They Weren’t Friends First

I’ve been bombarded with friends, ex-friends, ex-girlfriends, ex-lovers, cousins, and people i dont really know too well talking to me about their relationships ever since people figured out my vocabulary and perspective went beyond reality television, my friends, and movies.  Basically, since … I could talk.  I’ve had a mind of my own, and had a pretty unique yet unorthodox way of thinking about EVERYTHING.  But, when it comes to this topic, I’d have to say its a pretty affable mixture.

These days, becoming someones lover can happen… in a wink of an eye.  A flashing of a credit card.  Opening of a car door.  Or… in the insightful words of the ever so talented “Teddy Pinned-Her-Ass-Down” (t-pain) buying of a “drank”.  Millions of other things that can render a man and a woman in a once-in-a-while or routinely sexual/dating-sexual type relationship.  With no thoughts of having a serious relationship that has a future.  People confuse this (this=fucking) with relationships so often that they skip that whole step and go on to other things that werent meant to be!

I’m not saying that before anyone enters an agape-love type relationship they should be friends for any extended amount of time.  Shit sometimes it happens simultaneously.  I really don’t see anything wrong with that, because as long as a friendship is formed SOME TIME, whenever that inevitable break-up comes, and 9.89 times out of 9.9 it’s going to happen… sorry; there may be something left.  I believe there’s a better chance of there being something left… something other than hatred.

So many people are HATING eachother because their fuck buddy didnt turn out to be the ONE. Of course not… bitch, you met this dude at mardi-gras… and you fucked him, in a truck! Why would he be the one?  People wonder why there’s so much cheating going on… the same thought that went into your relationship, (all 5 minutes of it) can happen any given day at work, at the club, at church, or WHEREVER!  If people could start basing their serious relationships off of more than just who can physically do it for them… because lets be honest:

Ladies, there are 100’s of men out there that could possibly please you.  But maybe only 2 of the 100 would you actually want a relationship with.

Fellas, LoL, any woman can get you off.  Period.  Not saying we’re easier to please… we’re just, easier to please.  But how many of these bitches do you want to be seen in public with?  How many of these mouth-breathing horse mouth 12 sandwich eating rupaul look-alikes would you want to be caught holding hands with in the mall?


Get the physical attraction (pray she stays that way) be her friend, have good sex, stay together.  And if not, you’ve got atleast one other thing in between you that can remain.ATLEAST…1 thing.  some guys get lucky, and the girl just doesnt want to be emotionally tied down… but she still wants you to tie her down, say ohhhh… i dont know, during lunchtime on wednesdays real quick!  you go boy!  jackpot!

Seriously, without the friendship, all this fucking is just going to end up in more abortions, more lover homicides, more fatherless babies, more women having babies but treating the child like shit cuz she’s mad at the daddy (that one just KILLS me) and many other horrible side effects that go along with careless casual sex, and moreover careless casual sex that ends up in a false, jive-ass relationship/engagement/marriage what have you.

that’s why i continue to settle for girls that are happy with the throat babies.

have a good evening!

RLRewind 18 Jan 08 Friday 8:11 PM

(notice when I wrote this blog… I used the word “Jive” Ha!)


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