club.

Paychecks are being spent.  Credit cards are being maxxed.  Although there is that one older man there that actually can afford to blow over a thousand dollars at the bar, and even though it seems unlikely, he will be getting laid by one of the youngest cutest girls in the club that night.

You can’t tell exactly what she looks like, but her phisyque and her silhouette play tricks on your mind even without the alcohol.  Her body sways in the midst of the blinking white strobe, so rapidly; it makes her look like an illusion.  Like a mirage.  You’ve been metaphorically thirsty all week, and her body is begging you to take a sip.  Beckoning, like a hypnotic trance you walk closer and closer trying to match the beat of her rhythm.

A figure blocks your path.  A short figure that seems to be about 40 pounds over-weight actually.  Yup.  Whatever was meant to be on that dance floor was just circumvented by her friend, and away they go.  So where am I dancing?  What am I doing?  Hanging out with my boys… kinda like I was back at the apartment.

Minus the beers and the Madden.

So you’re light $15 bucks, not drinking as much as you want, and also being cock-blocked by your friends.

While unbeknownst to anyone, one of the prettiest girls in the club that wouldn’t dance with you or any of your buddies is being pounded from the back by one of bouncers in the coat closet.  Same for the DJ, he’s being sucked off by the chick that rolled her eyes at you after you bought her a drink.

“Why the hell did I even by her a drink anyway?

Maybe I thought it would’ve been a good conversation starter.  Maybe I just felt like spending my last $5 on some random broad.  Either way I haven’t so much as seen that chick since then… wonder where she went.”


Brittney and Tanisha are dancing with a couple of white guys, and I’m just now leaving the DJ booth.

I can’t say I had a good time tonight.  I actually feel kinda bad about myself.

First of all none of the cute guys want to dance with me, and we all had to pay to get in because Brittney forgot her I.D. so we had to go back to the house. I hate that bitch.


These fools.  I’m ready to go.  I’m not gonna say anything though.  Even though the chicks they’re dancing with are about as unleaded as they get atleast they’re having a good… wait.  Hold up…

“Hey what the fuck!”

How did get mixed up in this?  Had I known I would’ve been punched in the mouth I would’ve never left my couch tonight.

Is that little hobbit even worth fighting for?  How did this start?  Who am I fighting?  Good lord this guy is strong.

Oh… it’s a bouncer.  Gotdammit he didn’t have to throw me on the ground as soon as we got outside.  There’s lots of people out here.  Where the hell is JeRon?  Why did Lamonte just bitch slap that guy?

“Lamonte you have blood on your sneakers.”

Oh… wow, his shirt is REALLY bloody.  I’m officially embarrassed, especially now that JeRon’s plucking his chickens outside of the club.  Threatening everyone that even looks at him now.  Perhaps if I start to just walk to the car he’ll follow… if not, I’m leaving his ass. I guess someone thought that little hobbit belonged to them. That’s funny… I guess not dancing with a chick would’ve been the best thing that happened to me… even though I ended up getting punch in the mouth anyway.

Ah, friends.

The club settles down after the uprising.  The cycles repeat themselves.  The group of guys that dance are doing their thing.  The girls that just came to be pretty are doing what they do best.

Guys are getting shot down left and right, all while the music plays and plays.  Girls that shouldn’t have worn what they wore are getting laughed at.  Girls that insist on doing the most ass popping-provocative dances continue to disallow any of the men to partake.

The money comes rolling in.  The DJ encourages dancing that may or may not happen because so many people there didn’t come to.  The DJ encourages drinking… that happens.  And all in all, the men that came to get laid didn’t, and the girls that came to have fun… end up with a mouthful of it.

Or they end up leaving, headed to IHOP to ward off more horny men.  Either way.

It’s the club.  The place to be, fun at it’s best.  Let the rap songs tell it, it’s where we spend all of our damn time.

But this is only the club, from my mind.

-Rooks ReWind StoryTime 22May2010

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DJ at nightclub: DJChillz

One thought on “A Night at the Club.

  1. Machella says:

    Lol. She’s a young lady with a dress, she can’t afford, fake eye stuff, fake stuff, worried about presence by its all painted. She is going to end up with a painted & fake guy.. or just a right now guy. ☆Huney, if you want someone real.. then be real. In a club/bar.. men are wanting to get into something. But finding true love with double vision is a joke. Good Luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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