When it’s OKAY to Hit a Woman…

Another conversation inspired blog.  I don’t know if I’m talking to people more or maybe just that the government pays me to do ********* ******* at work that I get into all these juicy, awe-inspiring conversational odyssey’s.

Let me see if I can remember how it all started.

Ah!  Yes, I was telling my homeboy about the shenanigans that happened to me last year when I got home from Afghanistan.  Typical dude’s response would be “Shit, I woulda beat that bitch DOWN”!  And you know… seemingly that’d be the first thing that’d come to mind.  Then they all went into times where they should’ve hit a woman and when they shouldnt have.

Personally, and I was taught this by my father.



Point blank.  No if’s ands or buts.  Its just NEVER.

So I’ve taken on the same way of thinking, and I never have.

One of my friends told me he resorted to punching his girl in the leg one time, to just jolt her, not really hurt her, but to let her realize that “hey… playtime is over”

Let’s face it whether its playtime or “i just caught you cheating” time, women can get carried away when it comes to hitting.  For some strange reason they think that shit don’t hurt.

So let’s delve into this.

1. Rooks : Never hit a woman

2. Friend #2 : Only after telling her to stop a NUMBER of times and she wont stop

3. Friend #3 : If she puts herself in a “mans position”

Now that third one, I’ve heard more than I can stand.

Unless a woman was born with both sets of reproductive organs I dont really see how she could put herself in a mans position just by hitting you.

I mean, my 3 year old son hits me sometimes, and so do my dughters, just in a playful manner, but what when she turns 10 and thinks shes grown, calls herself wanting to slap me cuz i wouldnt let her go out with some guy that has a death-wish.  Am i supposed to come back at her like a man?  Seriously, I don’t really date (not anyone currently) muscular women, but I fail to see the woman that can just through and through get the better of me.  Every woman I’ve been with, had I chosen to handle up on her, not only would I STILL be in jail, but she’d still most likely be in ICU.  And of course that’s nothing to brag about… shes a woman!

I’d rather be the “punk” like I was last year, and call the cops.  fuck it, because legally, I’m always wrong.

THATS one thing we agreed upon, legally theres never a correct time to hit a woman.

But Morally?

They had different opinions.  YES! I’d slap a woman if she went too far, is what one of my buddies said.

I seriously was flabbergasted with this.

Long story short I ended up agreeing with them but not for the same reasons.


Im with a woman that has the stones to hit me (while I’m awake this time) and really just wants to hurt me.  There’s NOTHING that would make me hit her if there was a possible chance that I can get a way from her.

If shes hitting me and I can get in my car and drive away, or I can walk away, or run from her, thats what I’ll do.

I wont haul off and hit her just because she hits me… or has been hitting me for several minutes. LoL  Or because shes been hitting me the same time everyday for two weeks.

I mean, if I’m straight up getting my ass whipped! i’m backed down in a corner, being over powered, she has a bat and or some type of weapon and I see certain death and theres no way to get away from her but through her?

I hate to say it… I’d have to lay hands on her…

I’ve done some pretty messed up junk, but I dont see what on earth I could do to end up with a woman beating up on me like that to the point where I feel like she might terminally damage my body and or flat out kill me, but women are crazy so I’ll have to say thatd have to be the time, but not a second before.

So to all you “if she puts herself in a mans place” guys… shame.  I don’t agree, you can get away from that chick.  Most of you have women that when she hits you it feels like a fly ran into you, why hit her?  She’s a woman.  Yes shes wrong, kick her butt out the house, dont hit her.

shake that trick.

Seriously, shake her.  If it gets that bad, but you dont wanna kick her out cuz the poohnani is so good… shake her.  If her arms bruise easily shake her for a matter of under 10 seconds so your fingers dont bruise her skin.  Sometimes (so i’ve heard) it brings them back to reality, and at that point you two can sit down and talk it out.

But hitting? Kicking?  Leg punching??? Cmon bro! LoL

No way.

I’m proud to say.  Never done it, never felt I had to, and probably never will.

What do you guys think?

RLRewind  24 Jun 09 Wednesday

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