Bored With Sex.

So a co-worker whom I don’t know too well came up to me in the hallway on the way to lunch a couple of weeks ago… carrying this extremely troubled look upon his face. He was also twiddling his fingers in the most disturbing manner. He started to ask me a question after exchanging salutations. Then stopped mid sentence to switch head angles and look up in the sky as to ask two different parts of his conscious should he in-fact ask me… or perhaps he was just searching for the correct words. After a brief sigh and a few more steps towards the cafe, he asks me, if it’s just him, or his age (29) but has sex just gotten boring?

I gave him nothing other than what I can describe as an extremely gay smile. Take “gay” whichever way you want, the fact is not only have I been thinking this periodically since I was 24, but also I’ve never been able to get a WOMAN to engage in this conversation with me… let alone a man. Perhaps the reason for the hesitated initiative.

I think he was a little put-off with how eager I was to discuss this with him, and I think started to ignore me after we got inside the cafe, at which time all my excitement was gone…


So here I am, talking YOUR; the readers’ ears off about it.


Without getting into how many sexual partners since that time (again that’d be quite embarrassing for me) I must say in MY case; even though I try to keep my blogs not too focused on myself, I’ve never had sex with anyone else’s penis, that it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with variety. I’ve gone through plenty of variables. For example.

Time of day.

Before or after work

While unemployed.

Time of month.

Time of Year!

Short haired girl.

Long Haired Girl.

White girl/black girl/Brazilian girl/Mexican girl/Puerto Rican girl/Australian girl… yes, I think I’ve done plenty of research

Younger girl

Older girl

Big girl

Skinny girl

Athletic Girl

Lazy girl

Long term relationship girl

One night stand in the club coatroom closet girl. Sheesh… she was a firecracker

Quiet Girl

Loud girl

…married girl?

Single girl

Bed/couch/hot stove/hot hood of a car/hotel room with mirrors on the ceilings/watching tv/watching movies/on the phone with ——-/on the tailgate of a truck… girl

I mean… literally could go on forever.

Talking to my homie, it seems he’s only been with about 4 women, so he says, so I don’t think it has anything to do with having TOO MANY sexual partners, plus I know others that’ve claimed to have had quite a number of romper room sessions and still find sex just as titillating as the first time.

So, what type of person gets bored with it? What leads to it? And even if you’re bored with it, do you find yourself seeking it out less?

In case you’re wondering, I’m completely eye to eye with him.

Since I’ve been back from Afghanistan, my sex drive has picked up to maybe, once every 5 weeks I start to miss it…. but not to the point where I’m like… OMG. Up until last summers —-fest I figured I’d gone about 9 months without… and I really didn’t care that much. Now, when I was betwixt the ages of 17-23… couldn’t get enough. But I don’t think 25 is old enough to start winding down on the sexual prowess. IT had to be something else.

Fitness!!!! Maybe when I’m a fat load pushing 230 pounds like I was during Christmas 2009 my sex drive was just low as low. Which would explain why after I got home from Afghanistan, my first order of business was to leave the airport and dive straight into some.

Thanks for that by the way.

And perhaps last summer was just… months of suppressed ‘wanting’ that just came out in 2-3 months. However if I’m with a woman for any amount of time… I start to hate the stuff. I hate being sticky, I hate being naked, I hate getting dressed, and I hate getting undressed. I hate apologizing, and I hate having hard times trying to find it. I hate begging for the alternative, and I just wanna watch cartoons.

But how is it, if a lil 19 y/o Brazilian chick comes along, I can’t drive fast enough to the Amerisuites! Had I known her longer than that day, or been around her with the all-access-*****-pass, would I still want it as bad?

Then on the other hand there’s a long-term chick that I can get bored with… then turn around one day and be like… my GOD how can I let a day go by without RAVISHING you? And that lasts for about 2 days.. tops.

I couldn’t hold this blog back longer, because another man came to me and said he felt the same way.

Now any sane woman would say:

Its all about the woman, and how you feel about her.


SO not true. There are men out there… that yes I know it sounds stupid and impossible, who love and cherish their wives… but don’t want to touch them. At all.

Then, you have people like Jamie Foxx, in this “Unpredictable” song (which I personally think is horrible):

“See what I have over a lot of fellas, is that I’m more creative…”

1st off, how in the H.E. double hockey sticks do you know how creative or not creative a lot of fellas are? The only 2 ways possible is that, you are a.) Homo, or b.) have some chick that’s been lying to you telling you as such. (Second) Yes dudes… when women are with you, they lie and tell you you’re the best sex they’ve had… why do you think after you break up POOF! you have the smallest penis in the world, and you can —-?

Peep game.

Then Ludacris in same said song “some people say the sex is overrated but they just aint DOIN it right”. Let me state, I’m not hating on either one of these negros, but some responsibility has to be taken for lyrics these days. Neither one of these statements can be backed up. I’m sure I can count on a persons hand who’s had 3 digits cut off how many women who would actually attest to me “doing it right”. The fact that I couldn’t care less is irrelevant, but my point here is how verifiable is any of this?

I’ve had female friends that have told ME that they’ve allowed a man to leave their bedroom thinking they went hard in the paint, but actually had them feeling like Whitney Houston in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ with the hotdog dude.

I’d LOVE to find that woman that makes me feel like I can’t get enough. One that could keep me that way for longer than 3 months. Without experimenting, toys, dressing up… wait, we can dress up, but without swinging or any of that other shite. I’d just hate to think my being bored with sex isn’t because of some way that I’ve lived my life, or some psychological brain fuck up I have going on, because that’d suck. I REALLY used to enjoy sex. Right now, on some serious shit, if I were on the couch with Meagan Good on one side, Mya on the other with Salma Hayek (even while pregnant) sitting on the rug, I’d rather just eat pop-tarts and watch Sealab 2021 with a hand on either thigh, and occasionally rubbing Salmas head. That’s it, that’s how bored I am with it. Within my boundaries and standards I think I’ve thought of everything (refer to list up top) but I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way. Actually, I know I’m not.

scream at me


[RLR Rewind Feb 7, 2010]


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